Nickell Robey-Coleman: “Oh, hell yeah. That was P.I.”

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Just because everyone knows it was a bad call doesn’t mean the Rams aren’t still going to the Super Bowl.

So now that the tickets are punched, it’s OK for Rams cornerback Nickell Robey-Coleman to admit what everyone will be talking about this week.

Oh, hell yeah,” Robey-Coleman said, via Adam Kilgore of the Washington Post. “That was P.I.”

Robey-Coleman drilled Saints wideout Tommylee Lewis in the head (he didn’t call himself for helmet-to-helmet on a defenseless receiver, but he could have), and a penalty would have allowed the Saints to burn the clock and kick a game-winning field goal.

Instead, the Rams had enough time to even things up and eventually win it in overtime.

Robey-Coleman laughed when reporters in the locker room showed him the video, and said he was supposed to be covering running back Alvin Kamara on the play. But upon the snap, he passed Kamara off to a safety, and made the game-deciding play.

“I just know I got there before the ball got there,” Robey-Coleman said. “And I whacked his ass. . . .

“I thought it was going to be a bang-bang play. But when I got up, I thought it was P.I., because I didn’t look back for the ball. My teammates were like, ‘Think about if you were to look back, that could have been a pick-six.’ Because he threw it kind of short. But that didn’t happen. I seen his hands go up, and I just hit him, bro. I just hit him.”

And because the league didn’t correct the obvious error, he has another two weeks to enjoy it.

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  1. Weren’t they already in position to burn clock and kick a game winning field goal but they decided to pass it on first down? 13 yard line, 1:58 left and the rams have 2 timeouts? It would have left the Rams around 40 seconds and no timeouts. Bad play calling, bad officiating

  2. Once again, the Saints had plenty of chances after that. Crappy call but it’s not like the game ended right there. Plenty of game after that play.

  3. “I seen his hands go up, and I just hit him, bro. I just hit him.”

    Nobody likes you, new orleans. Bye.

  4. At least we can expect to hear this for the next 2 weeks – that might help drown out Max Kellerman refusing to admit he was completely wrong about Brady every week for an entire season.

  5. Obviously the Saints had multiple opportunities to win the game despite Robey-Coleman’s foul, but can you imagine what the refs were thinking when the play was being re-played on the big screen? It was one of the worst non-calls of the season: during a Championship game, late in the game, so obvious, so violent of a hit… the NFL should consider firing Referee Vinovich.

  6. For God’s sake PFT, it was one call and it’s all you’re covering. Saints could have done what Brady just did after winning the coin toss in overtime, drive down the field and win. They failed. End of story.

    This better not be a two week long “Saints deserve to be there” narrative. They don’t.

  7. Why should it matter if it’s a playoff game or not? There have been bad calls all year long, some of which were season changing games for teams. So, long and short, there are crap calls in every game. EVERY team has seen there fair share of bad officiating.

  8. (kamthechancellor says:
    January 20, 2019 at 11:35 pm
    Hopefully the Patriots win and the Rams don’t win a tainted title.)

    Lol, yes because the Patriots have never done that lmao. There were bad calls all around, like the roughing the passer call on Brady getting hit on the shoulder. Terrible call but the when Mahomes got hit in the neck,no call.

    Blame it on all the stupid rules they have.

  9. The roughing the passer call on 3rd and 10 incomplete Brady pass late in the 4th quarter was just as bad of a call.
    The bad officiating has to go. Just not worth seeing teams get beat by blatantly bad offical calls.

  10. I don’t cry one tear for the Saints. After what they did to Favre and the Vikings to cheat their way to a Super Bowl victory, they deserve this. Not to mention the Phantom PI call they got in OT against Ben Leber that kept their game winning drive alive.

  11. So, is the NFL going to go thru the entire game tape to figure out the calls that were wrong or missed and then figure out if any mistakes affected the outcome of the game? The NFL is the same organization that could not even figure out if game balls were deflated or just affected by the cold temps of a game.

    Maybe – and this is just a crazy idea, but stick with me – the NFL could make a serious effort to train real officials. Admittedly it’s crazy, but it just might work.

  12. It took decades for Drew Person to admit he pushed of in the NFC Championship game.
    It took a long Bounty Gate investigation to get to the truth of that NFC Championship game.
    Nice to see that this guy admitted it right away.

  13. Over the last 50 years, I’ve seen many missed calls and bad flags. One of the more egregious was in Super Bowl X, Steelers and Cowboys, when receiver Lynn Swan literally climbed up the back of cornerback Benny Barnes like he was a ladder, failed to make the catch, and the ref threw the flag for personal interference on Barnes. That did not cost Dallas the game–there were other plays to be made–but it goes without saying that a missed call or a bad flag can profoundly change the outcome of a game, especially in the final minutes.

    Unlike the flag on Barnes, which really should have been a flag on Swan for offensive pass interference, at least the ref made a call. It was the wrong call, but that’s up to interpretation or instant replay. In this case, no ref threw a flag or made a call on what was blatant pass interference. Robey-Coleman wasn’t even trying to play the ball, just blow up the receiver. And he got away with it.

    The question is not whether one missed call affected the outcome of the game (it did), the question is why the referees were not refereeing the game in the final minutes. Pass interference that blatant and obvious, yet not one flag is thrown. Why?

    It comes down to Dallas and New Orleans. The NFL has never wanted a winning team in either city. In order to win, the Cowboys and the Saints have to overcome all odds, ever mindful that refs are part of the game.

  14. It changed the momentum of the game. Gut punched the Saints. Cost them the game and demoralized them. A team shouldn’t have to beat another team and the refs.

    Imagine finding out the game is rigged (or at least it feels that way) going into the last 1:40 as the refs steal the game from you.

  15. IMO it’s karma for the official tainted Saint NFC Championship win against the Vikings years ago. The Refs giveth and the refs taketh away full circle.

  16. The refs are a joke. There’s “holding” on near every play. And, sometimes it’s called on near every play….. on one team.

    That PI call was so obvious the refs should be fired. It changes sports history, or makes it, when it shouldn’t.

    And talk about a helmet to helmet hit, how about the one that knocked a played out of the game, and yet NO CALL went with it!

    Well, the Rams are going to get karma in the Superbowl. Because at the end, the refs are most N.E. friendly.

  17. If the official who failed to make that call isn’t fired today, there is something seriously wrong with the NFL.

  18. If that were a regular season game , the field would have been littered with yellow flags. So, with the magnitude of such a big game, the refs were chicken to make a game changing call

  19. Bad call for sure……

    But were are the articles about the play calling? For real, the play calls at the end were atrocious and there should be no free pass.

    Coaches panicked,do not usually see that from NO.

  20. I legitimately feel bad for Saints fans. I can’t believe there are people who are defending what happened and actually think the Rams deserve to be in the Super Bowl. Sad.

  21. The rams are absolutely full of players who talk like this. Admitting you play dirty football and being proud of it? Who else is like that? Suh, Peters, talib just to name the obvious ones. Here’s hoping Brady takes em to the cleaners. A team that’s moving to a new city is trying to buy a super bowl and I for one hope it blows up on the biggest stage there is!

  22. This is still New Orleans puniahment for that ish in the 2009 NFCCG (numerous missed roughing and facemask penalties and a few phantom calls in their favor). They went through purgatory by having numerous 7-9 seasons. Last year was the Minneapolis Miracle. This year was the No Call in NOLA. Repent your sins and all shall be forgiven Saints fans. You’re team sold their souls for a 2009 Super Bowl and now you’re paying the price

  23. They blew a 13 point lead at home.
    The game did not end for them on that play
    They could not defend a late lead
    Their O-line did not get called for holding all day
    They got the ball first in OT

    Why am I not feeling sorry on one PI call missed?…

  24. The integrity of the game comes into question when something this blatant happens. And the silly Headphones Dog and Pony Show was helpless to prevent it. And no amount of “one play didn’t decide the game enabling changes the fact this this looks like what it likely is, which is a money call,or non-call,as it were.. Two years straight for the Saints.

  25. Bad play calling, Saints should of ran the ball on 1st down on the final drive and milked the clock instead they throw for an incompletion when they could be in the SB.

  26. Roby-Colman needs to keep his big mouth shut and just keep playing mediocre football. The non call was just another moment of incompetency by the NFL officials. They’ve been doing this for so long it’s now starting to look suspicious. Don’t look for the $40 million commissioner do anything about it. He’s still a bagman for the owners and the network.

  27. I thought Payton was a better coach than he showed yesterday.I just knew he would run the ball and kill the clock.The PI call didnt cost them the game,bad play calling and clock management did.

  28. Karma Saints fan, you talked to much smack the last 2 weeks, got what you deserve. This game was not lost on one play, most games are not decided by one play.

  29. That call cost the Saints the game, it was shocking.
    Never mind just wait for Suh in the Super Bowl, Tom might need to mind his back.
    He has suddenly shown up in the last 2 games.

  30. BlackhawksBob says:
    January 21, 2019 at 5:51 am
    IMO it’s karma for the official tainted Saint NFC Championship win against the Vikings years ago. The Refs giveth and the refs taketh away full circle.
    It wouldn’t have made any difference. Vikings would have lost the SB anyway. It’s their tradition.

  31. awl1998 says:
    January 21, 2019 at 10:04 am
    The Rams had 2 timeouts. Best he could have done was get it down to a minute. Details matter.
    It was at 1:41 and the Rams had 1 timeout remaining. Saints could have kicked the field goal with approx. 15 seconds on the clock when accounting for how long it takes to run plays. 4-5 seconds for the kick and the Rams get the ball back with about 10 seconds.

    You are correct details matter, and in this case all of your details are incorrect.

  32. Guess who’s gonna win the Superbowl? Patriots fans, no one will sympathize with you when Rider Goodell orders another helping of LA Refs to pump up those numbers. Brace yourselves.

  33. kamthechancellor says:
    January 20, 2019 at 11:35 pm
    Hopefully the Patriots win and the Rams don’t win a tainted title.
    If ever there was a comment that was just dripping with irony this is the one to end all. SMH….

  34. Bad clock management the Saint threw 2 passes and ran once. 3 runs they leave the Rams with less than a minute and all they have to do is keep them in bounds for 4 plays they win.

  35. Constant conspiracy theories aside, why not just make pass interference (or penalties in general) subject to review, and from an official who has all the camera angles that we all have as fans, not the silly parading the on-field official over to the screen?

    If it matters this much to get it right, just go do the obvious thing to get it right. I think it can be done in a way that doesn’t slow down the game. I think that fear is why they haven’t done it yet.

  36. Suspend him from the SB for obviously causing a foul knowing the refs had the Rams covered. Fire that officiating crew. Never work another NFL game.

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