Steelers want to offer Mike Tomlin some help with challenges and clock

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Pretty soon, clock management and challenge assistants might be as common as any other position coach.

With Atlanta hiring one for Dan Quinn this offseason, and Panthers owner David Tepper wanting one for Ron Rivera, Steelers owner Art Rooney II said he’s looking at ways to offer coach Mike Tomlin a hand on game day.

“I agree that having someone with that responsibility is important,” Rooney said, via Joe Rutter of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. “Mike and I have talked about that. I’m not sure that’s the only thing that person needs to do. It would have to be somebody who is on staff that has a role to fill there.

“Whether we have the right people, we’re looking at that. It’s fair game for discussion.”

Tomlin hasn’t won a replay challenge the last two seasons (0-for-9). His clock management and use of timeouts have also been questioned.

No matter which coach, the addition of technology and the ability to analyze the game allows more data than one person can process in a game-time situation. Especially when that coach has plenty of other things to worry about, such as his best player conducting a mutiny.

It won’t be long before these kind of hirings are no longer unique.

26 responses to “Steelers want to offer Mike Tomlin some help with challenges and clock

  1. Ever hear the phrase, “Too many cooks…” While it’s certainly true that Trip Tomlin is often overwhelmed and out coached, he doesn’t need more assistant coaches. HE needs to BE an assistant coach.

  2. If I sucked at important aspects of my job, I’d hope my employer hires someone else in for those aspects instead of, you know firing me. Lol.

  3. Is the guy Atlanta hired going to tell Dan Quinn not to kick a FG when on the 1-yd line and down 4 points with only 1 timeout left and 3:00 on the clock, like he did against SF a couple years ago? I knew right there that Quinn was a loser.

  4. I . mean the coach should be able to do this but whatever it takes so we dont have to watch Tomlin butcher key situations late in the game…

  5. Yes, it is called a new head coach, Mike can cheerlead on the side lines, we no longer need a players coach.

  6. You’re kidding me with this, right? On game day, if the coordinators are calling plays on both sides of the ball, isn’t clock management and timeout decisions when one of the few “decisions” he has to make?

  7. Rooney is afraid of reaction to let Tomlin hit the road. Tomlin does not have the tools to be a head coach.

  8. Tomlin likes to roll with his gut. That’s why he hasn’t won a challenge in 2 years.
    Who’s going to help him with discipline, leadership, accountability, and in game adjustments?

    Funny how all of the position coaches were fired and the head coach and coordinators kept their jobs.

    This is going to be a loooooooong road to recovery.

  9. This is a no-brainer hire for Tomlin’s staff.

    I agree it’s good business to allow a coach time & latitude. It keeps the Steelers one of the most prestigious and attractive destinations in all of sports, which guarantees good candidates. But something has GOT to be done about this glacial pace for accountability.

    What are the Rooneys telling Tomlin at this point? “You’ve got another 5 or 10 years to begin to think about considering turning this thing around.”

    That’s not leadership, that’s capitulation.

  10. “Tomlin hasn’t won a replay challenge the last two seasons (0-for-9). His clock management and use of timeouts have also been questioned.”

    Tomlin has also struggled with managing his players, keeping the players focused during the game, play calling, game planning, half time adjustments . . . I think you get the idea. So are they going to break down everything this guy can’t do and split it up between a bunch of new positions on his staff? Tomlin has benefited from the Bill Cowher legacy and riding Ben Roethlisberger’s coat tails for long enough. He just needs to be fired and replaced with someone who actually has the skills of a head coach.

  11. groan…why cant it be understood that Tomlin is the problem. we will never win another super bowl as long as we have this head coach. the justifications for firing tomlin are many, all so obvious and right in our faces for all to see..instead minour assistants are blamed…no replay/clock management advisor? hahahaha…yea that must be the reason. instead of putting band aids on the problem (Tomlin), the problem should be eliminated. this has become insulting to us fans..on top of it all, we left one of the best coaches in the league (munchak) escape…gee i wonder why he left?? he would have made a far better head coach than minimum he has the respect of his players and has a track record of turning the O line into a premier O line..Tomlin? he inherited a super bowl team and turned in to mediocrity

  12. If you have a coach that needs help with the basics of game management, why is he the coach?

  13. Rooney needs to hire a ‘get back’ coach to avoid another tripping penalty or suspension of the HC.

  14. Challenges, clock management, leadership, discipline. Don’t forget situational football. Imporvement in all those areas is needed.

  15. I think Tomlin does a fine job coaching! Please keep him there for the next 25 years!

  16. its so much fun watching the wheels come off this organization. I thought the best part would be the sad faces staring up at the Jumbotron when the Ravens kept the Steelers out of the playoffs but that was only the beginning. Once Little Ben, Brown, and Bell are all signed to humongous salary cap killing contracts and Loony hires ten more coaches to drive Tomlin insane, playing the Steelers is going to be an automatic W for every one their opponents. Love it!

  17. Just think the Steelers have won the division 2 out the last 3 years and should of won it last year by only 1/2 of game. And they did all this with clock management issues and drama. It should be back to winning the division next year again for the Steelers.

  18. Tomlin needs help with challenges? Yeah, like the challenge of dealing with an organization that has come completely apart. Does he need help with clock management? Only to the extent that he should realize that Little Ben’s time has run out. He’s the cancer causing the Steelers to rot from within. Every year this team does worse than the year before. Steady decline.

  19. i can understand a replay manager bc sometimes at other teams stadiums they dont show replays fast enough to make a challenge decision, so someone analyzing every play for that is reasonable. but clock management? use of time out quality control? just fire the man already.

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