Greg Hardy disqualified in UFC fight

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The UFC and ESPN are trying to build up the disgraced former NFL player Greg Hardy as a mixed martial arts fighter, but his debut in the UFC on Saturday night did not go well.

Hardy was disqualified for illegally kneeing his opponent in the head while his opponent was on the ground. It was an obvious blatant foul that made the crowd gasp and the referee immediately stop the fight.

The fight hadn’t been particularly good even before that. The UFC fed Hardy a little-known opponent, Allen Crowder, in the hopes of getting Hardy an easy win. But Crowder held his own with Hardy through the first round before the disqualification in the second.

Hardy claimed afterward that the foul was unintentional.

“I’m not a cheater,” Hardy said. “Ask Tom Brady if I ever cheated all the times I sacked him. Never in my life have I cheated.”

Hardy said he’ll be back in the UFC.

“I’m here to stay. As long as Dana White, ESPN and all of you guys will have me, I’m here to stay. I’m going to fix what I did wrong. And it wasn’t intentional,” Hardy said.

Hardy is now 3-1 as a pro MMA fighter and 0-1 in the UFC.

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  1. Let’s down shift here …You sacked Brady twice in a game that you lost 30-6….Brady has no connection to you whatsoever…if he and the Patriots weren’t playing today his name would never come out of your mouth….

  2. “Ask Tom Brady if I ever cheated all the times I sacked him”

    This is one of the more bizzare and unrelated things I’ve heard in UFC

  3. I’m surprised this was called a foul in the UFC, where competitors who are clearly unable to defend themselves any longer are routinely allowed to be pummeled by their opponent LONG after the point where the fight should be stopped. Greg Hardy will be allowed to compete until he’s not making Dana White any money, then he’ll be tossed aside…just like the NFL.

  4. This reminds me of when former Cowboys 6′ 9″ 270 lb defensive end Ed “Too Tall” Jones quit football to become a professional boxer. In his very first fight against a canvas back named Abraham Yaqui Meneses, Jones was knocked down and the guy hit him while he was on the mat. Jones’ trainer ran into the ring and revived him with ammonia. The ref ruled that since both the fighter and Jones’ corner did something illegal, he would penalize neither side and he let the fight continue. Jones was ultimately given the decision and the crowd booed unmercifully because he clearly had lost the fight. I watched it and it was a farce that Jones won. Jones had 5 more fights against other pugs and knocked all of them out. It was clear that he would never even get a shot at fighting anyone who was any good because he wasn’t any good, so he retired from boxing to come back to the Cowboys and resume his career.
    Hardy will eventually get whipped by someone if he doesn’t quit first, and that will be the end of him.

  5. I watched the fight and as much as I cannot stand this POS I don’t think it was intentional, it seemed to me to just be lack of experience. Problem for this walking bag of feces is that with his history it was not a good look at all. And to be honest Crowder was giving him everything he could handle up to that point. Soon enough just like the NFL..the UFC will be rid of this human trash.

  6. He’s a rookie in mma I remember job jones had a dq vs the hammer early in his career it happens.

  7. If these johnny come lately’s to the fight game like Hardy don’t have a viable fight ender in their repertoire… Then they don’t stand much of a chance against guys who have been fighting the better majority of their lives.

    Hardy is just another dog and pony show in the UFC (see CM Punk and others).

  8. I am the Owner/Head Coach of an MMA Gym (Fight Team LLC) in Tampa, FL (screenname is my website).. we ALMOST had ome of my Pro Heavyweights, Rashaun ‘Action’ Jackson set to fight him in last month in Pensacola at a promotion called ‘Island Fights’, but they didn’t want any part of what we were offering.

    I caught hell from the ‘Island Fights’ promoter (Dean Toole) when I said they were sending Greg Hardy to the UFC ill-prepared because they kept feeding him tomato cans.

    They had no idea whether he had the cardio to make it past the first round because none of his Pro OR Ammy fights had yet to make it that far and, obviously per what transpired lastnight, he wasn’t seasoned enough to know that you can not throw a knee to the head of an opponent that still has a knee on the ground.

    I feel vindicated in my opinion that they sent Greg Hardy into his UFC Debut fight in ill-prepared.

    I find it funny how ESPN was relentless in their stance against him, due to his Domestic Violence charges, when he was in the NFL.. now that he is the Co-Main Event in the first UFC event in the UFC/ESPN+ deal, and essentially is making money for ESPN, they can’t stop sucking his d*ck long enough to play with his balls 🤣

    That was some knucklehead BS that I witnessed tonight.

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