NFL will publicly admit error on key non-call in Rams-Saints

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Though it won’t matter much to the Saints and their fans, the NFL will acknowledge the obvious.

Per a league source, the NFL intends to admit that the non-call at the end of regulation in the Rams-Saints NFC title game was indeed an error.

Presumably, the league won’t say anything about it during the AFC title game, in order to avoid overshadowing in any way the Chiefs-Patriots contest. But a public concession that a foul should have been called when Rams defensive back Nickell Robey-Coleman hit Saints receiver Tommylee Lewis early is indeed coming.

The lingering question remains what the league will do to avoid similar situations in the future. With Saints coach Sean Payton on the Competition Committee, don’t be surprised if he lobbies aggressively for an overhaul of the replay system, up to and including de-centralizing the process and making all decisions from a booth at the site, similar to the college system.

But more than that will be needed to avoid the non-calls as to both pass interference and unnecessary roughness, since neither are subject to replay review under current rules. To fix this one, the NFL will need to break from the lingering concerns about excessive stoppages and commit to finding a way to get calls right and to fix mistakes efficiently and reliably.

It’s a shame that it took a championship-deciding call to get the league’s attention, but it’s not a surprise. The league rarely takes proactive steps to prevent bad outcomes, waiting instead for the bad outcome to happen and then making a commitment to keep that specific bad outcome from happening again.

This time around, the NFL needs to look broadly at what caused today’s bad outcome, and to ensure that clearly bad calls and non-calls always will be fixed.

UPDATE 11:02 p.m. ET: The league has decided against issuing a statement tonight. A statement will come on Monday, at the earliest.

170 responses to “NFL will publicly admit error on key non-call in Rams-Saints

  1. Someone needs to get fired…cough cough goodell cough gag. He is just too stupid to see this stuff coming before he get hit with it. No vision of trouble ahead. Idiot.

  2. WWE what a shame! Mark Cuban was correct when he said a couple years ago that the NFL wil self destruct.
    Not a fan of either team.

  3. There was an obvious PI on the Patriots touchdown the defender had a hold of Dorsett…No flag

    Fortunately for for Patriots fans in this instance it did not matter

  4. Interesting how “missed” calls always seem to go against the teM in smaller markets? Last year Jacksonville robbed in favor of NE. This year NE in favor LA…

  5. They should start by removing Al Riveron. The officiating has been so much worse since he’s been in charge. And his explanations and excuses of poor calls has been a joke.

  6. Never mind the Saints fans – it was an insult to all fans of football.

    It is getting harder and harder to watch the sport with crap like that going on in the most important games of the year.

  7. The problem isn’t a call was missed. It’s because the call was so obvious, so flagrant and it was still missed. The only conclusion is either the NFL rigged the game or refs are in it for their own gain. Either way, both still results in a call/non-call against NO.

  8. The officiating is dire, so dire it’s only natural to think it must be fixed because it can’t be that bad can it? Saints were totally robbed. Just saw another one, Nelson totally mugged Pats’ Dorsett in the end zone but no flags – luckily Dorsett still caught it.

  9. Proactive steps never happen in market economies. Planes must crash before air safety is addressed, levees must break before engineers’ warnings are heeded, and bridges must collapse before maintenance will commence.

    Why should the NFL be any different?

  10. NFL should admit that the officiating the whole year was abysmal, it’s hard watching games when the outcomes are decided by the zebra’s instead of the teams.

    It seems to me that once blatant calls are missed, then the overcorrecting begind..

    The whole year has been totally absurd

  11. Obviously it was one of the worst calls in league history but why does PFT never mention the blatant no call face mask on Goff that would have given the Rams a 1st and goal on the 1 yard line? Certainly the no call on Lewis is worse but come on. Many bad calls were called in the game.

  12. One of the most obvious non-calls ever made in an important NFL Game and it certainly affected the final outcome.

  13. lgw91s says:
    January 20, 2019 at 7:56 pm
    They didn’t call PI on that Dorsett TD. Didn’t matter as it turned out, but a brutal non call as well.


    Not nearly as blatant as the non-call against Robey-Coleman

  14. It is amazing that Payton did not complain when QB Fabre was roughed about 5 times with NO calls. Payton spent the next year suspended and Williams spent about 5 years suspend. Funny how some times it works for you and sometimes it don’t.

  15. In all seriousness, the call should have been made, but to blame the Saints loss on that play is simply an act of whining. Those who whine about this are not being consistent when there were three (or more) calls not made or made against the Rams that need to be discussed.

    And, it took a 57 yard field goal to win this game.

    The Saints did not do their job to put this game away.

    If you want to point fingers, then point to the team that did virtually nothing with the ball when they had it. This game should have been 21-0 in the first quarter. The refs did nothing to make it easier for the Rams. The Saints phoned it in after the first quarter. And you whiners know it.

  16. And once again the league will eventually come around to a Bill Belichick suggestion. All plays should be reviewable. This non-call decided a Super Bowl participant. Wholly unacceptable!

  17. What comes around goes around. It was no big deal when they tried to behead Favre 9 years ago on their way to the title. Who cares.

  18. Bill Vinovich is the biggest turd out there. Him and his crew blew more calls the year than Stormy Daniels blew guys. Guy need fired. Now. Changed the outcome of so many games this year.

  19. Good to see Vikings fans have something to cheer for with their current team instead of whining about a game from 10 years ago where they turned the ball over 5 times.

  20. Simple solution.
    1) NFL admits the call should have been PI or helmet to helmet on the defender.
    2) Put both teams back on the field next Sunday
    3) Saints have the ball after the penalty is enforced with whatever time would have remained in Q4.
    4) Let the game play out from there.

    The viewer ratings would be off the chart and the NFL regains some respect.

  21. Right.
    Have an official booth review for every play.
    Including penalties.

    Then people will whine about how the booth review functions.

    “Why didn’t the booth review, review that play??!!!
    “That’s the worst booth review play ever to affect a playoff game.”
    “This must change NFL.”!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Admitting the officials screwed up means nothing. The officials should be fired!!!!! I started watching the NFL in 1960 and I have never seen horrible officiating as I have seen the last couple of years!!
    I DO NOT believe that full time officials is the answer, either. What I believe the answer is is to take the rule book and throw it in the garbage and start completely over using common sense as the #1 criteria.
    Then, scrap the whole replay system and let the officials go back to calling the game on the field without having to interpret so many vague and stupid rules that they’ve forgotten what the intent of this whole was meant to be!!
    If those officials aren’t fired immediately, it will be yet another black eye for the NFL. Plus, they should be investigated to make sure they didn’t have an interest in which team won this game.
    I am not a Saints or a Rams fan. It’s not the Rams fault that the officials determined the outcome of this game. But — there is no question that the officials did exactly that and the wrong team is going to the Super Bowl.
    You Rams fans can be proud of your team, but don’t let me hear you to try to defend what we all saw, because you will just make it worse than it already is. The only reason your team is heading to the Super Bowl is because of one non-call, which is one of the most horrible officiating gaffs in the history of sports.
    And just so you know — I was rooting for the Rams to get there because I’m not a big Sean Payton fan. But Payton should be commended for restraining himself as well as he did. Because if it were me, I’d have had to be tackled by my assistant coaches or players to be stopped from getting to those officials.
    I hope Payton doesn’t mince words about what happened, and if he gets fined, every football fan should chip in and pay it for him, because all of us are sick of these horrible calls we see on a weekly basis. Remember Rams fans — it could be your team next week that gets hosed!!
    Again — fire those officials now!!!

  23. This might very possibly wind up (esp. with Payton being on the committee) in a change where pass interference calls are reviewable….at least in playoff/championship”SB games.

  24. Those officials should NEVER work another playoff game EVER. Period. That was so clear even Helen Keller would have thrown a flag. That wasn’t even close.

  25. Of course they will. NFL doesn’t care. LA market in SB. Admitting bad call matters not. Game outcome doesn’t change.

  26. That game was rigged like a Russian election!!! And don’t even begin to tell me “they miss calls both ways.” There were two blatant penalties on that play and neither were called. With either call its 1st and goal at the 4…under two minutes and Rams with one timeout. Saints run three plays kick a FG game over.

  27. Good, now reverse the results and KEEP THE RAMS HOME AND LET THE SAINTS PLAY IN ATLANTA. Oh NFL, show us all how Apologetic you truly are

  28. The first thing they can do is take the official responsible for the non-call off the post season list of available refs. Hell, maybe they should just fire him. Remember, he missed two penalties on the same play: defensive pass interference and a helmet-to-helmet hit. You can talk all you want about player safety, but talk is cheap, that’s all It is: cheap. Watch a fine come out of NY next week on Robey-Coleman. TLTL.

    Not a Rams or Saints fan, just speaking the obvious.

  29. There are blown calls in every game, and there always have been. We’ve had the technology to referee these games from the booth, but we haven’t done it. I don’t understand why there hasn’t been a bigger uproar from the fans and the coaches. Maybe now there will be. Maybe the fans will finally loosen their grip on that mentality that thinks the “human element” is a good thing. I’ve always believed there’s a reason why the league wants the outcomes to be determined by someone other than the players and coaches. There sure is a lot of money being wagered, and there are big bucks involved in the TV contracts. I don’t have that answer, but I can see there has always been fight against accurately officiating the games. It doesn’t keep me away, but I feel bad for the Saints.

  30. The Saints got the ball first in O.T. Just score a TD with that tremendous offense and win the game. Blaming that on the refs too?

  31. “This time around, the NFL needs to look broadly at what caused today’s bad outcome, and to ensure that clearly bad calls and non-calls always will be fixed.”

    Fix being the operative word. What caused today’s bad outcome? The league doesn’t think it was bad outcome. Kroenke needs to sell those PSL’s, the league got exactly what it wanted. Follow the real money

  32. Name me another business in another industry that can survive repeated breaches of integrity and incompetence. Ok, besides tech and government. Anyways, stop going, stop watching, stop buying merch, stop supporting incompetence!

  33. That game really turned me off of the NFL. Play the whole season and the refs decide the team that goes to the SB. They got the large market in there which is what they wanted.

  34. bigben0606 says:
    January 20, 2019 at 7:56 pm
    WWE what a shame! Mark Cuban was correct when he said a couple years ago that the NFL wil self destruct.
    Not a fan of either team.
    Yeah, let’s listen to the guy from the league where games actually were fixed, and from the league where their finals don’t get as good ratings as NFL regular season games

  35. The fix was in. Just as KC starts clawing back in the second half, the refs also will step in and make sure that NE goes to the Super Bowl

  36. Did the NFL publicly admit an error on the face mask on the Rams receiver that wasnt called that would have set them up inside the 5? They settled for a game tying FG instead of what would be the game winning TD . Judgment calls are just that, obviously that one was missed, but any of them could be missed.

  37. When games are ultimately being dictated by the refs, the end result will be controversies and conspiracies. The NFL is slowly spiraling into WWE territory, regardless of the teams involved. Refs dictating game outcomes reeks of meddling and intentional incompetence.

  38. I am a Cowboys fan, I did not care which team won, but this is not acceptable. How many times do we hear on PI calls the defender needs to be turned around and playing the ball as the reason that a defender get flagged. How many times do we see missed calls and hear announcers say, “the refs are letting them play”. A rule is a rule, enforce it. How can refs not have this drilled into their heads AND if there is a question, especially in a game like this, let the ref call a review. While not acceptable during the regular season, this play likely decided what team was going to the Super Bowl and that makes the league look pathetic, “hey Saints fans, players, coaches, sorry for that non-call that sent you into the offseason” (we really wanted to shove the new Los Angeles Rams down everyone’s throats). Someone needs to be held accountable in a meaningful way.

  39. Well, the Saints got a huge gift phantom PI call against the Steelers, so what goes around comes around.

  40. heLLpaso says:
    January 20, 2019 at 8:00 pm

    Obviously it was one of the worst calls in league history but why does PFT never mention the blatant no call face mask on Goff that would have given the Rams a 1st and goal on the 1 yard line? Certainly the no call on Lewis is worse but come on. Many bad calls were called in the game.


    In slow motion that facemask was noticeable, but not crazy. In real time not many on TV saw it so it’s understandable that it was missed. The Saints play was obvious to everyone.

  41. Saints have benefited on poor calls in championship games repeated.

    I say its Karma Saints.

    Straight up karma.

  42. Good to see the Vikings spent 120 Mil on a QB and their best results is being excited about the Saints cheated out of the NFC Championship while they sit at home with nothing.

  43. It’s called Karma. Remember 2009 Championship game Payton, and Saints fans? Not only did your pathetic team have a bounty out on opposing players, but you hit Favre both high and low, which is a penalty and it wasn’t called. Soon after, he throws a INT that gave you the game.

    It’s ironic that this game ended basically the same exact way as your tainted SB run did in 2009. At least the Rams played defense without targeting the opposing players, and at least their HC is not a whiny little rat like Sean Payton. Now let’s see if they get a SB Title out of this like the Aint’s did. You can’t admit that you won a NFC Championship game because of horrible officiating, but you can sure whine and cry, and call for the officials head when you lose that way right? Bunch of hypocrites.

  44. Oh Saints fans get over it. Refs missed facemask against Foles and another against Goff. Bottom line the vaunted crowd and Payton coildnt help the offense score a TD in OT when team had ball first. Besides I remember the SB run after Katrina and every call went Saints way that yr it was obvious. Goodell wants McVey n Goff in SB as the new young talent. NFL has strived for parody for decades.

  45. LOL, That’s a no-brainer because everyone enjoys a scapegoat when it is obvious after the fact. Personally, I’m a Vikings fan and should be happy about the Saints loss, but I was hoping they would win because they are the better team.

  46. The NFL just joined the WWE and NBA in predetermined outcomes…why would any sane person bet ANY money on a league where the outcomes are predetermined? Do you know anyone betting on WWE or the NBA? Same with NFL…I am through

  47. The Saints were formed in 66-67. I was in boot camp a couple of months before the season. After boot camp I went with my father, mother and brother to the Saints-Rams game in 67. The one where Gilliam ran the opening kickoff back for a touchdown. 3 months later, I was in Vietnam. I have spent the last 52 years as a die hard Saints fan. I just can’t any longer. What is the point? They have the technology to stop these horrible biased non-calls but will not use it. You’ve lost me NFL. I just don’t have anything left to invest in you.

  48. I’m a saints fan, so I know this is biased but even when my squad loses, I still watch. I won’t lie. This is the first time that I ever just said forget the super bowl. Maybe things change by next year but right now I can’t do the Sunday ticket anymore. They can steal other folk money

  49. MantisToboggan says:
    January 20, 2019 at 8:21 pm
    Good to see the Vikings spent 120 Mil on a QB and their best results is being excited about the Saints cheated out of the NFC Championship while they sit at home with nothing.

    I’m not expecting you to truly understand this, but 28 mil a year over 3 years full guaranteed is 84 mil, not 120 mil. Actually, a far cry from 120 mil. I don’t think I’ll ever see the day that any player makes 40 mil a year guaranteed. When we see that kind of money being spent on one player, the stadiums will be a lot less full because of the ticket prices.

  50. That was the second worst call of the season. The botched call on the fumble recovery on the opening kick-off of the Eagles/Cowboys game was worse.
    That is all

  51. Wait till states take over legal gambling/gaming. They will DEMAND more accountability from the NFL when their patrons start screaming. The LAST THING the NFL wants is for our messed up government to start legislating their sport. But they very well could. This was a HUGE mistake by the officials. Blow it for a team on the road and it call “home cookin”. Blow it on the home team and it’s fire and pitchforks.

  52. Admission rings hollow unless they suspend or fire this entire crew.

    NFL continues to get more pathetic with each passing year.

    They have changed rules so often the refs aren’t sure what they re

  53. That ref has to go.


    Gary Cavaletto, the ref who swallowed his flag on the infamous no-call benefiting the Rams, lives within 2 hours of L.A.. His crewmate Phil McKinnely went to UCLA and played for the L.A. Rams and Atlanta.

  54. Interesting that the under college rules, the Saints would get the penalty – not for PI but for “targeting” the receiver with a helmet-to-helmet hit, for which the replay officials can stop the game and review even if the on-field officials don’t call a foul. It leads to some strange moments – several times I’ve seen players celebrating big plays with no flags on the field, only to have the ref stop the game with the ominous “the previous play is under review”…..since they’re supposedly trying to “protect the kids” with these rules in college ball , don’t know if we’ll ever see something like it in the pros; but pretty sure the Saints would have been glad if it was in place today.

  55. The NFL is rigged… proof is right there. The NFL wants a big fan base in LA, more money

  56. The refs don’t have to be perfect. But when a call this obvious and impactful gets missed, the league should have real-time monitoring of games and potential penalties. Something this egregious should be buzzed from NY to correct the situation.

  57. Hey Arod- a penalty was called on that play, so your point is useless. Plus Tagliabue revoked all player suspensions because there was no bounty. And of course Favre finished the game sprinting out right and throwing.a Favre across his body. Otherwise, you got things right. Good job.

  58. Please that cost them the game because it happened so late in the game. Their were penalties missed all game that if called could have changed the game..Sean Payton is on the end of a bad non call and now people say he is going to push for a change. Well if he does now he should be kicked off of the rules committee fast. Now you want to add a rule because it didn’t work out for you? You were on the other end of bad call and it didn’t seem to matter to you because you benefited from it.


  59. the NFL wants the Rams to win the SB because no one cares about the Rams in LA unless they are winning.Amd the move to LA has to work!

  60. There was PI & helmet-to-helmet contact. Helmet-to helmet is reviewable. Guess the NFL needed a team from the 2nd largest market in the SuperBowl


  62. awl1998 says:
    January 20, 2019 at 8:39 pm
    But saying Aints, , man, is that clever or what.

    Been saying it since 1971.

    You have one SB.

    Big deal

  63. 2 big no calls on PIs this game, that second PI could have been helmet to helmet. Last week, the Saints had to overcome so many ticky tack calls. I think that “117” yard drive from last week had a 50 yard reception that was negated on a hold as well.

    Not sure what the refs had against the Saints, but they got jobbed.

  64. Sure. You admit your guilt. Now watch them make Los Angeles go pummel New England in SB53 for with more bad calls.

    Like anyone can forgive a mistake like this.

  65. Sorry for that call, but its on that ref, not us rams fans.

    We win.

    Eighteen years…

    Go Rams!

  66. stairwayto7 says:
    January 20, 2019 at 8:26 pm

    Remember Joe Haden’s not touching the player and getting called for P.I. vs saints.. KARMA!

    >>>So with your pathetic reasoning any call ever missed could be labeled KARMA, WHAT A FOOL BELIEVES!!!

  67. Simple solution.
    1) NFL admits the call should have been PI or helmet to helmet on the defender.
    2) Put both teams back on the field next Sunday
    3) Saints have the ball after the penalty is enforced with whatever time would have remained in Q4.
    4) Let the game play out from there.

    The viewer ratings would be off the chart and the NFL regains some respect.
    Not a bad idea, but it would be more fair to reset it to the missed Goff facemask call, put 6:49 on the clock, and the give Rams 1st and goal from the 1 yard line down by 3.

  68. It really raises suspicions that an official had money on the game. Does N F L stand for now fixed league?

  69. whysosenestive445 says:
    January 20, 2019 at 7:55 pm
    If the ball was tipped at the line then no flag
    A tipped pass has nothing to do with the helmet-to-helmet/targeting violation

  70. No sympathy for Sean Payton or the Saints. They are one of many teams who have benefitted from bad officiating this season and previous years. The fact it happened at home makes it that much better.

  71. It was a clear cut blow to the head, it doesn’t matter whether it was pass interference or not.

  72. If fan’s can get the replay instantly at home, why can’t they just have a booth official that instantly reviews every play, and calls in the right call to the head official? It does not have to be nearly as difficult as they try to make it. They also missed an egregious pick play in the AFC game, among several others.

    On another note, karma is a B Saints fans. You benefited from horrible calls in 2009, and this year it was your turn to feel the pain of terrible officiating.

  73. Mike Florio -The non-call was so blatant, that it is obvious the wrong team is going to the Super Bowl. But we can’t call it that – again because the NFL let a team – in this case the Rams – make it to the final game when they quite literally don’t deserve it because of poor officiating, which the NFL continues to fail to address. I don’t hate the Rams, nor am I a Saints fan, but I expect the teams that go the final game to have won the games(s) that got them there. The Ram’s didn’t win – the officials/NFL did. I won’t watch this year’s SB because it is fake. Whether I watch future ones depends on the NFL, and what they will do to ensure that ALL plays are reviewable in the playoffs, including calling penalties even if the Refs did not.

  74. It’s not Karma, it’s petty Viking fans being bitter and petty. Not even realizing the corruption of the Billion dollar professional sports industries effects them, and everyone, not just the team that beat you some decade ago.

  75. Maybe the NFL should admit it was wrong to allow the cheating New Orleans Saints to call themselves Superbowl champions in 2009.

  76. And everyone laughed when a ref picked up flag for a blatant PI call against Dallas and gave 0 explanation during the Lions vs Cowboys playoff game a few years. Fixed or incompetent? Whatever it was it reared it’s ugly head again. I lean toward fixed.

  77. Everyone makes mistakes. Who among us is error free? That said the league needs to find a way to insert replay into these type of obvious game changing situations.

  78. Seems like this is the NFL’s way to get pass interference reviewable. Now games will take longer and we will have more commercials, and the NFL can make more money. When does the XFL start again?

  79. Who cares what they do after the fact… Still doesn’t change that The NFL is rigged. About as real as wrastling…
    How convenient LA in their first year back in LA reaches the stupid bowl.

  80. Glad I’ve stopped watching games other than my fav team. Even then, I’m not watching as much. Only saw the last half of the 4th quarter, so don’t know what else the refs might have screwed up, but the Saints got jobbed. Won’t be watching the SB. Didn’t last year either.

  81. It was a terrible call. But if it were bias, the refs wouldn’t have also missed several facemask penalties and (how do you mess this up) delay of game penalties against the Saints.

    Refs weren’t biased, just incompetent.

  82. This time around, the NFL needs to look broadly at what caused today’s bad outcome, and to ensure that clearly bad calls and non-calls always will be fixed.
    I believe the fix was called Karma!

  83. Pass interference everytime!! Not even a hard call! Pretty obvious! Doesn’t get his head around, the ball wasn’t even there yet. Also nfl cheated again for Patriots several bad calls repeatedly against the chiefs. Done watching nfl. It’s a Joke (they will keep the attention on this bad call to take eyes off the several bad calls against chiefs game)

  84. The elephant in the room is GAMBLING! The weak link in the corruption chain is the official. Lowest paid with most influence on the game. They should be highly trained and paid and everything in their lives scrutinized from in game calls to personal finances and anything that could subject them to blackmail. NFL makes too much money to continue with amateurs.

  85. I am personally, beginning to think that the NFL is absolutely rigged!! This season has been atrocious for officiating. We had 2 penalties called on us, that not a soul had ever heard of, and 1 had supposedly never been called in a game. ANYONE watching the Saints’ game, knew immediately what a blatant foul that was, and not called. Sure makes one wonder…..

  86. Brad Pye says:
    Pass interference everytime!! Not even a hard call! Pretty obvious! Doesn’t get his head around, the ball wasn’t even there yet. Also nfl cheated again for Patriots several bad calls repeatedly against the chiefs. Done watching nfl. It’s a Joke (they will keep the attention on this bad call to take eyes off the several bad calls against chiefs game)

    The Saints were absolutely robbed. But dont cry about the Pats/KC game. The refs made bad calls on both sides. It was a great game.

  87. The problem is that referees have the mindset that they don’t want to decide the game, so they don’t throw flags, but obvious mistaken non-calls DO decide games. If something is a penalty in week 7 in the 2nd quarter in Detroit, then it’s a penalty in a Conference Championship Game. Be consistent.

  88. Whatever.
    The league didn’t seem to give a damn when the Saints benefited from gross incompetence of the Refs that robbed the Vikings from a win there in 2009.

    There were several bad calls and not calls in that game.

  89. Not to throw the baby out with the bath-water, but I will boycott the Super Bowl. This was egregious! As a fellow commenter stated above, the refs suffer from “gross incompetence”. I don’t have any “skin in the game”, but bad officiating will ruin any game. The Rams should not be going to the Super Bowl!

  90. If the Saints had won if the roles were reversed, I would not be bragging as a fan. It minimizes the thrill of a real win. All fans including Rams’ fan should be made as hell. Is this how you want to make it to the Super Bowl? Gross incompetency by the refs?

    We got a rope. We got a tree. All we need is a referee.

  91. Guess the NFL is circling the wagons. Radio silence on their part. The topic has been dropped. This Super Bowl will always have an asterisk

  92. When the hatred for the New Oleans Saints stops and they’re given the respect along with being treated like the “red headed adopted child” that they deserve things will be a lot better. The inner politics where “God”ell’s concerned only makes it worse. He could care less about us as a franchise /or how much money is being lost due to his ass kissing by Robert Kraft and others. He’s a damned hypocrite and aristocrat so why think he’s going to change. Let him continue to push other teams, lose more viewers and revenue, etc and he’ll get his come uppence.

  93. East coast and west coast teams are preferred over a deep South and Mid-west teams. Don’t blame Payton for bad calling. Their rushing team was stifled so the Rams were expecting short passes. Those short pass receivers were covered and Brees thought he could connect on a long pass since the receiver seemed open. That is not bad coaching or a bad decision by the QB. It was a gamble but sometimes that is worth trying when the receiver was probably the one most open. Facemask of Goff was not see. 6 refs can’t monitor 22 players at once. Impossible. The long pass had two refs watching it and drew the wrong conclusion.

  94. The NFL has been rigged for years and everybody knows it. It’s all about money. Always has been always will be.

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