Dee Ford: “Just have to see the ball”

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Dee Ford might not have been the hero.

But he at least wouldn’t have been the goat (at least by the old non-caps definition).

But the Chiefs outside linebacker’s neutral zone penalty wiped out what would have been a game-clinching interception for teammate Charvarius Ward, allowing the Patriots to extend the game instead.

I got to see the ball,” Ford said, via Rustin Dodd of The Athletic. “I got to see the ball — especially the time of the game and what was at stake. Just have to see the ball.”

The Chiefs led 28-24 with less than two minutes left in the game forcing the Patriots into a third-down. When Ward picked Tom Brady‘s tipped pass off, it seemed like the Patriots dynasty might have finally come to an end, before the flag came from the other side of the field.

Now, Ford has to wait to see if he will have a chance to redeem himself.

His contract has now expired, though the Chiefs might retain his rights with the franchise tag. He had 13 sacks and seven forced fumbles this season, and was a large part of the reason the Chiefs got to this point.

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  1. Sing it with me, and feel free to give me that arrowhead stadium arm chop. Here we go:
    Waaaaaaaah wah waaaaaaaaaah, waaaaah wah waaaaaaaaaaaah

    Waaaaaaaaah waaah waaaaaaaaaaaah

  2. WTH does that even mean? “I got to see the ball.”

    You absolutely cannot put your knuckles into the turf and be in the neutral zone. That’s a basic rule that all of your coaches have taught you from your first day in pee-wee football.

    You’ve played a great year after cruising in the injury tub your 1st four years in the league.

    Today you cost your team a trip to Atlanta at the most inopportune time, moron.

  3. Ford, Houston, Berry, Houston were all non-factors. Who is the coach that puts them in position to be factors? His name is Bob Sutton, KC’s defensive coordinator, or lack of coordinating, and he cost the Chiefs a super bowl. And he prevented his best players from making plays.

    Either get a real coach, or get defenders who make the league minimum and stack your offense. No sacks, no pressures, and prevent most of the game. It was sickening.

  4. I was thinking about that a couple of weeks ago. When was the last time I watched a line up in the neutral zone penalty. Then it comes in the most crucial time of the game when the play is a pick. Has to be dumbest penalty of the year. All you have to do is look at the ball and where your team is lined up.

  5. The flag came out immediately, I don’t think it’s a stretch to assume Brady (a seasoned vet) knew he basically had a free play and could be a bit more careless with the ball. If the offsides doesn’t happen I don’t believe the interception happens.

  6. Maybe one of the most costly penalties of all time. Certainly the most costly penalty in Chief franchise history and it’s not even close.

  7. It was a mistake, but it did not win or lose the game. The Chiefs got out-schemed, out-coached, and generally out-played for much of the game, and still could easily have won the game after this.

    But they didn’t. They’re good, they’ll be back, but Ford’s mistake was near the end of the line of many others.

  8. It’s going to be a tough thing to live with. Nobody will think of all the other bad plays, missed passes, etc. They will focus on Ford’s horrid mistake because it’s easy to see the penalty. It’s horribly simple. If he pays attention to where he plants his hand the Chiefs are in the Super Bowl for the 1st time in half a century.

    He has possibly changed forever his teams legacy, Reids legacy, and Mahomes legacy.

  9. D Ford was defeated by NE’s OL all day. And still he finds a way to distinguish himself, but instead by making a boneheaded loser play. You must play with your head -FIRST.

    Amazing how lucky NE is. Even when they’re beaten, their opponents give them a win. First Seattle in the SB rom the 1 yard line, calling a boneheaded play. Then Atlanta, by not kicking a FG to go up by 10 points with minimal time on the clock. And now D Ford, giving NE a win by lining up off sides.

    Even when you’re already a good team, there is nothing like gifted wins! In fact, this dynasty began with a gifted win. The gifts continue. Congrats NE.

    Andy Reid’s first half conservative coaching cost KC. If KC gets even a FG in the first half, perhaps that would have been enough to win.

    Go Rams, represent the NFC WEST!

  10. I shared the pain and suffering with Chiefs fans who watched the game in disbelief with a yellow flag against D. Ford (55) for lining up in the neutral zone when the whole world knew Chiefs had a last chance to go to the SB. If you can not help your team, just do not be a liability.
    Yellow flag against you for non-moving-non-contact penalty. What a disgrace!!! You will not get a big renewed contract now.

  11. At least Cody Parky just missed a FG Jeez You Mr.Ford, a defensive lineman who I’m assuming have lined up with your hand in the dirt THOUSANDS of times have ZERO excuses. HOW DO LINE UP OFFSIDES?! I can see a jump now and then but…jeez lining up there and costing your team, coaches and most importantly your fans a Title…. unforgivable.

  12. Dee Ford goes into 3 point stance on exactly 1% of his time in the league and in a crucial point in the game he lines up a good foot over the line. Clearly someone was paid to throw a game.

  13. The Patriots were in their eigth straight AFC title game but people keep saying their dynasty ends if they lose that game…

    The dynasty ends when they don’t make the playoffs, folks

  14. Ford, you cost your team the win. Simple as that. I’ve seen everson griffen do that so many times. Or being offside on a 3rd down stop to cost the team, just hit repeat. Ford has done this before and will again in the future. Even though his own stupidity is personally responsible for the WHOLE TEAM losing. Dang dude. You lost the game on your own.

  15. Free agent, 13 sacks, well I hope my Eagles do not go after him.
    Line up on the right side of the ball you Idiot.
    forget about seeing the ball, the problem is your seeing to much of the ball
    back up your on the wrong side of the football jackass, I really wanted Andy
    to win this one too, sucks

  16. Has to be one of the biggest bone head plays in NFL history. Singlehandedly, cost the chiefs a super bowl bid.

  17. It was obvious the league didn’t want a Saints-Chiefs SB. His hand in the neutral zone gave them their out.

  18. By opening his mouth Ford proved he is a blockhead on and off the field. “I got to see the ball.” Well so did the rest of his line mates, and none of them jumped offsides. Now the educated athlete would have said ‘I’ve got to see the ball.’ I know: it’s a cultural ‘thing’ (which is not knowing how the English language works).

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