Dolphins send Dan Marino to Senior Bowl to look at QBs

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The Dolphins don’t have a head coach, or much of a coaching staff, to send to the Senior Bowl practices this week.

That doesn’t not mean they’re not represented at a high level.

According to Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald, Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Marino was part of the team’s contingent interviewing players including Missouri quarterback Drew Lock.

“I was shaking everybody’s hand, and then was like, ‘Who’s that? Oh my god, that’s Dan Marino,’” Lock said. “When I’m sitting in the chair, he’s back here [behind me] when I’m answering questions. You feel it. You really feel a presence in the room.”

Lock said Marino was part of a contingent of nearly a dozen Dolphins employees.

They do still have a General Manager in Chris Grier and an existing scouting staff, but Marino’s inclusion is worth noting.

His exact title with the team is senior advisor to the vice chairman, president, and CEO. Which means, basically, that his job is to be Dan Marino. And he’s filling that role in scenic Mobile, until they can get presumptive coach Brian Flores on the job in two weeks.

26 responses to “Dolphins send Dan Marino to Senior Bowl to look at QBs

  1. Patriots fan here. I hate the Dolphins. But I loved watching Marino. That guy will always be in my top 5 alltime at the QB position. They didn’t put enough around him.

  2. Top 5 all time, no question. He’s top 5 in TD passes, yards, and completions. Threw for 5,000 yards in like 1984. Talent wise he’s top 5 all time.

  3. If only Dan would have had a real coach he might have won a few SBs. By the time Dan came along coach Shula was already drooling in his oatmeal and yelling at kids to stay off his lawn. Poor Dan….

  4. Big Marino fan. Never set him up with enough talent to win it all, but he sure had the talent. A pleasure to watch him play. One of my favorite players from Miami all time. Would love to see him get more involved in running the show in Miami. I’m sure he couldn’t do any worse.

  5. Good move, Miami should of had him more involved years ago. Only problem was Gase was a control freak and would not allow that.
    My money is on Marino having not much good to say about Gase.

  6. finzfan49 says:
    January 22, 2019 at 9:41 am
    Good move, Miami should of had him more involved years ago. Only problem was Gase was a control freak and would not allow that.
    My money is on Marino having not much good to say about Gase.


    It wasn’t just GASE. Remember that Jimmy Johnson would not allow him or Shula in the building, Wannestedt (sp?) let them back in but gave them no voice, Saban was a control freak too. Marino should have been involved from 2005.

  7. Danny-boy was born to early. In today’s NFL is there any doubt of the insane numbers he would put up? It was insane in the 80s when defense’s could, you know, hit people.

  8. The Dolphins have their franchise QB, Ryan Tannehill.
    He’s going to be very good this year now that he’s healthy.
    And if not this year, then the next.
    Better lock him up early with a team friendly 5 year extension

    – the AFC East

  9. Nice to hear a youngster knowing who Dan Marino is. I wonder sometimes if these fellows know anything beyond Facebook and Twitter. Probably a good sign that the kid knows stuff beyond his own bubble. Kudos to him and the way he’s probably been brought up. Very likely a true lover and respect for the game.

  10. Good for him and the Dolphins. This sounds like Flores (or whoever) will only be a yes man.

  11. Why is this news, he goes every year…..What is he accountable for in the organization would be a good question to ask…..

  12. For all you clueless Tannehill apologists that STILL think Marino had ANYTHING to do with Tannehill being drafted here ya go – Marino disagreed with Jeff Ireland & Stephen Ross taking RT in the 2012 draft – DM was enamored with Russell Wilson but that proved to fall on deaf all because of the familiarity link between RT & OC Mike Sherman !
    And we see now nobody in Miami was really listening to Marino in the first place !
    Marino was asked his thoughts & said Tannehill had good POTENTIAL – and that’s certainly NOT a glowing endorsement from a HOF QB !
    Facts are Marino has a eye for scouting QB’s – the question remains though IF his observations are really listened too by the powers that be or is this an organization just going thru the motions to look good?

  13. I would certainly hope Dan can watch and effectively judge a college QB’s potential, good or bad and possibly add what skill set needs developing.
    I’ve never know Dan to hold back his views, whether the front office is willing to listen is another matter.

  14. Coaches and GM’s, VP’s of Football Operations all believe they know better than anyone else. Bill Parcells thought Chad Henne was great instead of Matt Ryan. Nick Saban passed on Drew Brees. Mike Sherman who became the OC with the Dolphins thought that Ryan Tannehill was a franchise QB. Wow he could not have been further from the truth. The Dolphins need to get an opinion from someone other than control freak coaches. What the Miami Dolphins have done has been horrific at QB since Dan Marino left. Using Dan’s opinion can’t be worse than what the Dolphins have done in attempting to acquire a franchise NFL quarterback.

  15. Finally good to see some of the old Miami dolphin alumni get some say of the matter I believe marino would do a lot more Better of a job evaluating Talent than anyone before that was calling the shots cause if you did it yourself then you know what it takes to get it done just saying Who More better to say if this kid has what it takes to get the job done then the hall-of-famer Dan marino I’ll take His Opinion

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