Art Rooney II: No Antonio Brown trade talks yet

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The wait for an Antonio Brown interview lingers, but Steelers owner Art Rooney II has taken some time out to address the wideout’s situation for the second time in a week.

Rooney said last week that it is “hard to envision” Brown returning to the team for the 2019 season after he was benched for the final game of the regular season in the wake of missed practices and incidents with other members of the team. Rooney spoke with local reporters again on Wednesday and the message hasn’t changed.

Rooney said, via Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, that no trade talks regarding Brown have happened yet and left the door open for a reconciliation, but there are “not that many signs out there that that’s going to happen.” One sign of a potential thaw would be a conversation with Brown, but Rooney said that he has not spoken to the receiver since the end of the season.

Despite the team’s unhappiness with Brown’s behavior, Rooney said that the team paid Brown for the final week of the regular season.

“He probably did what he needed to do to avoid his last check being voided,” Rooney said.

The question of who will be issuing Brown’s next check will continue to be a major storyline as the offseason fully unfolds around the NFL.


39 responses to “Art Rooney II: No Antonio Brown trade talks yet

  1. I’m optimistic about this team without Brown. It’s hard to be a team when one player thinks he’s bigger then the team/organization

  2. When Ben was injured and AB had Landry Jones throwing him the ball he disappeared… Hell Martavis Bryant actually blew up then… Ben has made AB and he knows it… that’s why he said he wants to play elsewhere so he can prove Ben isn’t his only reason… I say BYE BYE BYE to his crap… Pitt has historically always drafted well at WR and been pretty smart about time to get rid of one as well… Bye Ab

  3. Get the best deal possible on a trade. If not just release him. He and Bell are just not worth the aggravation.

  4. “When Ben was injured and AB had Landry Jones throwing him the ball he disappeared”

    In 2 games with Landry Jones starting, AB has 13 catches for 230 yards.
    If that is disappearing, sign me up for invisible.

  5. They should have withheld his last game check for conduct detrimental after he walked out at halftime. 17 million a year and he pull that childish crap. He should not have been rewarded for doing so.

  6. He probably did what he needed to do to avoid his last check being voided,” Rooney said.


    so Rooney is heavily implying the entire thing was a calculated maneuver by Brown, what a piece of work this scumbag is

  7. Have a feeling Pitt will be asking a lot more than any team is willing to pay. Like they believe every other team in the NFL doesn’t know what a head case AB is or his age…

  8. Trade him. Instead of one big pick like a first I’d rather have Pittsburgh get maybe a 2nd, 3rd and 5th for Brown, or something like it. JuJu was a 2nd, James Connor was a 3rd, and Jaylen Samuels was a 5th. Pittsburgh sometimes does better with picks like those.

    Go Steelers!

  9. Despite all his issues, T.O. never had trouble finding a team. Brown will have a home next year. Teams aren’t going to call the Steelers on day one waving first-round picks, and the Steelers aren’t going to start calling teams saying “Take my receiver, please.” It’s a dance. If the Steelers really want to get rid of him, eventually they should be able to come to terms with someone. But better for Brown and the Steelers if his agent Drew Rosenhaus could convince his client to stop digging himself in deeper.

  10. Is there a shortage of news about the 4 teams that are still playing this season?

    There will be plenty of time in late February and March to cover the Steelers.

  11. QBs make the receiver, not the other way around. The receiver can be open all he wants, but if the ball bounces in front of him or is thrown to the defenders, or the QB is running for his life, then the WR is not productive. Gregg Jennings found this out the hard way when he burned his bridges in Green Bay and proclaimed that he made Aaron Rodgers look good. Divas and cancers like Brown never learn.

  12. Rooney placed several calls into Brown following the season to discuss his situation — and Brown wouldn’t deign to return his calls. If my boss paid me $18.5 million a year, I would afford him the courtesy of returning his call.

  13. So he showed up JUST so he could get paid. He had no intention of playing. My guess is that his agent reminded him of that. AB has to go, and I don’t mean throw more furniture out of the hotel room.

    Tomlin’s gotta go too. No control of the team, little respect from the players – that’s obvious. Cannot be an effective leader in that situation.

  14. Let’s quick acting a like little girl AB. Get in there talk to Mr. Rooney and get back to working on that 7th championship. It’s a shame Mike T can’t handle his players.

  15. Pittsburgh didn’t make the playoffs but they’re damned sure trying to take attention away from them.

  16. steelcurtainn says:
    January 16, 2019 at 3:30 pm

    get back to working on that 7th championship.
    Maybe first work on making the playoffs?

  17. “Trade him. Instead of one big pick like a first I’d rather have Pittsburgh get maybe a 2nd, 3rd and 5th for Brown, or something like it.”

    Any GM that gave up a package like that for a head case whose getting paid the amount he is on top of it should be fired.

  18. Hopefully Brown remembers the importance of having a outstanding QB. If the Miami Dolphins can sign Nick Foles- Brown could benefit going to home to Miami. It’s puzzling that Brown has not considered the Los Angeles Rams. With the new stadium opening in a year or two- this is truly the place for someone like AB. Jared Goff is way ahead talent-wise and should end up as one of the greatest Rams of all-time.

  19. The Steelers are screwed. No matter what if he is on the team or cut he will make between $16-$21 million. I am sure they will play this out till the draft or even training camp. But take any draft picks and move on. Look around and there are plenty of good WR’s. The Broncos got Cortland Sutton in the 2nd round & they got a 4th rd pick for DT.

  20. Because of Brown being a loudmouth malcontent, the Steelers will never get value in a trade. Pitt has a deadline to trade him before his 2019 salary becomes guaranteed. Add in his recent vocal preference to be in SF and there’s little chance Pitt doesn’t get fleeced in the trade.

  21. Tomlin is going nowhere and the idea that the Steelers would wait to trade Brown strains credulity and makes no sense. What could possibly happen to change the current state of affairs?
    Start the auction.

  22. so Rooney is heavily implying the entire thing was a calculated maneuver by Brown, what a piece of work this scumbag is

    Brown maybe a diva…not a scumbag. That’s reserved for Bengals like Burfict.

  23. I agree with an earlier poster on a similar article. Swap first round picks with the niners and send Antonio Brown to San Fran. Please Jesus make that happen (as a Steelers fan) and I swear I’ll start going to church every Sunday and maybe even throw a few duckets in the collection plate. I would love to see Pittsburgh with the #2 overall pick (I think that’s what it is) as I’ve never seen that high a selection in MY 46 years.

  24. Wow you have managed to piss off the nicest owner in the NFL. Don’t be surprised if the blackball comes into play. Art is respected among the owners. Fanboys don’t believe in the blackball but the Xnflplaya will tell you it’s real. Kinda like collusion oops did I say that

  25. Real life lessons teach us that in every workplace there is “that indispensable guy” that nobody believes the organization could do without. Then they leave or cross the line and get fired. Guess what, the organization doesn’t crumble and the rest just figure it out. Nobody is indispensable.

  26. Why would any team give up anything of value for this troublemaker
    Because he’s still the best receiver in football

  27. Maybe first work on making the playoffs?
    It’s not the Steelers first rodeo in the playoffs, been there done that. Next stop superbowl.

  28. Art Rooney II has been the epitome of class during this circus. He reached out to AB, when it was AB who is the perpetrator of this situation. Mike Tomlin reached out to him as well.

    The Steelers organization paid this loud-mouthed, self-absorbed punk up front money to play a game. Brown is dishonorable and every time HE opens his mouth, he proves it. The only person taking away from the four teams that are still in the playoffs is Antonio Brown. He cannot stand that the spotlight is not on him. Cut him loose, move him to a team with an average QB and lousy O-line and see his production plummet.

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