NFL announces 2019 London and Mexico City games

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The Chiefs will be giving Mexico City another shot in 2019.

They were supposed to play the Rams at Estadio Azteca in 2018, but the game was moved to Los Angeles when the league decided to move the game due to the poor condition of the field in Mexico City. The league said they planned to return in 2019 and announced on Monday that the Chiefs and Chargers will play one of their two 2019 games on the other side of the border.

Four other games will take place in London and the league announced those matchups as well. The Panthers will face the Buccaneers, the Bears will face the Raiders, the Bengals will face the Rams and the Texans will tangle with the Jaguars. Dates, times and, in the case of the London game, sites have not been announced.

Two U.K. games are expected to be played at Wembley Stadium and the other two are slated for Tottenham Hotspur’s new stadium. Tottenham was supposed to host a game in 2018, but it was moved to Wembley because the new building wasn’t ready.

The Bucs, Rams, Jaguars and Raiders will be designated as home teams in the London games while the Chargers will be the “home” team in Mexico City.

24 responses to “NFL announces 2019 London and Mexico City games

  1. Mexico City fans got screwed when the NFL moved a marquee matchup last minute back to the States. “Field Conditions” was just an excuse. The Chiefs resodded their field days before the AFC Championship game. No way the grass took root, especially in frigid conditions. Yet nobody is talking about the field today. The Raiders play on a baseball infield, no league concern regarding field condition there the past 20 years.

  2. Be nice if teams had the option to opt out from doing an international. Fans of small market teams shouldn’t be punished by losing a home game just because the NFL wants to make a little more money.

  3. Here’s an idea – hire local soccer officials to call the game. They’d HAVE to do a better job than those ham & eggers who called the 2 playoff games last night. How on earth does Clete Blakeman draw a conference championship assignment, with all his past high-profile gaffes and general incompetenece??

  4. So a game that could very well impact who wins the AFC West gets shipped to Mexico? I know the Chargers don’t exactly have the greatest home field advantage, but an important game like that should be played in their home stadium.

  5. Like almost every year, the Rams play 7 home games and 9 road games… and they have to fly 5400 miles EACH WAY just to get to their “home” game in London.

  6. ONLY the NFL would “REWARD” a place that had an unplayable field and they had to move the game at the last minute?

    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> BRILLIANT!!!<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    Is it really any wonder with all the incompetent people that are running the NFL that we see the NUMBER OF HORRIBLE CALLS or NON CALLS THAT WE DO EVERY SINGLE WEEK?

  7. The NFL sells economic stimulation to get taxpayers to pay for their stadiums and then they turn around and ship one of only 8 home games to another nation. They should be more concerned with local small business than some pipe dream of an international league.

  8. HA, now we all know the Raiders are playing in Oakland next year. They wanted to avoid the embarrassment of Mack playing in Oakland again so they scheduled it for London.

    The Raiders and Jags playing in London….now there’s a shock.

  9. Raiders, Rams and Chargers. 3 teams that just moved or are in process of moving. Jaguars are owned by a guy that wants them in London (i.e. – moving). That makes 4 of 5 that are nomads and cant draw a fan base – b4 you let teams move and figure out the grass is not Greener $$ on the other side, force the nomads to offer teams for sale to local ownership

  10. Raiders vs Bears that’s pretty cool.Year number 6 with Derek Carr this isn’t good. With Mahomes in Kansas City I’ll never see another Raider division championship in my lifetime. Jon Gruden returned at the wrong time.

  11. Stop this nonsense! It’s the NFL not the International FL. Are they giving tickets to the illegal caravan traveling through Mexico that week? Ridiculous scheduling games out of the country.

  12. Wow, I can’t believe the NFL asks teams to move a divisional match up to a neutral site. Just unbelievable. Further proof that the fans in the stands mean almost nothing to the NFL.

  13. Am I the only person that thinks this should count as an away game for every team rather than have a team lose an actual home game and have the actual fans lose football in their city for an extra weekend….?

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