Nickell Robey-Coleman: I got beat and was trying to save a TD

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Rams cornerback Nickell Robey-Coleman helped his team get to the Super Bowl on Sunday night when he drilled Saints wide receiver Tommylee Lewis on a third down pass late in the fourth quarter and somehow avoided a penalty for pass interference.

The lack of a flag surprised most people watching the game and the NFL has already said that there should have been a penalty called. Robey-Coleman said after the game, via Robert Klemko of, that he was beaten on the play and “trying to save the touchdown.”

Robey-Coleman had not seen a replay of the play when he spoke to reporters, but watched it on someone’s phone while talking to them.

“Ah, hell yeah, that was PI,” Robey-Coleman said, via Nate Davis of USA Today. “… I did my part. Referee made the call. We respect it.”

The Rams were able to take advantage of their good fortune, tie the game before the end of regulation and then win it after picking off Drew Brees in overtime.

16 responses to “Nickell Robey-Coleman: I got beat and was trying to save a TD

  1. Drew Pearson: ‘Yea, I pushed off. It was the last play of the game’
    After the Diggs TD and now this, I do feel for Saints fan. They didnt put the bounty on Favre.

  2. So he cheated and got away with it. The league should make them play the last two minutes over.

  3. Ref was right there… don’t know why you’re so salty… The Patriots pee in your Cheerios?

  4. thefiesty1 says:
    January 20, 2019 at 9:24 pm
    So he cheated and got away with it. The league should make them play the last two minutes over.


    Committing a penalty is not cheating. DBs are coached to take the penalty rather than give up a TD. The kid did his job correctly, the officials did not.

  5. The Saints are going to be whining about this for months.

    The two face mask penalties on the Saints that weren’t called, and the two Delay-of-Game penalties on Brees that weren’t called…not so much.
    That second non-called delay penalty was so ridiculously obvious Suh stood up on the line and pointed at the game clock before the snap and they still didn’t call it !

  6. Geez, Vike fans, you’d think you’d still be upset at your team for turning it over 5 times, and recovering 3 other fumbles by Peterson. So strange. BTW the Rams got away with 2 other head shots, incl one that knocked out the tight end.

  7. 1952vikefan what a pathetic scumbag you are. What happened in your loss umpteen years ago was not all over the Internet with people in complete disbelief including the player himself saying he committed the penalties and league office admitting they made a mistake. What happened last year? You were given that game in the end without any in-game controversies and you couldn’t do anything to seal the deal the next week.

  8. Should have could have but didn’t SKOL BACK AT YOU FOR 09 CHEATERS HA AND HA AND HA!!!


    we might have lost this game but we still have 2009.

    You don’t have anything.

  9. “And Brees throws a pick in OT”


    I’m no Saints fan, but that should have been defensive holding. I think you’re the one making excuses.

    As for Robey-Coleman, at least he’s being honest. He knows what we all do. And he did the smart thing. The official, however, did not.

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