Early-window ratings down, late-window ratings up for Championship Sunday

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Sunday’s games made history. The TV ratings, somewhat surprisingly, did not.

According to Austin Karp of SportsBusiness Daily, the Rams-Saints NFC title game garnered an overnight rating of 27.1 on FOX. That’s the lowest number for the 3:00 p.m. ET window on Championship Sunday since 2013, when 49ers-Falcons racked up a 26.1.

FOX is wisely comparing the ratings not to the 3:00 p.m. ET window, but to last year’s Vikings-Eagles game in the evening window. Under that metric, FOX had a 10-percent increase over last year’s prime-time blowout.

The news was much better for the later window. According to multiple reports, the Patriots-Chiefs contest on CBS drew a 31.2 overnight rating. That’s the highest overnight rating for Super Bowl play-in game since early 2012, when the Giants and 49ers on FOX generated a 33.4 overnight rating.

Both games went to overtime, the first time ever that two NFL postseason games played on the same day weren’t settled at the end of regulation.

33 responses to “Early-window ratings down, late-window ratings up for Championship Sunday

  1. Games that started so one-sided ending the way they did, in OT, was great FB. My fav team wasn’t playing so I was just a FB fan wanting to see good games. Ironic……2 future HOF QB’s both win the OT coin toss, take the ball and well, we know how that ends. Clearly we can see they are HOF’s for very different reasons. One wins AFC/NFL titles, the other wins Fantasy FB titles.

  2. playoff games should have one extra challenge per half for penalty only where a coach can challenge a non call or a call for a penalty saints should be playing the pats not the rams

  3. There are probably quite a few people(like myself) that couldn’t get Fox on their home tv because of a dispute between Fox and Directv. I had to stream it on my computer which was terrible to watch. Missed more than 10 minutes of game and one of Rams touchdowns. If they don’t work things out pretty soon I’ll be done and I actually like fox pregame. Can’t stand Aikman and Buck as announcers

  4. Sounds like a lot of people got to see the culmination of Belichick’s 6 week chess match using Gronk — keeping him in to block until the “experts” decide he’s done and will retire — and then destroying the Chiefs with him. Hilarious.

  5. BB has singlehandedly destroyed the NFL. LMAO

    Everyone tuned in to see the Pats lose, but all these people are calling in sick to work unable to handle it.


  6. Thanks to all the people in the country (outside of New England) who watched and prayed for the Patriots to lose. That is probably the reason for the higher ratings. I’m just going to keep on enjoying Brady, Belichick and the team while I can.

  7. Everyone was watching, hoping that the Pats would lose and that would be the end of the dynasty. But they won, lol. But even if they had lost wouldn’t mean the end, the Pats have lost AFCCG before and come back the following season to win the SB. Five of their rookies this year ended up on IR, one who had lots of playing time earlier this year, Ja’Whaun Bentley, and did really well. The other is as close to being a can’t miss O lineman, Isaiah Wynn. The Pats will likely be competing for another AFCC and SB next year. Sorry haters.

  8. I would like to congratulate the refs, who haven’t won the NFC Championship since the 2011 season in San Francisco. They really made their mark on this season. No one will forget the look on their faces when they made the deciding play in the game. Oddly enough, they were not available to the media afterwards, being that this was their moment. Instead, some of the Rams players and coaches had to address the media, which made for an awkward situation. Anyways, the NFL history books are becoming so decorated with asterisks, Goodell and his marketing team ought to be so proud.

  9. I think SB ratings will be down. At least for me, I was deflated by that call against Saints, and Patriots fatigue for sure. I’m not a fan, but admire all these teams. I just can’t get excited about the matchup we got for some reason. Any other of the outcomes seemed more compelling. I watched that whole Rams/Saints game and after that call, feel like I wasted my time.

  10. It’s the Rams fault…nobody in the second largest media market cares. Hence, the week before, when half the Coliseum was filled with Cowboys fans

  11. Nobody cares about the Rams, and the Saints have a devoted but very small fan base.

    The Pats are the the biggest name in the NFL, and the Chiefs are the most exciting young team around.

    The Rams are such a boring team. I think the Pats will dismantle them, but if the Rams win it will be tiresome – “oh, the team no one cares about who spent a mint on an unsustainable roster won; it’s Golden State all over again”.

  12. Brady vs Mahomes was the draw the best young qb in the league vs the old veteran who everyone thinks is washed up. People tuned in to see the Pats fail but were disappointed.

  13. No body wants to watch the Rams??? That’s weird. How can they fix this? Oh oh I know!!!

    Good luck in two weeks Patriots. The writing on the wall

  14. I’m surprised that everyone didn’t blow up their tv after that horrible no call. No reason to watch when the outcome was already decided. Blame that on the small market in NO.

  15. Everyone was tuning in to see at what point Andy Reid would lose all three of his timeouts with terrible clock management. Funny enough, he subverted everyone’s expectations and didn’t use any of them in OT when he should have.

  16. The NFL knows its draws. Everyone hates the Patriots, so everyone watches the Patriots. No one cares about the other teams, so nobody watches them. Simple as that.

    The Rams and Saints are not draws. Nobody cares about the Chiefs. Their ratings outside of a few games this season are abysmal. The NFL is the Patriots. The ratings are now declining besides the Patriots because there is basically no reason to cheer or root against anyone else. Mahomes is not the future. He’s thew new Philip Rivers. He’ll never win a SB. Ever.

  17. @Patsfan1820 Best young QB in the league? If that is the best the NFL has to offer (a tall system QB), then no wonder no one cares about the NFL if the Patriots (or Cowboys) are not involved.

  18. CBS got what they wanted: the 2 biggest markets in the country, Southwest and Northeast coastal USA.
    Millions and Millions more mownay than Heartland and Gulf Coast USA.
    I call conspiracy.
    But I’ll watch anyway.

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