Will Rams-Saints debacle bring down Al Riveron?

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The missed call at the end of regulation in the Rams-Saints game should spark real and meaningful changes to the manner in which NFL games are officiated. The league may opt for changes far more superficial.

Peter King of Football Morning in America wonders aloud whether the blunder will bring down senior V.P. of officiating Al Riveron.

“As soon as this call got made, I heard from a couple of acquaintances/sources about the impact of it,” King writes. “‘Al Riveron is gone,’ one said. ‘He can’t survive this.’ Another said the league will have to pay big to bring back Dean Blandino or Mike Pereira (less likely). I think Riveron was on thin ice before Sunday. What the NFL should do, if it decides to dump Riveron, is pay realistic money to get Blandino back from his cushy gig at FOX. He’s a trusted and trustworthy guy.”

Blandino has publicly mused about returning to the league office; in late 2017, Blandino half-jokingly acknowledged that he’d potentially be willing to return.

Depends on what the numbers are, what the finances look like,” Blandino said during a visit to the #PFTPM podcast.

Blandino admitted in that same interview that his departure for FOX resulted from the numbers, or lack thereof, that applied to his position.

“I think that there was a sense of, around the league office and some of the people in leadership positions, they didn’t value that position the way it should have been valued, and how important it is,” Blandino said at the time. “During the season, other than the Commissioner, the head of officiating is probably the most public-facing person in the office. And those decisions that are made, I mean, these affect the outcome of games, and that’s your product on the field.”

Of course, Sunday’s humiliation for 345 Park Avenue didn’t fall within the range of plays that Riveron or Blandino could have fixed, technically. But the real-time pipeline is there, and from time to time there’s a distinct know-it-when-you-see-it delayed reaction decision at a game site that feels palpably like the execution of a mandate from on high.

Riveron could have (should have) used the ability to speak directly to referee Bill Vinovich to tell him to drop a flag. Yes, it would have come late. Yes, it would have sparked speculation that the rules of the high-speed fiber line had been violated. Yes, it would have indeed violated the rules. No, nobody would have really cared — including the Rams and their fans.

It was a foul, plain and simple. It should have been caught when it happened and, failing that, it should have been caught in the de facto safety net provided by the league office, contours of said net be damned.

While the league needs to do much heavy lifting to improve its officiating function, paying Blandino whatever it takes to put him back at the wheel of the bus will be the best way to ensure that, no matter what changes regarding the nuts and bolts of officiating, someone with a keen sense for what needs to happen and when it needs to happen will be there to provide the last line of defense against all hell breaking loose.

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  1. Drew Brees threw a jump ball that got picked in OT….150 plays in a game…bad call, didn’t cost the Saints the game.

  2. This is supposed tp be a ref that graded out the best at his position

    Look into back ground for money bet.. High school ref has that call

    Where was everyone looking that is where the ball went

  3. This is exactly why Bill Belichick has been lobbying to challenge anything with your two challenge flags, the fact that the NFL limits what you can challenge is stupid . Keep two challenges but open it up, DPI, etc….

  4. Blandino was terrible. Terrible with a capital “T”. The obvious answer is out there and has been for years, allow coaches to challenge any call/non call.

    Or have an on-site replay official who can review any call/non call. There seem to be enough retired head refs out there……..

  5. I thought Riverton was a LOUSY referee, and could not believe he got the job as head of officiating.

  6. NFL solution will be to take the official who missed the call and promote him to one of the vacant referee positions

  7. This isn’t a missed call. This is a case of a call deliberately being ignored for reasons yet unknown.

  8. Why the push for Blandino? I seem to remember several screwups when he was in there. How about making sure that the refs on the field know what the hell they are doing and are actually held accountable for their mistakes? This might be a first step towards improving the debacle that is NFL officiating.

  9. Make pass interference calls reviewable. If the coach can challenge a blatant miss then it’s overturned. If you.only get 2 challenges per game (three if you get one of the first 2 right) then you should be able to use it on game changing calls or non-calls like pass interference.

  10. Gosh you just keep picking on one bad call and pretending it’s the end of football as we know it. The Rams overcame the 110 db environment (“but… but… it’s home field advantage!!” No it’s not, it’s a travesty) only to run into your nonstop screaming. But they could care less about your blatant partisanship.

  11. I haven’t been this outraged over an NFL matter since the Saints were paying bounties to injure opposing players.

  12. The same Dean Blandino who was observed going into the Cowboys party bus prior to a home playoff game vs the Lions. Trustworthy?

  13. That was the worst non call I have witnessed. I grew up in a football town and graduated from a southwest conference football yearly contender. Love watching football. The Nfl should at best flip the outcome. At worst declare the game null and void and hurriedly play on Saturday or Sunday. 0-0 full game. A week to prepare is standard. And New England would not have that large a jump in preparation.

  14. Al Riveron isn’t fit to referee a Pee Wee football game let alone an NFL Championship game. A person has to question why the league continually awards this clown with plum assignments and while they’re at it check his bank account in the Cayman Islands. Bth him and Goodell are better suited riding a unicycle’s outside the stadium before big games. That would fire up the crowd.

  15. Awful calls that helped the Patriots also. Fumble reversal, roughing the QB, and the catch that wasn’t. The fix is in.

  16. Where does it end, though? I saw a Patriots DB get splattered 5 yards downfield on a KC pick play, do they fiber-correct that one?

  17. Both championship games had terrible officiating. One usually hears “they had other chances to win the game”. That’s crap … couple of those calls (especially Saints call) was so obvious and it actually DID cost them a Super Bowl opportunity. Has it come down to having pass interference as a reviewable call?

  18. Hopefully they would do something more meaningful, like an addition of a replay official that can call a penalty based on an egregious replay. It feels like they did the same thing they usually do, just let the teams play during the championship games.

    I don’t think that the mindset that Riveron gave the officials was bad, it’s just that they took it way too far and just didn’t make a ridiculously obvious call. These were supposed to be the all star teams. Everything does go back to the top, but I have to put this more on the actual officials than on Riveron. How can you miss that?

  19. If Seattle got away with grabbing and holding and interfering with receivers a whole season, until they stole the Lombardi Trophy, before the league started enforcing defensive holding again, then what is one missed pass interference call worth? Besides, during the regular season, the Chicago Bears won a couple of games when their DB interfered and broke up potential winning TD passes. And I saw a Seahawk defender do the same. Pass interference is one of the most missed calls, and offensive holding is the other one. What the league can do is to add pass interference to the list of plays that are reviewable. Also add unnecessary roughless and other personal fouls to the same list. That is about the only way to reduce officiating errors.

  20. It was a bad no call by the referee, plain and simple. But I wished there was an equal amount of discussion how bad the Saints play calling was yesterday.

  21. I have been watching the NFL for a long time, this was the worst call, making the most negative impact on a important game I have ever seen. Too much time, money and effort goes into this sport to have incompetence cause drastic changes to the games normal course. If the NFL thinks this is OK, than their product is junk. It’s not like the technology to see the play again and make the right call doesn’t exist, they just screwed up big time.

  22. Ridiculous. The only mistake was made by the guy on the field not calling the foul. Stop blaming everyone else – not Riveron, not Goodell, etc.

  23. The whole day was ridiculous. Missed call after missed call after missed call. Changes need to be made. Horrible mistakes that benefitted all of the teams involved at some point or another. Some obviously more timely than others. I dont think Ive ever yelled at the TV screen so much on a day that my team wasnt even playing. Absolutely disgraceful.

  24. It needs to do a lot more than that. Officiating in the NFL is seriously broken and has now directly effected the outcome of a Conference Championship. The whole thing needs an overhaul.

  25. “De facto safety net provided by the league office”

    Right. We only have a few nut cases that accuse the league of fixing games. The moment you allow head office to change subjective calls, those game-fixing allegations will happen each AND every time. No thank you.

  26. Something needs to be done. The Rams have done a great job all season and now if they win it will be tainted, through no fault of their own.

    True the player committed PI but the onus falls on the officials and the league. What a shame the accomplishments of both the Rams and the Saints won’t be what they could’ve been if the officials had been up to the task.

    This wasn’t even a questionable call, this was a no brainer, which is being made worse because the player is out there saying “Hell Yeah it was interference”.

  27. If it doesn’t its pretty much a travesty. Say what you want, the wrong NFC team is playing in the SB, in large part, because of him. Sure Peyton could have called a run, sure there was a no call facemask earlier, but it doesn’t excuse total ignorance of a call that was blatant, so blatant. And that guy decided to give the Rams a chance when literally all chances should have been exhausted, sending the Saints to the SB. Travesty. That was the worst of the worst.

  28. Give me a break! So now you’re advocating that rules should be broken when certain obvious calls should have been made? News flash, Rams fans would have cared. Would the same standard be applied to the Chiefs/Pats game when Mahomes was clearly hit in the head (no call) and Brady was not (call made, naturally)? Now you’re advocating to get it right only on certain calls. Dean Blandino was criticized as well. Peter King is not the NFL. Having said all that, it was an obvious PI. Calls are made/missed all the time.

  29. There have been far to many mistakes for them all to be accidents,the richest sports league in the world and its officials are part-timers,Mickey Mouse league just cost the saints a chance of another championship ,the call wasn’t even close and there were two officials within 5yds.

  30. Remember when folks said we needed full time officials? The part timers were the best, but they couldn’t be bullied by the league since they had real jobs. Welcome to the new reality; officials who work scared of higher-ups and the league band owners.

  31. Declare the game null and void play again saturday the only team upset with this is the rams.

  32. Fired.

    Absolute joke.

    Clearly manipulated the outcome of the game to get ratings or stick it to New Orleans.

    NFL is crooked and disgusting.

    Not a Saints fan, but will now avoid watching SB and am done with NFL.

  33. Let’s review every penalty called, and have an 8 hour game. Humans make mistakes, especially players, and I’m sure the Saints had many opportunities in that game to change things.

  34. I don’t think I’ve seen such a bad call since the Saints played the Steelers earlier this year.

    This one is probably worse actually. Like.. It definitely was.

  35. If this is your argument why not remotely assign crews ref each game via camera?

    How are we allowing older, overweight and un athletic men referee our games?

    NFL refs should be 25-40 years old and should pass a rigorous fitness test before the season..

    These “all star” crews are a joke btw.

  36. that was a horrible non call, but there is absolutely no way you can make that call from the league office and not open a giant can of worms. that would have been a huge mistake.

  37. Gene Steratore nailed every replay and challenge in the AFC game. What an upgrade over Mike Carey for CBS, who was dreadful.

  38. First of all, Al Riveron is not the problem. In general, NFL game officials are not the problem. The problem with calls in NFL games originates from 345 Park Avenue. First of all, how does the league, year-in and year-out, keep coming up with rules that only make the game more confusing to watch and officiate, not easier? The catch rule and its various iterations is a great example of this. Fans know what LOOKS to be a catch, instinctively, but in the NFL, we have the necessity of having to make a “football move.” I still don’t know what that means–aren’t all efforts made in the game, by definition, “football moves?” And it goes on and on. Then, in an effort to reduce costs, of course, the NFL remains the only major professional athletic league in the country that does not have full-time referees. When will the NFL realize that this might be a good run for the league and its integrity in the long run? Your comments that Al Riveron should have knowingly broken the rules and that “nobody would have cared–including the Rams and their fans” are absurd and delusional. As much as fans would have WANTED that to be a possibility, they still would have preferred that the previously-agreed-upon rules be followed, regardless of the unfortunate outcome–EXCEPT, understandably, the Rams and their fans. If the NFL has a mess from yesterday’s game that needs to be cleaned up, the league needs to do it the RIGHT way–by acknowledging the oversight by the officials, not throwing them under the bus when given the chance, and fixing the problems this off-season when given the chance, and not trying to gerryrig some cheaper solution. This is YOUR mess, Mr. Goodell–now be a man and clean it up yourself.

  39. you cant have the head of officiating radio down to drop a delayed flag. you just cannot. then the made up roughing the passer call that kept the patriots 4th qtr drive going would have to get the same treatment.
    your problem will be of course that how egregious does the blown call have to be. also, will regular season games get the same treatment. afterall, some teams are one play away from winning/losing a game, and one win/loss from making playoffs.

    it is a pandora’s box you do not want opened.

  40. You are arguing that the NFL should break the rules for one team in one game to get a missed call right. That is asinine. Do you really the outrage that would ensue from the other 31 teams over why the NFL did that for one team and not them. There were blatant missed calls for every team, week in and week out this year. This was just another one of dozens.

  41. Remember when Zach Miller’s lower leg was sticking out of his ear and Riveron ruled that he didn’t catch the ball?

    If an officiating mistake in the same stadium is what it takes to get Riveron fired, so be it.

  42. It’s simple… the nfl games are fixed, and with sports betting now legal the government should investigate them.

  43. The Super Bowl, the premier sporting event in America and possibly in the World is Tainted. The wrong team is playing. The NFL is like a Dinosaur, never changing to the new electronic age that could have prevented this. They could have an NFL official at the game, New York would call he would throw a green flag and they review. Even simpler is to allow the coaches to challenge bad calls. In any case this is not the real Super Bowl. A good game maybe, but not the real Super Bowl

  44. It doesn’t matter who is the head of officiating when a PI is missed. The league isn’t going to call the PI from New York and you would’ve written an even longer article blasting them if they did.

  45. The single most important factor to the success of the NFL is the fairness of the competition. With a team coming to Vegas and sport gambling this importance cannot be stressed enough. NFL officiating is the most visible, every game representation of the NFL itself. It is amazing that a bunch of billionaires don’t understand that the men in stripes represent everything about the NFL. Every blown call, every prolonged conference to determine an outcome outrages the fans. Oversight from the league office could have and should have prevented the no call on a play that had flagrant pass interference, a hit on a defenseless receiver and helmet to helmet contact initiated by the defender. Oh an by the way changed the outcome of the game outside the rules of the game. A very very sad day for the NFL. Looking forward to college basketball now.

  46. Riveron was hired by Troy Vincent. This should fall on Troy, not Riveron. When Troy took over he purged the Football Ops department of white people, and hired all of his minority friends. Look it up. All of these people had been fired from numerous jobs but wound up with made up jobs. Troy is determined to be the patriarch of hiring minorities, but this has continuously blown up in his face. Look at how many refs have left…something is wrong.

  47. We are looking at both on field officials and remote Officials thru video replay to over turn penalties and non calls in the future…..Mark my words, its coming.

    The argurment form the NFL will be “we want to get it right”.

    That PI should have been called, it was a game changing no call. I feel for the saints.

  48. The NFL is the only for-profit enterprise where a systemic failure like the one that changed the outcome of the Saints-Rams game will result in no consequences for its CEO (or in this case commissioner). If the owners want to compensate Goodell to such ridiculous heights, it should come for accountability to ensure the integrity of the product.

  49. Who’s call is it on the field? Couldn’t multiple refs throw a flag if they saw the foul? Surely more than one guy was watching the play…

  50. The replay challenge needs to be expanded to allow coaches to challenge bad penalty flags or the lack thereof. It would be part of the normal allotment of challenges, so it wouldn’t slow the game down any more than having the challenge system already does. The CFL has already shown that it makes sense to allow penalties to be reviewable.

  51. 100% Correct

    That was the worse blatant Major FAIL of the Refs this year – In the most important Game.

  52. Of all the major sports officials, I believe the NFL is stand alone, the worst. And they have the most officials on the field, they were the first to use technology, and replay, they have a near infinite pool of feeder systems and they have the most money to make it right. This is clearly not an issue of resources. This is again another example of the “don’t rock the boat”, group think that is prevalent in the NFL. Riverton will be taken out and replaced with another lackey, nothing will change. And the rating will continue to grow.

  53. They have completely dropped the ball this season in terms of officiating and responding to these egregious errors.

    I still haven’t seen, and I know it won’t happen, an explanation for the “no clear recovery” call on the opening kickoff fumble by the Cowboys in the Eagles game.

    That non call on the PI and the “oh you touched Brady here’s a flag” call yesterday HAS to be the icing on the cake. They need to revamp that whole department, starting with Riveron

  54. I predicted, on these boards, months ago that the Rams would lose to the Patriots in the SB. I stand by that prediction. Rams: Return to second largest tv market, build new stadium, Need to sell those PSL’s and generate fans in LA. Patriots: Brady will retire this year and the NFL will pay his goodbyes with a Lombardi Trophy.

    Bet big money on it.

  55. That ignored call was inexcusable, and heartbreaking for the Saints and their fans.
    Seeing no flag after that play seemed to be beyond the realm of possibility.

    All of that said. . . I’m glad that the Pats are playing the Rams. The Saints would have been tougher.

  56. I am 65, lifelong NFL fan. I have never not watched a super bowl. I WILL NOT watch this super bowl! In my mind there are two champs this year, Patriots and Saints. It’s just not legit. If the ratings go way way down, the NFL will have to deal with their incompetence. “BOYCOTT THE GAME”!

  57. Biggest mistake since the “Tuck Rule” debacle. Game decide by bad officiating. Sad

  58. That missed call changed the outcome of the game. It’s pretty rare, and even more rare that it’s that clear. Something needs to change so that doesn’t happen again. The refs are human. They make mistakes. This was huge.

  59. I thought the flag wasn’t called because the ball was uncatchable. Nothing is worse then officials throwing flags on plays that don’t interfere with the outcome of a game. Yes technically a foul is a foul but if a pass is uncatchable all you’re doing is interfering with the game.

  60. Pass interference should at the very least be review able. Why did Payton call a pass play in the first place. A run would have used up at least 30 seconds off the clock.

  61. The NFL needed to something About Al Riveron before the blown call yesterday. He’s been a travesty as V.P. of Officiating. Why can’t the NFL get anything right the first time?

  62. Wait a min, wait a min – we’re getting away from accountability here and deflecting like some losers. Let me ask you this. What did the Patriots do when they got the ball in overtime? They took care of business. What did the Saints do? They came up SMALL. Plus with their fans whistling all game that made it sound like plays were being blown dead – I have ZERO sympathy for New Orleans.

  63. Blindino? It was just as bad then than it is now. How about holding the referees accountable for their actions? Fine them and publicly shame them like they do the players. Open them up to criticism rather than protect them.

  64. Until the “eye in the sky” is treated like just another Referee,like it is in Soccer and Rugby, there will continue to be these kind of screwups. Dump the Challenge system. “eye” is watching every play and speaking directly in the Crew Chief’s ear and stops play when he sees a problem and the game keeps rolling when he doesn’t. John MAdden suggested a Traffic Light 30 years ago. Green is in Play, Yellow is taking a look at, Red means they see an issue. If they don’t see it in 8 seconds or so, then it isn’t an issue. Micro Managing catches is silly. Blowing calls like this is inexcusable. Stop treating things like a court case and “overturned” decisions.The Official with the best view makes the call. If that is the Camera, so be it. No Challenges, no stupid ass headphones.

  65. The refs should be fired and an investigation should be opened to determine if this game was fixed. I am so sorry we made a mistake letter is not going to cut it. I think the Saints should get some compensatory draft picks for this complete disaster. I am starting to believe the NFL is rigged.

  66. No way should the NFL head of officials be telling an on-field ref to drop a flag. That’s just crazy. Yes this called was missed and it was a huge one. But suggesting this scenario is a bizarre overreaction.

  67. One bad call in a big moment doesn’t change the outcome. Several bad calls throughout this game changed the outcome. You cans magically change one call without changing all of them…. Ultimately Brees threw an interception in overtime that sealed their fate.

  68. Did you mean the Chiefs , Patriots debacle ? Where the 4th qtr phantom roughing the passer call was made after the Chiefs had held them on 3rd and 10. Talk about a lousy freaking game changing call.

  69. “Riveron could have (should have) used the ability to speak directly to referee Bill Vinovich to tell him to drop a flag. Yes, it would have come late. Yes, it would have sparked speculation that the rules of the high-speed fiber line had been violated. Yes, it would have indeed violated the rules. No, nobody would have really cared — including the Rams and their fans.“

    Hell no!

    If Riveron corrects this but not any other clear bad call in this game or the playoffs as a whole it makes the league look like a joke. Riveron should be gone cause he is terrible but this take was just as bad.

  70. Why now? We’ve seen worse calls in a bigger game – the SB last year – according to Periera the “Philly Special” used an illegal formation and the bobbled-catch TD did not meet last year’s catch rules. Both decisions that went thru review, and gifted Eagles 14 points and a fake win. 31 fanbases didn’t complain because it defeated the Patriots, but it wasn’t football.

  71. it’s not Riveron’s fault——-it is the league that has not addressed that this type of event would ultimately happen. If Riveron is fired then he is being used as a scapegoat.
    Roger, integrity.

  72. I think there are more missed pass interference and defensive holding calls than there are missed field goals in an average football game.

  73. Since when is Blandino any better?

    Mike Periera made a good observation. He said the officiating has become too technical, too focused on minutia, with replays used to grade the refs, resulting in too many ticky tack calls that didn’t really impact the play. That started under Blandino.
    Riveron is worse.
    Get someone else.

  74. “Depends on what the finances look like”: LA had no NFL presence, LA is the 2nd largest media market, NFL moved 2 teams to LA, NFL attendance was terrible (I read they were looking at alternative venues if the Rams hosted this game), NFL needs hype to build attendance, SO what better way than an LA team in the Super Bowl.

  75. The league has wanted the Rams in the Super Bowl ever since they abandoned Saint Louis and moved back to LA. They weren’t going to make that call from New York even if the rules allowed them to.

  76. The commissioner can still reverse this horrible muck up . Fire the ref(s) needed. Hire back honest ones paying the cost it takes to start fixing the reputation the NFL has allowed itself to get. Start using NBA rules for NFL. When a wrong call or no call is blatantly obvious and countlessly replayed, plus the player publicly admitting it was. P.I., the commissioner can fine the player,and suspend him. Also fine , suspend and or fire the ref(s) involved. overturn the ruling and give the game play back to the team wrongly done. Especially in playoffs and championship game. Definitely not looking good for NFL, New York, Vegas and the commissioner. Really looking rigged/fixed, a betting scandal and public can almost predict who will win even before the game starts. Very very bad when you no longer need to watch or listen to the game to predict what will happen. If this is going to continue,then just let all of their pockets dry out. Quit spending money on NFL package to watch games, don’t download apps to watch, don’t make any purchases for NFL items, jerseys, footballs,etc… If they gonna screw the players who work honestly hard all year for this moment, then screw them back. Dry them out, let them bet against each other,which one will go broke first looking for a new job and no one willing to hire them because of their corrupted public display and refusal and denial to admit or fix/overturn things.

  77. This was just one call. The Saints still had the game to win, and unfortunately they blew it. As it is said many times, there are a hundred other calls in a game. The Saints needed a little more out of their defense at the end – although they played well.

    With that said, it was an awful no call. The DB never turned around and looked for the ball, and instead went helmet to helmet on the receiver before the ball arrived. It was blatant pass interference and helmet to helmet. The ref swallowed his whistle plain and simple because there is absolutely no way he did not see that. If either one of the penalties were called, the Saints win the game and go to the SB. Instead the Los Angeles Rams represent the NFC. Let the conspiracy theorists begin on how Goodel wanted LA in the game.

  78. Bad call, bad refs, bad commissioner, not gonna get any better as long as there is betting on pro sports, and people can be paid off to throw games?

  79. Every play within 20 yards of the football should be allowed to be challenged using the system in place already for the entire game. And blatant calls like this one, should be monitored by a referee in New York who has the ability to pause play to address egregious mistakes on the field. The NHL has a good system in place, why not just copy what they do?

  80. For people who say it didnt effect game yes it did. 1st and goal. Time running, the Saints run the ball 3 times. If no score clock wouldve been down to like 40 seconds kick a feild goal. 40 seconds the Rams wouldve need a TD not feild goal. Big difference. Changes the game. Either kick run back or go 80 yrs for TD no overtime

  81. Fire Riverton for not buzzing the referee to fix this egregious mistake. The conference championship game will be forever stained. Thanks, Roger. You can join him.

  82. filmex2000 says:
    January 21, 2019 at 6:54 am
    I haven’t been this outraged over an NFL matter since the Saints were paying bounties to injure opposing players.
    Far from unique. It wasn’t the first. It won’t be the last. Bounties had as much impact on the game as about 1/2 pound of pressure and a camera location. Some of you need a grip on reality.

  83. riggo08 says:
    January 21, 2019 at 7:10 am
    Awful calls that helped the Patriots also. Fumble reversal, roughing the QB, and the catch that wasn’t. The fix is in.
    Fumble and the catch that wasn’t were bother overturned by challenge. You are correct on both. The refs got them both wrong. Review made them correct.

  84. turtlehut says:
    January 21, 2019 at 9:24 am
    “Depends on what the finances look like”: LA had no NFL presence, LA is the 2nd largest media market, NFL moved 2 teams to LA, NFL attendance was terrible (I read they were looking at alternative venues if the Rams hosted this game), NFL needs hype to build attendance, SO what better way than an LA team in the Super Bowl.


    No, they were allegedly looking at alternate venues if the CHARGERS had been in line to host the game.

  85. Hey filmex2000 are you like Pavlo’s dog being told a lie enough times that you believe it, the SAINTS were one of the cleanest teams by PERSONAL FOULS for all years of goodell the liar’s so called bounty lie. Tell how can you be a clean team and a dirty team at the same time?
    The bounty lie was all about covering for the concussion suit, stop repeating a lie with out proof, just like YESterday’s awful call this is all about goodell the liar’s agenda only this time it’s trying make the large market of Los Angeles relevant, stop being a dog.

  86. All these people complaining about Blandino really know that as annoying as he was, nothing is as incompetent as Al Riveron. I don’t think the game is fixed, but how can you be THAT inept at your job WITHOUT being some kind of corrupt? He’s a highlight reel of embarrassment.

  87. Al “Tim Donaghy” Riveron got his money, and he should be gone, certainly, but probably won’t yet even suffer any consequences. If he was so quickly able to determine the call sucked enough to call Payton, there should have been a mechanism in place for him to fix it. If he stays, the NFL has even less integrity than I imagined.

  88. Not a fan of Jerry Jones, but I have to agree with him that Goodall should of been fired as NFL commissioner. He’s taken the NFL to a new low.

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