Bruce Allen: If anyone can come back, it’s Alex Smith

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Washington quarterback Alex Smith was at Monday’s Wizards game in his most prominent public appearance since November’s severe leg injury and could be seen with a large external fixator on his heavily bandaged leg while moving on a pair of crutches.

Smith didn’t update his condition while taking in the game and team president Bruce Allen didn’t offer any kind of timeline for the team to know more when he spoke to the media from the Senior Bowl on Tuesday. Allen said the team still has time to make a decision about whether Smith will be able to contribute on the field in 2019 and that he feels that “if anyone can come back” from the injury, it is Smith.

Allen was also asked about the team’s offseason plan to address the position in the event Smith isn’t able to play next season. He said the team likes Colt McCoy a lot, noting “that’s why we signed him to the extension last year” while also mentioning McCoy’s trouble staying healthy when given a chance to play.

Allen didn’t go into any other possibilities, but it would seem like a good idea to go into the offseason program with at least one other option in the mix.

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  1. I’ve never thought Alex Smith was much of a QB. He was average at best. Still, I wish him the best with his recovery and hope he makes it back. That was a horrible injury, and it would be good to see him be able to play again if possible.

  2. I 100% wish Alex Smith a safe and speedy recovery. If you play again or not, I just hope that this injury isn’t something that hampers you later in life. With that being said, shame on you #FireBruceAllen for this being your one and only comment in months. You run this organization but you are nowhere to be seen or heard from. Only when you are gone and Dan Snyder sells the team will the millions of fans return. Until that happens, please enjoy your mediocrity.

  3. results speak for themsleves under 500 with wentz this year than foles takes over and the team starts to win

  4. What does he have left to play for? It’s doubtful that he is going to get to the Super Bowl, so what is there?

  5. I see why Bruce Allen wants him back …its about the $$$. Alex Smiths contract has been stated that if he has a career ending injury he gets the whole 72 million dollar contract. Alex is a smart guy and will do whats right for him and his family.

  6. Alex Smith has lasted about a decade longer in the NFL than most people thought he would. He’ll be back.

  7. if alex was a team guy hed consider amputating his injured knee and replacing it with a biotic implant. think about it. would be a much shorter recovery time and he could potentialy become the teams kicker/punter.

  8. The Washington Post had an analysis that showed it had been some 575 days since Allen spoke to the media (it was the “Kurt” Cousins press conference I believe) while every other GM had done so within the last year. And *this* is all he has to say? Some platitude about Smith returning? Please, you owe the fans far, far more accountability than this. Resign!


  9. Colt McCoy can be a viable starter. Folks formed their opinion on him when he was a rookie and second-year starter on terrible Browns teams and haven’t changed it (admittedly, not that there has been a large sample on which to base a change of opinion).

    He’s now a veteran in his sixth year in the same system, however, and when he’s in, the offense does move. There are definitely too many sacks and fumbles but even a modest correction on that would go a long way and there’s a reasonable chance that consistent playing time could lead to that modest correction.

    Considering the circumstances, I’d be fine with McCoy starting the season and a draft pick, even a non-first, developing behind. It’s not ideal, I know, but what other realistic solution is better?

  10. Why is it that Smith can come back more so than any other athlete? That’s BS. Of course the source is Bruce Allen, so you can’t expect anything else.

    I hope Smith decides not to play again. I suspect he will try, being a competitor, but that injury was gruesome. And with the complications there was a possibility he could lose his leg. Luckily it won’t come to that.


  11. The truth of his words will be tested in this year’s draft. Ask Kirk Cousins what his words are worth.

  12. Bruce Allen’s not being honest. Doctors who specialize in sports medicine say the device around his leg, an Ilizarov device, is used only when severe infection prevents them from using internal hardware to stabilize the broken bones. Do a Google search on it if you’re not squeamish; he literally has multiple metal spokes penetrating his skin and flesh into the bones to hold them in place.

    They say he won’t lose his leg, but he has several surgeries and procedures ahead of him before they remove that device, and they say it’s doubtful he will play again. He was wise to write that $71 million guarantee into his contract. All that said, he is a class act and I wish him well in the next chapter of his life, whatever it may be.

  13. This epitomizes how arrogant and ignorant Bruce Allen is. He expects Redskin fans to believe this just because he said it. You’re an embarrassment to your father and Redskin fans past and the few present. Nobody believes anything you say except Dan Snyder.

  14. If I’m Alex I rehab my way back to full health and then retire. I doubt you ever play the game the same way after an injury like that, especially for a guy who is not a kid.

  15. But Alex Smith isn’t even very good. So what if he comes back? Redskins need to start over with a new quarterback. Again. 🙁

  16. Smith is clearly underrated see how well that team did without him. The injuries were piling up while he was under center. I hope he comes back but he has no reason to if he cannot be 100%. There is no point in risking an injury. Its his life.

  17. Of course bruce wants him back. He ripped up Smith’s contract and handed him a huge deal with injury guarantees. All because he mismanaged contract talks with Cousins for 3 seasons. Now we have an average QB taking up 22 million with one leg. This is the same guy that used 3 #1 picks and a 2nd to draft a track star at QB.

  18. Bruce Allen saying this is like Jim Irsay saying Andrew Luck is going to be healed and ready to start in 2017.

    I just hope that Allen realizes it’s BS and doesn’t actually believe it like Irsay did… (Irsay thought Luck was 100% physically healthy, it was just all in his mind).

  19. I don’t expect Smith to be on their roster come September. McCoy is an OK backup but they really need to look into a Flaco or some such as their starter. Bortles may also be brought in as a backup. Just don’t see how Smith can heal and get in playing shape by the time the season starts.

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