Stephen Jones, Jerry Jones disagree regarding possible HOF for Super Bowl trade

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Everything is bigger in Texas. Including the little white lies.

Cowboys executive Stephen Jones, son of owner Jerry Jones, made a broad proclamation regarding defending the notion that Jerry still badly wants to win.

“He’d give up the Hall of Fame in a second to have another Lombardi Trophy,” Stephen Jones said on 105.3 The Fan, via Jon Machota of Dallas Morning News.

That sounds admirable. The only problem is that it directly conflicts with Jerry’s own words.

Speaking to Mark Leibovich in connection with Big Game, Leibovich’s excellent NFL stranger-than-fiction non-fiction look at the league, Jerry Jones left no doubt about whether he’d give up his gold jacket for a fourth silver trophy.

Although Jones said he’d fork over $250 million for another Super Bowl win, the bronze bust would be a bridge too far.

“Would he trade his Hall of Fame jacket for another ring?” Leibovich writes. “‘No,’ Jones said finally. ‘No.'”

The whole issue is academic, because a Super Bowl win can’t be bought or bartered for. The fact that Jones has gone well over a generation without getting one proves that conclusively.

14 responses to “Stephen Jones, Jerry Jones disagree regarding possible HOF for Super Bowl trade

  1. I’m really not sure why or how he got into the hall. He did nothing to get there. And if it weren’t for Jimmy Johnson he’d never have gotten in.

  2. smart enough to get jimmy Johnson in the right window and accepting king’s ransom for Hershel Walker. Other than that, basically an awesome huckster because he has sucked an ENORMOUS amount of money out of Cowboys’ fans for 20+ years while fielding an average, at best, product.

  3. I’m really not sure why or how he got into the hall. He did nothing to get there.

    I respectfully disagree. He and the Cowboys had a larger than life persona during the 90s that helped cultivate me being an NFL fan. Jerry Jones did a lot to help make the NFL the top sport in the US. Plus you had revenue generated from some of these big teams, like the Cowboys, that helped even the playing field for some of the lower revenue teams.

    And I say all of this as a proud Cowboys-hater.

  4. Jerry sees winning a super bowl as another way to pad is own ego – to claim that he was responsible for a super bowl win. The HOF is also for Jerry’s ego so I am not surprised that Jerry would not trade the HOF for a super bowl win. Jerry will not fire Jason Garrett as head coach just so he can show he was right in picking him as coach – even though Garrett defines mediocrity. Again, all for Jerry’s ego.

  5. Jerrah put the fear of unemployment in Roger. Canton was cheaper than litigation. Here’s hoping he continues to keep championship football away from Dallas.

  6. Clean house and hire competent coaches, a real QB, a real running back who actually impacts the game, and a couple real receivers that aren’t other peoples’ trash.

  7. Jerry Jones since January 1996 (22 years ago) = nothing. There is not another GM in football that would’ve survived 22 years of mediocrity. His head still hasn’t deflated since he lucked out with Jimmy J and the trade of all trades. Of course he would,nt trade his HOF jacket for a championship. He cares for nothing other than his bottom line.

  8. Jerry Jones really needs help. He seems to think that if he wins another Super Bowl that he will be the master of the football universe. I do not think that winning another Super Bowl is going to negate the many years of mediocrity. His pride will be his undoing

  9. Jerrah needs a SB win as GM to end all the talk about his .545 record as the Cowboys GM. It’s that simple.

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