Seahawks linebacker Mychal Kendricks sentencing delayed until April

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The sentencing date for Seahawks linebacker Mychal Kendricks has been delayed from late January to April 4, according to multiple reports.

Kendricks pleaded guilty to insider trading charges in September in U.S. District Court in Pennsylvania. Kendricks admitted that he was given inside information about four companies that were about to be purchased by bigger companies, and that by buying stock with that information, he turned a profit of $1.2 million.

Kendricks signed with the Seahawks after Week One of the season and appeared in three games before the NFL levied an eight-game suspension against him for the transgressions. Upon returning to the lineup in December, Kendricks fractured his tibia as part of knee injuries that ended his season.

The delay in sentencing could potentially impact the Seahawks’ plans in 2019. Sentencing guidelines call for a sentence of 30-37-months, but the Seahawks have been optimistic of a much short shorter sentence due to his level of cooperation. Head coach Pete Carroll has expressed a desire to bring Kendricks back, who is scheduled to be a free agent.

“We’re looking forward to getting him back next time and keep him with us,” Carroll said after Kendricks’ injury in December.

With K.J. Wright also set to be a free agent, Kendricks could be an option for Seattle to move forward instead. However, it will be difficult for him to play if he’s in jail instead. The delay in sentencing would seem to increase that likelihood and could force the Seahawks to adjust their plans for 2019. If sentencing had come at the end of January, they would have known Kendricks’ status prior to free agency beginning. Now they’ll have to wait until three weeks after free agency has begun to know if Kendricks will be an option or not.

11 responses to “Seahawks linebacker Mychal Kendricks sentencing delayed until April

  1. This is great news for KJ Wright. By no means does KJ want Mychal to go to jail or leave the team but this helps KJs situation. I’m hoping the best for Mychal hopefully he plays again.

  2. Wish his sentencing was this month so that the Seahawks could plan better. With it being April, they are going to need to plan the season assuming he won’t be available.

  3. Of course he cooperated, he got caught. I doubt he would have volunteered information had he not been caught.

  4. Bad news for Penny-pinching MOde, or is counting on Kendricks as a much cheaper option than KJ Wright. A safe bet is that they will not pay Wright, who is almost 40 and his injury problems in 2018 makes it unlikely they will re-sign him. With ET likely to be allowed to leave, Booby Wagner would seem to be the only player left from that SB team on the defensive side.

  5. Delaying the inevitable. He is cooperating, has paid back the money, but I think he still faces a year, Based on celebrity insider trading sentences…Martha Stewart comes to mind. If he was sentenced this month to a year and reported next month, he could be out by the end of the year. A year on the federal level is 85%. He would not miss any off-season for 2020, if he reports in June or July, he misses a good chunk and won’t have 8 months to get in shape and acclimated to the team system. But he may get probation…who knows?

  6. Kendricks has plead guilty and cooperated with the authorities from the beginning and paid back all money he received from this insider tip. Martha Stewart lied to investigators to try and save her ass. Apples and oranges.

  7. We will soon see who is to blame for all those injuries the Sea Dorks had, including the one that Mychael Kendricks got during practice after his suspension ended. Is the conditioning coach, or is it the artificial turf at Putrid Sound Stadium, or is it Petey’s fault. If the injury rate in the coming seasons remain the same, then it is either the artificial turf, or Petey, or both.

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