Ravens have talked contract with C.J. Mosley

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One of Eric DeCosta’s first big decisions as the new Ravens General Manager may be to hang onto one of his own.

According to Jeff Zrebiec of The Athletic, the Ravens have had contract talks already with linebacker C.J. Mosley, and hope to reach a deal before he becomes a free agent in March.

Mosley’s one of their top defensive players, and they have a reputation of keeping their own players in house, a policy that DeCosta saw first hand as he was apprenticing under former G.M. Ozzie Newsome.

Of course, if they can’t reach a deal with Mosley before the market opens, the franchise tag is obviously a possibility. But with a need for putting some more parts on offense around quarterback Lamar Jackson, they’d benefit by reaching a long-term deal rather than having one big number sitting on this year’s cap.

11 responses to “Ravens have talked contract with C.J. Mosley

  1. They are rebuilding with a Tebow at QB, so it doesn’t really matter. As per usual, they will be forced to overpay because of Ozzie’s horrendous drafts since 2010 (minus 2013).

  2. DON’T OVERPAY. I like Mosley, but he shouldn’t be paid like Kuechly or Bobby Wagner. He played well down the stretch, but he struggles terribly in coverage far too often to be overpaid.

  3. Show me a linebacker that has never struggled covering these ridiculous TEs over the middle and I’ll show you the meaning of life. They would be smart to bring him back seeing as he is still in his prime. When he went down during their week 2 game, the Bengals had a field day with Onwausor wearing the mic’d helmet. It wasn’t until they gave it to Weddle in the second half that the defense got it together but it was too late for that game. Weddle is near retirement so losing him and Mosley the same offseason if they don’t bring Weddle back would be a massive blow to that top defense.

  4. let him walk, he is worthless against the pass and gets exposed against the run without the big boys up front.

    Make Kenny Young a starter

  5. As a Bengals fan, I would recommend not keeping him. In all seriousness I wish the Bengals had a LB anywhere close to his ability. Not signing him would be a big mistake. As mentioned above the Bengals had a field day when he went out the first game.

  6. @ahosiletakeover Good stuff man. That was rough to watch. He earned his money that day if you ask me. I didn’t think PFT allowed well thought out rational comments like that I thought the comment section was just for guys with a napoleon complex seeking attention.

  7. Mixed feelings on this as a Ravens fan – we went overboard on Brandon Williams at a position (Dline) that we never have a problem finding and developing – I would not mind this signing but it has to be reasonable because we are also good at filling the Linebacker position with UDFA’s. The big focus this offseason will be Oline, WR & RB

  8. don’t over pay! first order of business edc. let him walk, we are now in rebuild mode.

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