Jerry Jones: Cowboys still undecided on play-caller, offensive job titles

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Jerry Jones confirmed the Cowboys have added former quarterback Jon Kitna to their staff. The team, though, has not made any decisions about who will call plays or what titles Kitna and Kellen Moore will carry next season.

“We’re still in the throes of evaluation,” Jones said, via David Helman of the team website. “We’re in no hurry.”

With Kitna on board, the Cowboys likely won’t hire anyone else outside the organization.

“I like the guys we’ve got in house,” Jones said.

Garrett could return to being the play-caller.

Jones said Garrett’s involvement in the offense “could be more or less.”

Garrett called the plays in 2011 and 2012, his first two full seasons as head coach, before turning it over to Bill Callahan. Scott Linehan replaced Callahan as the play-caller in 2014, but the Cowboys fired Linehan as offensive coordinator last week.

Kitna could become quarterbacks coach, with Moore carrying the title of passing game coordinator or offensive coordinator. Tight ends coach Doug Nussmeier, a former play-caller in the college ranks, also could have additional duties.

The titles are flexible, Jones said, with Dak Prescott getting “significant” input in the decision-making process.

Kitna, who played for the Cowboys for four seasons, has coached high school football and most recently was the offensive coordinator of the Alliance of American Football’s San Diego Fleet.

Moore has one year of coaching experience, serving as the team’s quarterbacks coach last season.

16 responses to “Jerry Jones: Cowboys still undecided on play-caller, offensive job titles

  1. How ‘bout them Cow-flops? Four billion dollars doesn’t buy as much trophy as it used to, right Jerrah?

  2. like redlikethepig said, just let Jerrah be the OC. He’s already the CEO/pres, team doctor, and de facto “head coach” (the red spitter is nothing but a howdy-doody doll at this point).

  3. Jerry should officially take over every position on the team. Owner, HC, GM, team Doctor, both coordinators and wth, put on a uniform and play a position.

  4. I keep hearing Kellen Moore is an “Offensive Wizard”. I have seen zero evidence of this, but I hope he’s the next Merlin cuz that’s what it’ll take to get my Boys back to a Super Bowl in Jerry’s lifetime.

  5. Kellen Moore s/b the OC. He might not have had much of a pro playing career, but he was dominant in college with an innovative offense. He was 50-3 in college with the losses coming down to missed field goals. And he ran Chris Peterson’s offense perfectly. Yes, he didn’t have the arm strength to be a great NFL QB. He won’t be limited to what he learned from Scott Linehan. He could be a really great OC.

  6. I can’t help but face palm every Jerry Jones press conference. Dallas will soon be stuck with Dak long term. Jerry would be better off trading Dak, talking Romo into a 2 year 40 million bridge gap to the team’s next potential franchise QB.

  7. Lots of hate like always coming from haters of course. Americas Team would expect nothing less.
    In regards to Jerry Jones, … Who can blame him? If I, Maybe not you, But If I was owner for the Dallas Cowboys My hands would be all over this team as well, from the dirty towels to the bars of soap to having my recliner on the 50 yard line!
    P E R I O D !
    In regards to Dak, I have nothing else to say. His Resume speaks for itself. To bad this site is full of Ray Charles and Stevie Wonders SMH! LMAO! And F A C T S !

  8. Do the Cowboys really need a new play caller to come up with new and innovative ways for Dak to throw his 5 yards passes?

  9. Might as well let Garrett call the plays. “Zeke left”, “Zeke right”, “short pass to Zeke in the flats”. That’s the whole offense anyway.

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