Chiefs resod Arrowhead Stadium

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Earlier this week, Patriots linebacker Jerod Mayo warned of the turf in Arrowhead Stadium. But the turf in Arrowhead Stadium today isn’t the same turf that was in Arrowhead Stadium on Saturday.

Chiefs head groundskeeper Travis Hogan announced on Twitter that the stadium was resodded this week.

“We weren’t planning on a resod this week, but Mother Nature had other plans,” Hogan wrote. “10 inches of snow and all the snow in the stadium being hauled out on the sidelines changed things. My crew did an unbelievable job. They are the BEST! Everyone is tired, but we are ready. Let’s Roll!”

The Chiefs played last week’s playoff game in snow. They will play this week’s game in the cold, although the forecast for the temperature at game time has improved since Monday.

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  1. That’s a huge project. I love outdoor football and all but more than Ws or Ls are at stake. We had an NBA preseason game called at half time because the court was on the ice (ice deck between) and it got to 88 degrees and 90% humidity and the floor kept getting puddles of condensation. Guys were in real danger of injury. You just hope there’s not “that play” that is a result of field conditions that is the difference in the game.

  2. So now it’s guaranteed that pieces of this stuff are going to flying everywhere. Footing will be a huge issue.

  3. It will look good on TV, but will suck in reality. Why resod 3 days before a Championship game? Torn up sod that has at least rooted would be better.Gotta look good for the pregame hype…

  4. There will be more divots on Arrowhead than on normal golf courses. The edges between the rows of newly laid sod are going to be horrendous. I pity some of the players because there will be injuries because of it.

  5. Sod takes 2-3 weeks to take root in the summer, when you’re watering it constantly. It doesn’t grow at all in cold whether. Not sure how this is supposed to work at all. I’ve never heard of anyone resoding grass in the middle of the winter in the midwest. I think the grounds keeper there might be an idiot.

  6. When the steelers first opened Heinz field, they had issues with the natural grass turf. They share the field with the Pitt Panthers so it took a pounding.

    Steelers re-sodded a few times before games and the turf was always worse, coming up in clumps.

    The worst was a game where they had a downpour and the field got so soggy that a punt literally stuck in the ground like a lawn dart.

    The turf could be a mess which would greatly favor the pats. It would negate the Chiefs speed advantage

  7. Call me crazy but I want a snow blizzard that’s record breaking. I want 10% visibility from the TV. 41-38 by half. Mahomes 8 tds. Brady 7 plus a rush TD for 30 tds.
    This needs to be the snow bowl/ Tennessee game from ‘09.

    Let it fall!!! ❄️

  8. How many times was Gillette Stadium re-sodded or artificial turf substituted just before a playoff game before the Krafts finally got it right? Did the maintenance crew also install a heating system under KC’s new sod?

    Not one story this week on the synthetic turf installed in Foxborough in 2017. As the Pats and Chargers left the field it looked like it had already been prepped for another game.

    Will be interesting to see how many starters escape injury in KC. Come Superbowl Sunday the NFC may have a distinct advantage.

  9. The turf can’t be worse than the stuff they have in Chicago. That field half way through the season is a mess every year.

  10. I think the KC grounds crew know a little bit more about this field and how to care for it, than you Home Depot landscaping “experts”

  11. Trump is the G.O.A.T says:
    January 18, 2019 at 5:53 am
    I think the KC grounds crew know a little bit more about this field and how to care for it, than you Home Depot landscaping “experts”

    Yet year after year there are games played on horrible fields all maintained by those “experts”. I was at Reliant Park (now NRG) when they put in the palletized field. Those “experts” were certain this was the field of the future. Remind us how that worked out?

  12. This is a disaster. I sure hope no significant knee injuries result from this bone headed move just days before the Championship game.

    How can a multi billion dollar business allow this buffoonery?!

  13. I think some of these people posting sodded a bare spot in their lawn one time and think they sod a football field in 24” squares like they did in their yard.

  14. This is going to look like the Keystone Kops running around on a rug spread over a waxed hardwood floor. Someone is going to do the splits and tear a hammy or blow out a knee.

  15. I’m sure this will all be much to do about nothing. its football you line up and play the best you can with what you got no excuses! whoever wins will represent the afc conference well in the big dance good luck to the Kansas city cheifs and their fans.

  16. Anybody else remember the Monday Night game scheduled in Mexico City that was allegedly going to take 2 weeks to re-sod; and the Chiefs did it in 4 days?

    Why does that sound so fishy now?

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