Report: NFC title game officials changed hotels after harassment


Walt Coleman will retire without having ever worked a Raiders game since being the referee in the “Tuck Rule” game 17 years ago. The officials who worked Sunday’s NFC Championship Game likely will not want to work a Saints game for a long, long time, if ever again.

The officiating crew from the NFC title game faced harassment at their hotel Sunday night after the game, forcing them to change hotels, John Kryk of the Toronto Sun reports.

The officials were escorted, with heavy security, from their downtown hotel to a suburban hotel, according to Kryk.

One official received multiple harassing phone calls before a local law enforcement officer took the phone and ordered the caller to cease and desist. Via Kryk, security remained at the hotel all night to assure the officials’ safety.

An NFL spokesman confirmed to Kryk that officials did change hotels but said the switch was made “out of an abundance of caution” rather than for any threat.

41 responses to “Report: NFC title game officials changed hotels after harassment

  1. The NFL has a huge problem with officiating it doesn’t seem very interested in fixing. Just one more thing that will cause the league to further lose the faith of NFL fans everywhere.

  2. How does the NFL allow three refs from the Los Angles area officiate this game ? Not to mention one of the refs being an ex-NFL player? And get this, he played for the Ram. WTF

  3. Death threats are pathetic and have no place in sports. The mistake by the ref in question though is unacceptable and he should never ref another game. I doubt I would be able to keep my job if a mistake I made cost a group of people millions of dollars and potentially robbed many of a life long goal, nor would I want to keep it. Man up and step down.

  4. People take sports way too seriously, wish they could channel that energy into something positive. Its like their fabric of their being is tied to sports. Enjoy it for what it is entertainment that is all.

  5. Do you blame the fans ? They totally gave that game away…not a Saints fan but, I would be really pissed !

  6. Unacceptable. In the end it’s just a game, and if it is so important to you that you need to threaten others please re-evaluate your sad life. Or better yet, get one.

  7. I really don’t want to hear any whining from Payton about refs, since I didn’t hear him complain after they robbed the Steelers of a win in New Orleans this year. The phantom pass interference penalty against Haden in the end zone was the worst call of the year. Followed by the bogus P.I. late in the game against Haden when the Steelers had stopped Brees on fourth down that should have clinched the game for Pittsburgh.

    Live by the bad call, die by the bad call.

  8. And look what all the Tuck Rule cost: 17 years of the Patriots winning.

    Still haunting NFL fans.

  9. I guess there are some sinners among Saints fans. I don’t care how angry you may be, leave those men alone. I hope they trace the calls back and arrest those idiots.

  10. I hope they never call another game, but mission accomplished. The NFL wanted the LA market and that’s that. Nobody misses that call(S) at that crucial point in the game. Never going to buy it was accidental.

  11. “Walt Coleman will retire without having ever worked a Raiders game since being the referee in the “Tuck Rule” game 17 years ago.”

    Never has it been so clear that an official was told to change a call from upstairs. Even worse, he was told to change a rule no one even knew about.

  12. Joetoronto, first off it wasn’t Walt Coleman that made that call. It was the replay officials in NY that changed it from a fumble to an incomplete pass. And why did they do that, cause that was the right call according to the NFL rule book. And if you really think that that rule had never been used prior to that playoff game or since then you’re a pretty stupid person. That call was made at least 4 times during that 2001 season alone, including one time where it actually went AGAINST the Patriots. So if you’re still so upset about that call why aren’t you still upset about the time it went against the Pats. I mean really if that rule bothers you that much shouldn’t you be upset every time it was called or does it really only bother you because a team you don’t like benefited from it. You’re a textbook definition of a hypocrite

  13. Between this, and all the whistles blowing during the game from the stands, it’s nice to see Saints fans show their true colors…and get what they deserve.

  14. If I were an official in that game, I would have demanded the NFL fly me out of that dump of a City. Immediately.

  15. I’m sure whatever money they got for looking the other way on that game-changing call makes up for any inconvenience.

  16. Um, not calling an obvious and vicious PI hit right in front of your face is pretty different from correctly applying an existing rule. That’s why even the haterati call it the “Tuck Rule” game instead of the “Tuck Call” game. You may hate the rule, but it was an existing one right there on the books and it was correctly used in the one situation it — by definition — applied to. That the Patriots spent the next 20 years dominating the league while the Raiders blew a SB to the Bucs — the BUCS — and then disappeared forever proves it was the right call.

  17. I’m surprised they were allowed to stay over night in the state of Louisiana. The league should have fired them at the end of the game. They are on their own after that screw up.

  18. looking right at it and didn’t see a thing
    that sideline ref needs to be fired
    that was a foul, no judgement call required
    but time will move on and people will forget

  19. “Walt Coleman will retire without having ever worked a Raiders game since being the referee in the “Tuck Rule” game 17 years ago.”

    NOT TRUE … Walt Coleman worked the Raiders/Browns game this year and they completely blew two game-changing calls in the Raiders favor. Look it up.

  20. Some of you need to go back and relearn reading comprehension. There was no violence, no death threats. The quote from the Toronto Sun story: “no threat to their safety and no issues involved”.

  21. how many years did it take the nfl to have ben drieth do a patriots game after he robbed the patriots v. raiders in 1976 it wasn’t until 1991- and they changed his number when he came to foxboro!!

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