C.J. Anderson: When the Raiders cut me I thought my season was done

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C.J. Anderson is as surprised as anyone to find himself a key player on a team that’s one win away from the Super Bowl.

Anderson told the #PFTPM podcast that if he’d been told a month ago that he was going to be the Rams’ leading rusher in a playoff win, he never would have believed it. Anderson has already been cut by the Broncos, Panthers and Raiders in the last year, and when the Raiders waived him and no one claimed him, he figured his next chance to sign with an NFL team would be after free agency started in 2019.

“I wouldn’t have believed you a month ago,” Anderson said. “When I got released by Oakland I thought the season was over for me and hopefully my resume would get me an opportunity in free agency in March.”

Instead, a great Rams offensive line is opening big holes for Anderson, and he’s making the most of a great opportunity: He has played three games in a Rams uniform and has 167, 132 and 123 rushing yards in those three games. A player who thought his season was over is now a big-time player in the postseason.

56 responses to “C.J. Anderson: When the Raiders cut me I thought my season was done

  1. I love this story, especially since it reflects negatively on JR and the Raiders. If only Al could see the Raider cuts and trades this season.

  2. Generally about the guys up front. Hopefully he doesn’t do a Timmy Smith, set a record and disappear.

  3. Why be mad at the Raiders when he was on the Panthers for most of the season… he didn’t even have a carry for the Raiders

  4. Is it me or are half the impact players in the playoffs this year, castoffs from Grudens Raiders? My new measure for success is whether or not Jon Gruden doesn’t think you’re good..

  5. Imagine if Elway had kept in Denver with Lindsay. Great 1,2 that would have taken pressure off of Keenum.

  6. Now it Kinda makes me wonder if Gurley is a special talent or just lucky to be behind that O-Line

  7. CJ Anderson has played well for the Rams but c’mon man.. lets not pretend that he’s all of a sudden one of the leagues best RB’s. Oakland shouldn’t lose sleep for cutting him. He’s a journeyman now at this point in his career. He wasn’t that good either when he was a starter in Denver.

  8. It’s all about timing C.J., and the timing with the Rams is perfect for you right now. He looked like Bam Morris out there against the Cowboys.

  9. I blame a badly applied Chuck Rule – wherein Jon Gruden chucked all the wrong players out.

  10. So, the supposed best (highest paid) player in the league at his position misses a couple of games, the team picks up “some guy” off the street and he puts up amazing numbers. This says everything about the running back position in the NFL and why teams are crazy to overpay a running back.

  11. C.J. Anderson was available for anyone who wanted him. The truth is, he’s really not good enough to make half the teams in the NFL. We’re just seeing an unbelievably well coached Rams team that can plug in just about anyone and make them look better. C.J. Anderson looks as good as Todd Gurley when he’s on the Rams. The bigger questions is how good is Todd Gurley if he wasn’t on the Rams.

  12. Stop it with all the Raider hate it’s actually comical, Raiders decided to rebuild and it actually made no sense to have CJ on the team, also as I stated earlier CJ was on the team for a week, keep hating look around the league right now a lot of weak coaches, Raiders are fortunate to have a Coach of Gruden’s caliber, Gruden will have the last laugh

  13. I really like what C.J. Anderson has given the Rams in the short term. He understands how to find holes in the zone blocking scheme, even when they are smaller than the ones we saw on highlight reels against the Cowboys. He’s given Todd Gurley the chance to rest his injured knee and heal up prior to the postseason and is now making good contributions alongside Gurley. I see no reason why he wouldn’t be valuable to the Rams in a reserve role beyond this year with his ability and experience.

  14. When your team (Oak) is #25 in rushing why would you want to add a guy like Anderson to your roster? Goes hand in hand with an owner who goes with the 3 dollar haircut…..

  15. Rams oline is nasty and physical in the trenches, but CJ wears down defenses with his punishing running style.

    Gurley is a great RB behind a great oline, like Eric Dickerson and Terrell Davis were.

  16. Cue Gruden explaining how he knew CJ still had a lot left in the tank but that other things nobody else would ever understand behind-the-scenes led to his being released. Then 5 minutes after that he’ll go on a long rant about how finding quality running backs is really hard.

  17. Mack, Cooper, Anderson.
    Glad to see Gruden cutting out the dead wood.

    No home for next year.
    GM fired mid season.
    Things are looking up for the ol’ Raiders.

    Wait until 2020! Vegas baby!

    Mack and Cooper have been done to death already. You still fixated on that?

    With the Rams CJ was a 100-yd back. In the Raiders O he would have been a 15-yd back. Context matters.

    You thing they’ll be playing in a parking lot next season or something? Give it a rest.

    Gm fired mid-season was taking care of a piece of business that should have happened 5 years ago. Best move all year long.

    You forgot to mention 5 1st round picks over the next 2 years and the cap space, and the NEW GM… Guess none of that fit the doomsday narrative.

    Yep. Vegas will be getting a team on the upswing for sure.

  18. The problem is the Goff is not that good. CJ can run all he wants, but when you are down 10 in the 4th quarter it will be on Goff’s shoulders.

  19. I can assure you of this:

    The Superdome will likely be louder than it has ever been in its existence on Sunday. Saints fans aren’t just loud on 3rd and 4th down. They’re loud on first down…like the very first, first down of the game. Further, they’re not just loud when the offense approaches the line…they’re loud prior to the QB even stepping foot on the field…this is intentional. They’re loud early so that the play call can’t be heard from inside the helmet. Trust me when I tell you it’s quite disorienting. You’ll see…it is truly a thing of beauty.

  20. Saints fans are even louder when the momentum is not in their favor…bring the Rams. We’ll show em a real nice time.

  21. Gruden lost ALL credibility during a press conference after a loss early in the season. He stated “We need to find a way to get some type of pass rush.” HUH!!!!!! Ummmmmmmm you had the best edge pass rusher in the league and traded him away!!! -_-

  22. Jon is trading or cutting any player that can help him win now or costs too much over the next season or two. Jon is tanking to draft as many top 100 players he can before 2020 when it really matters to the owner as they move into a new city/stadium. I expect the same next year as well.

  23. Nice! Guaranteed he never thought he had a snow balls chance in he double toothpicks he had a chance to play in a SB in August. I bet he is thinking thanks Chucky!

  24. Another screw up by Gruden, going to be fun watching him make mistakes like this for another 9 years. As a Broncos fan, glad he never wore a Raiders jersey in an actual game. Good luck to C.J. this weekend.

  25. boisestatewhodat says:
    January 16, 2019 at 11:05 am
    Saints fans are even louder when the momentum is not in their favor…bring the Rams. We’ll show em a real nice time.
    Oh you’re so right. Saints fans are loud but I haven’t heard them since ‘09 and once they realize that Dat’s Da Rams on Sunday we won’t hear their noise for another decade….

  26. 123 yards against that vaunted Dallas defense says he’s a keeper. I don’t think he can do it against the Saints though.

  27. Its funny how many peeps don’t really know anything about football ..but hate on Gruden LOL
    the Raider oline was junk we started two rookies and had a ton of injuries !!!

    The Rams oline is wayyyyyyyyyyyy better.. some here need to put the football IQ GLASSES ON !!!

  28. >>>He has played three games in a Rams uniform and has 167, 132 and 123 rushing yards in those three games.<<<

    In other words his production declined in each game.

  29. Three players who’ve played for several teams are Darren Sproles, Pierre Garcon, and C.J. Anderson. Every time they are on the field, they produce. I don’t understand why teams keep letting them go.

  30. jake6879 says:

    Is it me or are half the impact players in the playoffs this year, castoffs from Grudens Raiders? My new measure for success is whether or not Jon Gruden doesn’t think you’re good..


    You can call it the Gruden Line, or the Chucky line, like baseball’s Mendoza line.

  31. For the people dogging on CJ…the guy has always balled out in the playoffs. He has good vision, is hard to tackle, and punishes his would-be tacklers. By the 4th quarter, that bowling ball coming at a safety or DB is just too much and he’ll get a break away run.

  32. You win some you lose some. Looking back it wasnt a good move but Anderson wouldnt have done much at Oakland, too many injuries on that o-line. Just one of those moves which worked out well for the Rams.

  33. Raider fan here, CJ was never a Raider, he was a Panther, Raiders had a rental for a week never played. Recap Chucky’s decisions, Mack at home watching playoffs, Cooper at home watching playoffs, Raiders now have five first round picks in two years! Raidernation are crazy fans if you think for one minute Raiders playing in Vegas won’t be amazing you’ve never been to a Raider game.

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