Rooney on Tomlin extension: We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it

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The Steelers have a tradition of sticking with their head coaches for much longer than most teams and they have a tradition of talking about contract extensions with those coaches when there are two years left on their contract.

That’s where things stand with Mike Tomlin’s deal heading into the 2019 season, but team owner Art Rooney II indicated there aren’t any immediate plans to talk about any adjustments to the deal.

“Those are things we’ll get to sort of later in the offseason, so we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it,” Rooney said, via the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Extension discussions aren’t on hold across the board as Rooney said “we feel good about” extending Ben Roethlisberger‘s contract when the subject was broached. Given that and changes to the coaching staff, speculation that Tomlin’s seat has gotten hotter will probably continue but Rooney did push back at a suggestion that the team was a circus in 2018.

“It’s nonsense,” Rooney said. “We didn’t achieve our goal of winning the division but we finished half a game out and had a lot of opportunities to get there.”

There’s been talk about expanding the coaching staff since the end of the season and Rooney said he thinks it is important to have someone on the coaching staff to help with game management, although he added that such an addition might have other responsibilities as well.

23 responses to “Rooney on Tomlin extension: We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it

  1. The coaching staff continues to under-perform but the Rooneys are loyal to a fault. Tomlin will get another contract extension and stay until he feels like retiring.

  2. I believe Tomlin has an identity crisis with himself. When he became the head coach in 07, he was younger then some vets on the team. That youthfulness he brought worked cause he was young. Now he’s the oldest guy in the room when it compares to players. And I personally believe he doesn’t just realize that yet. Perhaps if he does, and realizes he needs to now establish a tougher stance when it’s comes to his players. Say what you want to say, majority of his players( exclude Brown, Bell) love playing for him.

  3. If they need someone to manage the clock, maybe they need someone else to manage the team. Just sayin’. If your coach can’t make an in-game decision he shouldn’t be your coach.

  4. They have expanded the positions on their staff, albeit they still have a few positions open. Pittsburgh added a secondary coach, and an analytics coach, which was long overdue considering how backwards Pittsburgh has been about that kind of thing. Tomlin needs all the support he can get. They need a time clock and game management coach for Tomlin too.

    Go Steelers!

  5. Message: “Almost” is good enough for the new Steelers.

    Still haven’t managed to catch up to the Patriots; still fall to teams they shouldn’t (like the Jags in last year’s playoffs); about to fall a few spots further back in the AFC pecking order (Chiefs, Chargers, Colts, Browns, Texans all look better positioned).

  6. huntidu says:
    January 16, 2019 at 4:24 pm
    If they need someone to manage the clock, maybe they need someone else to manage the team. Just sayin’. If your coach can’t make an in-game decision he shouldn’t be your coach.

    Sadly, a trait that many never do successfully.
    Also, the challenge flag is a challenge to some (Jeff Fisher).

  7. I like Tomlin but he has to figure out if he wants to be a coach or a friend. He has a great owner who doesn’t like change but if Tomlin doesn’t change he will be outta there. Nice guys finish last in this business.

  8. Tomlin will no doubt be rewarded for allowing the Steelers to become the laughingstock of the NFL. Can’t deny that it’s been entertaining. We’re loving every minute of it! The best part is listening to fans rationalize every disaster like it’s a good thing. IT’S NOT.

  9. Nobody wants to stay in Pittsburgh. Drama Ben is making too much to leave and trippy is begging to get fired to keep getting paid to not trip.

  10. stillers6 says:
    January 16, 2019 at 7:25 pm
    The bridge is on fire and crumbling down

    Wake up!

    Let it burn and please confirm Tomlin is on the other side prior to administering the accelerant

  11. With all the revenue NFL teams are generating, Art Rooney II has become complacent about the team he owns; the Steelers have under-achieved yet another year, thanks in large part to a coaching staff that has difficulty making in-game adjustments, special teams unit which ranked at the bottom and incurred the most penalties, have two young QBs in M. Rudolph, and J. Dobbs, yet no real QBs coach, and the loss of M. Munchak will be palpable. Grab a fiddle Art, I smell smoke.

  12. The Patriots have ample opportunity to catch and surpass the Steeler record of 6 SB titles. Since 2001 undee the leadership of Belichick, the Patriots franchise went from 0-4 in comparison with the Steelers to 5-6. The Steelers needed to win 2 to stay on top. And one of these was won under Tomlin but conventional wisdom says “in spite of Tomlin.” He is clearly the reason the Steelers have underachieved despite top notch talent at QB, RB, and WR. Now the Steelers were lucky the Patriots could not complete the comeback against the Eagles last year. And while underdogs (mamy believe the Patriots are the worst of the remaining 4 teams), they maximized their potential to put themselves 2 wins away from that 6th SB win

  13. Message: “Almost” is good enough for the new Steelers.

    Like Mike Brown, Clark Hunt, and Mark Davis, it’s all about making money for generation #2. Winning comes second (or third, or fourth for some).

    Just how many inheritors are running their teams well in terms of winning, anyway? Not many. Add Spanos and Mara to the list of Gen2 who haven’t lived up to their father.

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