Clock keeps ticking on John Harbaugh contract extension

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Four weeks ago today, the Ravens issued an out-of-the-blue announcement that coach John Harbaugh will return in 2019, and that the Ravens are working on an extension of his contract, which expires after the 2019 season. Nearly two weeks after Baltimore’s season ended via a playoff loss to the Chargers, the contract has not been extended.

As noted by Mike Preston of the Baltimore Sun, the Ravens have yet to conduct an annual end-of-season press conference with Harbaugh. The Ravens also have yet to conduct an annual end-of-season press conference with owner Steve Bisciotti. (Last year, the Bisciotti press conference happened during Super Bowl week, at which time he admitted that he had considered firing Harbaugh.)

In theory, the team could announce an extension for Harbaugh at any time. But, as Peter King has reported, there’s a “good chance” Harbaugh doesn’t sign an extension and becomes a free agent in 2020.

While there’s still plenty of time before Harbaugh becomes a free agent, there could come a day when Harbaugh slams the door on further talks regarding an extension. At that point, his name would rocket to the top of the wish list for the 2020 hiring cycle.

17 responses to “Clock keeps ticking on John Harbaugh contract extension

  1. This cheating loudmouth probably doesn’t want to rebuild or take on that Flacco 26 mil cap hit next year.

    That will ruin them for the next 2 years in terms of teambuilding. Them making the postseason for the first time in 3 years was a mirage.

    Harbaugh knows it, hence him using his leverage for more money or opening the door for money to go somewhere else.

  2. IF the raven sdon’r re-sign him they are nuts. Harbaugh is a good coach….he’ll get grabbed up in a month. Miami would take him or at the very least the Jags would fire Marrone, or the Bills Mcdermott, or the Texans O’Brian

  3. Is there an immediate rush to sign an extension for a head coach?

    Sean Payton got his at the end of March 2016 (even after you reported they were already “close” in mid-February 2016.) Pete Carroll only got his extention at the end of July 2016 just before training camp.

    Why is John Harbaugh a special case that it’s such a big deal that he hasn’t got the offer yet in JANUARY?

  4. If it wasn’t for Martindale’s great defense, this team wouldn’t have made the playoff’s. I love the classy way they got rid of Mornhinweg. I miss Modell.

  5. The problem with Harbaugh and Tomlin is, they want to be the big hero. The fake punt against the Saints. Harbaugh passing up on FG’s and not getting the TD. The players need to win the game, not the coaches.

  6. cant stand harbs, cant wait till he leaves, should have been 2 years ago! steve b, can you hear the fans now?

  7. John Harbaugh needs at least three weeks to get the whining out of his system. Ravens’ management is smart to hold off a bit.

  8. He was a regular contributing factor in the Ravens missing the playoffs 3 yrs in a row.

    He still has not learned clock management principles after a decade or more of coaching football. I won’t miss him.

  9. Harbaugh is a great coach who has played by the rules. Can’t say that for some other coaches out there whose initials are BB.

  10. The last true building block is in fact a true HC, for all the fans of Harbaugh think lovie Smith. A players coach team loves him. Ask yourself how is lovie doing @ ill, at least lovie knows defense. Trade him decosta get a grande Chai Latte soy milk extra pump of Chai, you will be happy with the trade

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