Panthers owner still waiting for word on Cam Newton’s shoulder

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All David Tepper knows for sure about Cam Newton‘s shoulder is they both need it to be right.

The Panthers owner said multiple times during an interview Tuesday that he didn’t know any of the specific details of Newton’s progress from the shoulder injury which torpedoed the 2018 season. But he also emphasized that the Panthers have to be prepared for anything in 2019, including the possibility that Newton may need more time.

“We’ve got to make sure we have our options open in all ways possible, just in case,” Tepper said. “We’re all hoping everything will be great — and it could be great. Look at [the Colts’ Andrew] Luck this year. Who knows?”

Following up on that rather significant stumbling block he threw in his own way, Tepper emphasized the need to make sure Newton is healthy.

“If you told me that he took a year off and could be fully recovered and everything else and that’s what it took, an extra year, why wouldn’t you do that?” Tepper hypothesized. “Now, we would have to do other things and we’d have to go out and get another quarterback, which, if you could find me some more cap space, I’d appreciate that.”

At another point in the interview, he said: “Hopefully Cam’s shoulder is fantastic and we’re all hunky-dory.”

The reality is, until they have a clearer picture of Newton’s physical condition — which they don’t at the moment — they can’t know for sure. But the need for a Plan B was clearly on Tepper’s mind (nothing against Taylor Heinicke or Kyle Allen but they needed then and still need an experienced option). He’s also cognizant they’re near the bottom of the league in cap space, which could require a creative solution.

8 responses to “Panthers owner still waiting for word on Cam Newton’s shoulder

  1. Neither of Cam’s backups made it thru either of the last 2 games without getting injured.
    Maybe just maybe, an issue is the offensive line. Maybe just maybe, an issue is the Head Coach playing an injured Cam to try and save his job.

  2. Kyle Allen, while only seeing brief moments of him against Atlanta and the Saints, actually looked pretty decent. Throws a pretty deep ball.

  3. It will never happen but… trade Cam for Joe Flacco and some 2020 draft picks, draft the new franchise QB in that QB rich 2020 draft, and immediately improve in the process.

  4. joetoronto says:
    January 16, 2019 at 6:13 am
    The problem is between his ears.


    This is also my take. It’s not that Cam isn’t smart – he definitely is. It’s that he thinks he his THAT MUCH BETTER than everyone else. He’s not doing it to Mike Vick levels and not studying game tape or some stupid thing like that, but he obviously relies on his arm strength too much.

    I’m no QB guru, but Cam throws with all upper body. Pretty amazing…up until last year. He’s gonna need to adjust his game Chad Pennington-style or rest up until fully healed.

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