Nick Foles: Relationships are what make a strong team


After Eagles wide receiver Alshon Jeffery had a pass go through his hands for what turned out to be a game-sealing interception for the Saints, quarterback Nick Foles could be seen talking to the distraught receiver on the sideline.

After the game, Foles said he told Jeffery “I love you, let’s keep going” and went on to discuss the importance of being able to console a teammate in that situation. Foles said he will “always play this game to develop relationships because that’s what makes a strong team” and expanded on the importance of those relationships on Monday while talking about the role quarterbacks play as a leader.

“Teams are going to build around the quarterback but as a quarterback, talking to the defense, getting to know your offense, getting to know special teams, talking to guys during the game, not making it about you, that’s something that’s so important, that’s something that resonates,” Foles said, via Mike Garafolo of NFL Media. “That’s something that, when we’re down, the defense always knows when we get the ball back, ‘Hey, we’re going to go down and score.’ … The Chicago game, when we had the ball, the defense knew we were going to go down and score. That’s the belief this team has.”

“The quarterback is a piece of that puzzle and you create that with confidence in the locker room and then letting guys know genuinely who you are. When guys know genuinely who you are and you’re the same person all the time, it gives them a sense of calm and a sense of peace where you can go out there and just play ball.”

Foles’ abilities as both a quarterback and a leader have been on display over the last two seasons and they make his landing spot for the 2019 season one of the most anticipated developments of the offseason.