Chargers plan to start contract talks with Philip Rivers

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Philip Rivers, 37, has said he wants to play a handful more seasons. However long the quarterback plays, the Chargers want to ensure Rivers plays for them.

Chargers General Manager Tom Telesco said Thursday the team plans to begin conversations this offseason with Rivers about a new deal. Rivers has one year remaining on his current deal, paying him $11 million in base salary in 2019 and counting $23 million against the salary cap.

“I can tell you he’s not going anywhere, so he’s going to be here,” Telesco said, via Eric Williams of ESPN. “We’ll talk at the right point, as far as the moves we need to make in the offseason, the resources we have and how it all fits in. But yeah, he’s not going anywhere.”

Rivers said he wants to continue playing at least through 2020, so he can open the team’s new stadium in September of that season, which would be his 17th.

Rivers had one of his best seasons with a 68.3 completion percentage, 4,308 passing yards, 32 touchdowns and a 105.5 passer rating. He made his eighth Pro Bowl, though Andrew Luck will replace him in the NFL’s all-star game after Rivers withdrew with an ankle issue.

38 responses to “Chargers plan to start contract talks with Philip Rivers

  1. Hopefully he signs a somewhat team friendly deal. Need help everywhere if you want to win a ring

  2. He needs the money with nine kids. Pay the man and pay for his limo to and from San Diego.

  3. Chargers seem to win 3-4 more games each season then anyone expects, and his ability to put W’s in the correct column when team is his with absurd injuries is noteworthy. By pure definition, he really is as much an MVP as any player in NFL.

  4. Boy if there’s ever a QB who deserves an ample raise it’s this guy. Just a portrait of humanity w/a pretty strong arm still. If the biggest issue or concern a team has w/a player is how many times he says Dang then you’re doing quite well. Pay that man his money!

  5. According to PFF he had the 5th worst Oline in the league. The scary thing is that line is actually quite a bit better than what he’s played with the last 5 years. He has many good years left if they can figure out a way to protect him.

  6. Chargers haven’t won the division in over 9 years. They have 2 playoff wins in 10 years and yet they crown Rivers as this great HOF QB. It’s hilarious and I’m sure the whole AFC West would love Rivers to continue to be the chargers QB. How did he do in his last playoff game I missed it!!??

  7. Anyone who thinks he is overrated or the reason they haven’t won a ring simply has no idea what they’re looking at when they watch a football game. San Diego has consistently outperformed it’s talent throughout his career. He’s not the reason they haven’t won – he’s the reason they’ve ever even come close.

  8. deathonwings410 says:
    January 17, 2019 at 8:58 pm
    He will never win a ring…
    I’ve been saying this for years!

  9. Rivers is certainly as good as many QBs with rings. It’s a shame they wasted so much of his career with Norv Turner. The Spanos family has been among the worst owners in the NFL for decades.

  10. Bill’s fan here. I so was hoping Rivers would break through this year. One of the good guys and I love his fire.

  11. Imagine what his career would have looked like if in his prime his coaches weren’t Norv Turner and Mike McCoy.

  12. Although , I live in Oakland and devout A’s fan. I’m optimistic that Kyler will decide to come and play for my A’s; but I will say that The Chargers should draft Kyler Murray because they need to fill seats in that big “whole” stadium in Inglewood . Draft him GM Tom TESCO.

  13. Yea, poor talent-starved Phil. He only got to play most of a decade with HOFers like Tomlinson and Gates. The receiving corps doesn’t exactly suck right now, either– not do their RBs. He’s had a heck of a career, but they still wish they’d kept Brees instead.

  14. Excellent QB and a super-tough guy that never misses a start. They could do worse.

    Chargers will NEVER win a SuperBowl until they fix the Curse of the Schottenheimer.

  15. Great stats, but I can’t stand how he yells at his teammates and whines. Just like at NC State he lights it up but never wins a championship.

  16. Maybe the best QB ever with zero clutch gene. And he always throws the terrible pick at the worst time.

  17. “He wants to keep playing so he can open the teams new stadium?” Uh, thats the Rams yard, the Chargers are just couch surfing.

  18. The same team that went 9-7 with Brees went 14-2 with Rivers. If San Diego kept Brees they still wouldn’t have a ring. The Charger organization is a mess.

  19. Phillip Rivers only problem is he’s been playing for the “poorest” owner in the NFL. The Spanos Family doesn’t have the necessary financial resources to compete especially since they’re playing in a shoebox “stadium” and they’ll be paying a ton of money to Stan Kroenke for the right to play/share his stadium.

  20. I like Rivers gunslinging mentality but he was crying like a baby at the end of that game. It was hard to watch.

  21. rushbacker says:
    January 18, 2019 at 1:09 am

    Yea, poor talent-starved Phil. He only got to play most of a decade with HOFers like Tomlinson and Gates. The receiving corps doesn’t exactly suck right now, either– not do their RBs. He’s had a heck of a career, but they still wish they’d kept Brees instead.
    Im not even a chargers Fan and know that Rivers played only 5 seasons with Tomlinson and the last two seasons in SD he didnt even average 4 yards a carry so he really 3 had year great years with tomlinson. Rivers did have gates for many years was his only receiving option as well, just run through the chargers history of scrubs they’ve ran out a WR since before allen arrived. The team talent wise had been mostly bad since rivers has arrived especially at Oline and WR, not to mention defense

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