Jerry Jones blames playoff loss on footwear

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The owner who has a very specific affinity (some call it a fetish) for shoes has no love for the footwear his players wore on Saturday night.

“I’ve had the benefit of the tape, looking at the tape, the evaluation by both scouts as well as the coaches,” Cowboys owner Jerry Jones told 105.3 The Fan in Dallas, via USA Today. “We frankly had never gotten traction. And I mean that literally. That was a slippery field. If I had to do it over again, we would be really scrutinizing our footwear. Our cleats. We had trouble digging in, so to speak.”

Sounds like an excuse, especially since there were no indications during the game that the Cowboys in L.A. were slip sliding away.

“Well you say, ‘That’s an excuse,'” Jones said. “It is not because not only physically but we had trouble digging in with just the effectiveness of our defense. And we did not stop them, and we did not stop the run.”

Of course, it also becomes harder to stop the run when the alignment of the defensive players reveals via past game film clues about what will happen after the snap, a dynamic that was confirmed by Rams running back C.J. Anderson in a Tuesday visit to the #PFTPM podcast. Anderson’s full interview appears in the video attached to this blurb.

25 responses to “Jerry Jones blames playoff loss on footwear

  1. I must have missed it, did the NFL pass a rule stating you can’t change your cleats during a game?


  2. Jerrah you will always make me laugh. Im glad you are still an owner of the 3 playoff wins in 23yrs Cowboys. Keep it up. Its never your players fault but always something other reason. lol

  3. This is ultimately the problem with the cowboys. It’s Jerrah’s fault that the team never finds success. If you think about it, the only successful thing he ever did that led to championships (or even consistent playoff wins) was hire Jimmy Johnson. And we all know how that ended.

  4. Jerry Jones is blaming the loss on shoes? Um, Gurley and Anderson combined had more rushing attempts than Elliott had rushing yards. It all comes down to game planning and play calling, and yes film study. Jones cannot admit that Garrett, Linehan and Marinelli are predictable.

  5. Don’t like the Cowboys one but but all fields in the NFL should be fieldturf. Fields like Washington, Pittsburgh,LA
    etc are just terrible and can’t withstand wear and tear especially in bad weather. Billion $ league with 10 cent surfaces.

  6. If they had the wrong cleats it’s still the fault of the Cowboys organization….it’s their failure. I haven’t heard any players complain about footing. Yes Jerry it’s a weak excuse.

  7. In the 1960’s we changed our cleats and or shoes as needed. So tell us more how inept your organization is !

  8. I’m willing to bet Jerry Jones doesn’t actually “watch the tape” himself. I’m sure he has someone do it for him then report back.

  9. This latest gospel according to St. Jerry sums why the Cowboys have been average for so long…..yes it had to be the shoes.

  10. Common sense supports Jerry’s take. High heel cleats have much less surface contact area than regular cleats.
    While obviously a stark disadvantage to performance, one has to admire the owner’s commitment to fashion…

  11. I’d bet that there are a lot of interesting stories about equipment, equip. managers and things related to the field/weather that was and wasn’t done during the course of big games. Players wearing sneakers(yes, that’s what we called them)during NYC champ. games, stick’um on receivers hands come to mind.

  12. This is the best stat ever (from Phillyvoice). 20 Years of the “wrong footwear”….

    Here’s a list of NFC teams appearing in the NFC Championships Game at least once in the last 20 years:


    Here’s a list of NFC teams that have not appeared in the NFC Championship Game in the last 20 years:


  13. Why do he say “we”? He wasn’t on the field playing. The Rams played on the same field and it didn’t seem like a setback to them. The Rams would have beaten them on artificial grass. Throwing out excuses by Jerry is getting old.

  14. So now he’s a footwear expert? Let’s see, owner, check, GM, check, wannabe HC, check, team doctor, check, and now equipment expert, check. And, I almost forgot, team spokesman on his daily radio addresses. I think that just about covers everything and tells the story of why the Cowboys will never be anything more than mediocre.

  15. New stat forthcoming from the advance statistics crowd S.H.O.E(Snaps Held On Execution.) No, I have no bleeping clue what that means either.

  16. Um, don’t you employ people who’s entire job is making certain that your players have the correct footwear for the conditions?

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