Michael Thomas headed to Pro Bowl in place of Cory Littleton

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The Rams are going to the Super Bowl and that means none of the team’s four Pro Bowl selections will be headed to Orlando for this week’s game.

One of the players pulling out is linebacker Cory Littleton, who was selected to the game in recognition of the special teams work that also made him a second-team All-Pro in 2018.

The Giants announced that their safety Michael Thomas will be taking Littleton’s place on the NFC roster. It’s the first Pro Bowl for Thomas, who had nine special teams tackles and a forced fumble this year.

His addition means that the NFC roster will have two players named Michael Thomas unless the Saints receiver pulls out of the game this week.

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  1. As a Canadian let me clarify the comment that review on PI calls was successfully implemented in the CFL. It was NOT successful. With 3 challenges teams were designing plays specifically to have a chance to cause PI that had zero bearing on the play and have it reviewed. The problem was that the interpretation of the rules was not uniform, therefore creating a terrible process. The Commissioner made an in-season change to the number challenges available (reducing it to 1 per game from 3). So for all the people that believe it should be reviewable, get ready for another level of frustration and massive delays if this in fact gets changed to a review process. The main issue is as stated in other articles that i completely agree with, is that there should be a video ref that coordinates with the on field crew. So to say PI should be subject to review is a loaded gun that will cause a whole new set of issues when the main issue is simply better officiating and a better process to get calls correct

  2. Three football teams in the Empire State and they all SUCK with no realistic hope for significant improvement in the near future.

    As a giants fan, the giants could improve very rapidly if we had better qb play and probably some dline help. Unfortunately, I don’t think even with the giants picking sixth this year, a qb will be available. Build a formidable dline and some more help on the oline with the 2nd round pick would be welcomed also. Maybe make it a little easier for SB to run wild.

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