Why won’t Jerry Jones commit to Jason Garrett? (we have an idea)

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In one breath, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones insists that coach Jason Garrett would have had five job offers if he’d been available two weeks ago. In the next breath, Jones refuses to rule out that Garrett will be available two weeks from now.

So what’s going on? We’ve got an idea. And it involves the head coach of a team that is still playing.

Here’s what Jones told 105.3 The Fan in Dallas when asked to commit to the 2019 return of his head coach, with emphasis added: “Why would I put some kind of statement out that says this is what we’re going to do when we might have an opportunity here next week? This is the time when these things are thought about. This is the time when they are chewed on. This is when you may see an opportunity next week that you didn’t know existed this week in the area of personnel or in the area of coaching. And I’m not trying to be cute here. I’m just saying that one of the advantages that we have is that we can operate with that kind of flexibility.”

So what opportunity could arise next week? Short of the cloning of Sean McVay or the reanimation of Vince Lombardi, the universe of potential coaches is set. The universe of available coaches, however, will soon grow.

After Sunday, an AFC finalist and an NFC finalist will lose. Next week, coaches will be available, in theory, who aren’t available now.

And given that a month of Sunday Splash! reports has speculated on Saints coach Sean Payton moving on and, more specifically, linked him to the Cowboys, it’s fair to consider Jones’ comments through that lens. Is Jones suggesting that, if the Saints lose, the Cowboys would explore upgrading from Jason Garrett to Sean Payton?

Despite the practical complications that arise when trying to fire one coach and hire another (Rooney Rule compliance would become an obvious issue), Jerry Jones tends to do whatever Jerry Jones wants to do. He has said he’d write a huge check if it would guarantee a Super Bowl win, and whether those huge checks are to the league for violating the Rooney Rule, to Payton to lure him to town, or both, Jones’ cryptic yet loaded comments from Tuesday suggest that he’s thinking about making a run at hiring Payton.

Of course, Payton has said or done nothing to suggest an inclination to leave the Saints. But this isn’t about Payton; it’s about Jones. If Jones has decided that he’s willing to blow the coaching compensation curve in order to make it happen (and to give up draft picks to get Payton from the Saints), nothing stops Jones from at least trying.

And that may be the only way to properly comprehend the things that Jones had to say on Tuesday when talking about his current head coach.

31 responses to “Why won’t Jerry Jones commit to Jason Garrett? (we have an idea)

  1. Because he doesn’t have to and will hold Garrett hostage until he decides to get rid of him. No veteran HC in their right mind would take a job with the Cowboys

  2. Please Jerry is going to have a coach thats his puppet. He can’t have a name bigger than him he looks forward to those press conferences too much. Have to keep Coach Clap around for that. He’s full of it.

  3. This is floated annually here. Will Brees retire if he wins SB? Will Patyon leave because he would no long have THE QB anymore? Will the Cowboys and Payton link up?

  4. Where do you get this idea Payton is available? You said the same thing about the browns job but it seems made up

  5. Garrett should sit tight and walk July 15th. As long as Jerry’s around that’s the one Texas team going nowhere…

  6. Alternate scenario: Dallas keeps Garrett as head coach without an extension.
    If Garrett does not show improvement next year, Jones lets him walk.
    Kris Richard gets promoted to HC and can find a high caliber OC.

  7. An owner wants a coach he thinks would guarantee a Super Bowl for his team, therefore he would pay big money to lure away a coach who, and here’s where it gets creative and out of the box, just DIDN’T make it to the Super Bowl. Maybe in Jerry’s world that makes some sort of sense but here on earth the logic doesn’t really follow.

  8. In context, pretty sure Jerry’s not really discussing the HC, but the OC job. Linehan has been the focus of those conversations.

    I’m betting there’s been discussion in the past that if Dan Campbell became available, they’d like to bring him in in some capacity.

  9. I think his buddy owner in Houston passing away has got Jerry scrambling to create a winner and going from giving everyone chance after chance to … whatever it takes.

  10. I think the Saints have substantially more talent than the Cowboys, and Jerry is predicting that coaching options might open up next week that are available this week. So assuming he is referring to Payton, doesn’t that mean he is expecting the Rams to beat the Saints? If Payton can’t get the Saints to the SB with more talent, why does Jones think he would be able to get the Cowboys there next year with less talent? The logic seems fatally flawed!

  11. If Sean Payton is available that will fix three problems with Cowboys coaching staff. You would have a real HC, OC and a QB coach. Unfortunately the timing of him becoming a HC when Parcells was in Dallas was Parcells wasn’t ready to retire so Sean moved on. Wouldn’t surprise anyone if he came back to Dallas.

  12. Why would SP leave a team in which the owner allow Mickey Loomis and himself run the show in full autonomy. No meddling, very willing to spend money on facilities and equipment to help the players. Can anyone honest think, Jerry would give up control to SP and stay out of the way?

    As far as QB of the future, it’s very clear Sean thinks highly of Taysom Hill, and if Drew retires, Teddy B has just had a year in their system. Also, lost is the Saints vastly improved Defense. The team is build to be competitive for several more years.

  13. For those saying Payton wouldn’t work for Jerrah. Well he has in the past already and Jerrah basically said he would do anything to win a Super Bowl. Jerrah has already shown he would take a back seat, although temporarily, to right the ship. Just like he did with Parcells. Remember Parcells? Whose OC was ugh…Sean Payton! I love this and hope it happens. clap! clap! clap!

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