Bruce Arians: Antonio Brown has been too much of a diva, needs to make better decisions

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Bruce Arians coached Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown for two seasons when he was Pittsburgh’s offensive coordinator and got to see the player Brown was during the early stages of his career. However, the new head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers isn’t a fan of the way Brown is carrying himself as he has watched the situation between Brown and the Steelers deteriorate.

Brown did not play in Pittsburgh’s regular season finale after leaving to get an MRI on his knee, skipping the procedure and then not communicating with the team on Friday or Saturday. Head coach Mike Tomlin told Brown on Sunday that he wasn’t playing in the game. Additionally, Brown reportedly had a confrontation with a teammate that week that included throwing a football at a teammate.

There’s too much miscommunication, too much … diva,” Arians said on The Adam Schefter Podcast, via “I’ve heard so many stories — I like Antonio — he plays as hard as anybody on Sunday, and he practices hard. He’s just gotta make better decisions off the field, be on time, do some of those little things.”

Since then, team president Art Rooney II has said Pittsburgh won’t release Brown but all other options remain on the table. He also said it was “hard to envision” Brown being with the team when training camp opens for 2019 in July.

Brown has said he will address some of the criticism against him soon over the “negative speculations about my character.” Arians is just the latest person with connections to Brown and the Steelers to levy criticism against the star wide out.

It’s a vast departure from the player Arians says he coached in Pittsburgh.

“He was the hardest working,” Arians said. “He and Emmanuel Sanders, boy they went after it because Mike Tomlin used to tell them, ‘Two dogs, one bone.’ And at that time, we had Mike Wallace, Hines Ward — I mean, we had a pretty good run for one of them to get on the field. By the end of the season, they were both winning for us to go to the Super Bowl.”

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  1. Many comparing him to T.O. and O.B.J. as far a being a diva. To me, he’s way worse…at least those two never quit on their team. In fact, I can’t remember any player, ever doing that before. I think he’s dead to every Steeler player now.

    BTW I’m a Skins fan. And even though the Skins have no good receivers, I sure don’t want this guy.

  2. Arians knows he just signed on to be a head coach of a different franchise right? I know coaching the Tampa Bay Buccaneers may seem like a cozy retirement home but he will have to coach the team…

  3. I’ve kind of lost a bit of respect for Arians after these comments. If you the history between BA and AB then you see how Petty this is on Arians behalf, Arians had never like Brown when he was the Steelers and told Tomlin AB was “too stupid” to learn and play in his offense because Brown’s rookie year he struggled learning Arians offense, which is a complicated offense. Shows what an “eye” for talent Arians has.

  4. AB better wake up and smell the coffee. His actions (or lack thereof) are causing people around the league to take notice and what they see they don’t like. Yes, he is super-talented. But his “me” attitude and going AWOL on his team are things a number of teams won’t put up with. His best bet might be to work things out with the Steelers since he was part of a talented group of offensive players, but his childishness likely won’t allow him to do that. He’d rather spend his time on social media making no sense.

  5. Uh oh, now AB will start attacking Arians on social media. He’s right though. Eventually his propensity to be a diva will be too much and it will prematurely end his career. Then he’ll be a nobody. His fragile ego will probably explode then since he’ll realize everyone doesn’t sit around waiting for the next nonsensical social media post.

    I’m so sick of hearing about AB and his antics. It’s childish. Quitting on your team though, that’s unforgivable.

  6. A little bit of diva in a WR is good, you want them to have a certain level of delusional “I’m the best always” mentality. And most teams and coaches know this and will put up with it. But when you cross that line of not showing up for the final game of the season with the playoffs on the line, you’ve gone way too far. At this point the only teams I can see being interested in him are bad teams desperate for a star, or the Patriots because they can manage anyone for a time and won’t be crushed if they have to let him go. Anyone else, I just don’t see how you can trust the guy regardless of how incredibly talented he is.

  7. Best for Pitt to cut bait and move on from both Bell and Brown. They are not worth the aggravation.

  8. mysterytonite says:

    Cmon Ben had a breakdown when they let go of Arians did you think he was going to say anything different?

    Yeah … I remember Ben throwing things on the sidelines, refusing to show up for practice, sitting out do-or-die games … oh wait.

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