Alex Smith takes in Wizards game with large apparatus on injured leg

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Updates on Washington quarterback Alex Smith‘s condition have been scarce since he had surgery on his injured leg in November and part of that has been Smith’s low public profile since getting out of the hospital.

Smith reportedly suffered compound and spiral fractures in his leg and dealt with a post-surgical infection that added further complications to an already serious injury. There have been scattered reports about the team’s hope that he’ll be able to play during the 2019 season, but the team and Smith asked for privacy as he began his recovery.

Nothing has changed on the privacy front, but Smith was out and about on Monday. Smith was spotted in a box watching the Wizards take on the Pistons in a Martin Luther King, Jr. Day matinee.

Smith had his leg heavily bandaged and a large apparatus was attached to the outside of leg. The apparatus may be a Taylor Spatial Frame, which is often used to promote healing in badly broken bones, and Smith had a pair of crutches behind him.

None of that tells us anything about Smith’s status, of course, but it’s good to see that he’s feeling well enough to take in a win that lifted the Wizards to 20-26 on the season.

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  1. I’m not a doctor, but 60 + days after the injury, you’re still wearing an external stabilizer? I wish him well, he is a great man by all accounts, but I’m guessing he’s never playing again.

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