Louisiana Governor calls for NFL to expand replay

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First, a lawsuit over the Saints-Rams game. Now, a politician is getting in the act.

Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards sent NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell a letter Tuesday, expressing his “deep disappointment” and calling for the league to expand replay.

The Democratic governor was, of course, upset that officials didn’t call pass interference on Rams cornerback Nickell Robey-Coleman for whacking Saints receiver Tommylee Lewis before the ball arrived late in Sunday’s NFC title game.

“The very least that any fan of the Saints, or any other team, should be able to expect from any game is that the result will be decided by the players on the field,” Edwards wrote, via the Associated Press. “By missing the obvious, blatant and intentional penalty at the end of the game, the referees in Sunday’s game undermined that expectation and unfortunately were allowed to determine the winner.”

Edwards wants the NFL to expand replay reviews, allowing for pass interference to be included in coaches’ challenges. Without a change, Edwards contends that “the very integrity of the game will be called into question.”

47 responses to “Louisiana Governor calls for NFL to expand replay

  1. the very integrity of the game will be called into question.

    Oops. Too late. That ship sailed long ago.

  2. This is going to upset Goodel’s RMOD: Ref Manipulation = Outcome Desired

    Goodel will eventually be exposed for his underhanded scheming ways which he calls ‘Integrity of the Shield’

  3. The tears from the WhoDat nation are threatening to overflow the banks of Lake Pontchartrain.

  4. There’s plenty of uproar about bad calls/noncalls. But I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything this melodramatic. It’s frankly pathetic how people are losing their minds over this. Rams should have had a facemask call. Saints should have had a DPI call. Bad calls/non calls happen. Do I think they should be reviewable? Yeah, I don’t mind if that means the games get called right. But this hyper-angsty weepiness I can do without.

  5. I don’t see any saints fans that are complaining about goff’s facemask being yanked around with no flag thrown on that play. I’m sure they won’t want a do-over on that play though.

  6. Cool, maybe you could expand replay and call the two face mask penalties on Goff and Cooks then? Or does that only apply to any calls that the Saints don’t get? Not a fan of either team, but this is getting really annoying. There were blatant uncalled penalties on both teams. Brees had a chance to make it a moot point and win with a touchdown. He didn’t. Rams took advantage and won the game. Stop whining.

  7. Replay needs to be expanded, but it’s not a topic that warrants government discussion. And much as I understand Mrs. Benson’s frustration, it would have been far better if all the owners, including her late husband, had taken up the issue of horrible officiating long before this occurred. It’s not the first game-changing bad call we’ve seen that could have been avoided if the NFL did a better job taking care of its business.

  8. Perhaps you could have been this upset when 2 PI calls went against the Steelers and in the Saints favor. That was essentially a playoff game for Pittsburgh.

    Get over yourselves. Maybe Breed could have a do-over on that IT interception…

  9. They weren’t really worried about the integrity of the game when it benefitted them beating the Steelers on the phantom Joe Haden pass interference to secure home field throughout the playoffs.

  10. If Gail Benson wants to do something she should lead the drive to remove Goodell. That’s something all NFL fans can get behind.

  11. You cant go back now, or we should go to missed PI and facemask. Or better yet, go back 10 years and make the right call on the late hits and high low/ late hit. You know, the ones that got a coach suspended for a year and a DC banned for life, for not doing anything wrong, even after they apologized for doing it. What did archie say when NO won a superbowl and eli won SB mvps? Gee, I wish the league was fixed when I played.

  12. Blatant incompetence by the officiating. The face mask was incidental and had no bearing on the outcome. The no call PI definitely determined the Saints missing a trip to the SB.

  13. It was a bad call but people are acting like it was 4th and goal down 5 points with 3 seconds left on the clock. There were bad calls missed in favor of the Rams too.

    Here’s an idea, build on your 13-0 lead at home. Score TDs in the red area instead FGs. Run the ball 2-3 times in the red zone when there’s under 2 minutes left and you’re in scoring position already. Stop the other team from going 60 yds in 1.4 minutes and kicking a game tying FG. Take the coin toss in OT and march down the field and score a TD.

    Lots of ways to win the game. Bottom line is you didn’t make enough plays.

  14. lets go back to the rams first super bowl win and the championship had the bert Emmanuel catch, and lets redo last years super bowl the philly special was illegal there were only six men on the line of scrimmage there is supposed to be seven or it is an illegal formation every game has missed calls get over it. the saints gave up a field goal to tie it at the end of the game then threw an int in overtime and to top it off gave up a 13 point lead which should have been more quit crying

  15. Rule 17, Article 2 allows the Commissioner to intervene in extraordinary circumstances to redress an obvious erroneous outcome. However, Goodell would never offend Kroenke to placate the New Orleans fanbase so the hysteria is ridiculous. He will probably diffuse the situation by suspending Robey-Coleman for the Super Bowl as punishment for the helmet to helmet hit. Goodell would isolate the outrage to Louisiana and penalize the Rams for Robey-Coleman’s repeated violations of the rules. If you are expecting anything else – the Saints players have all gone home so the game will not be replayed.

  16. There’s no reason the NFl couldn’t expand the kind of calls you could challenge. The refs called a phantom roughing the passer call against KC that very well could have changed the outcome of the game. Make the #of challenges per game at 3 and let the replay be the final decision on these crappy calls coming from the zebras.

  17. The Saints happen to be the team that suffered from this travesty. No need to hate them for the fallacies of the NFL. The governor is mostly appealing to the state to like him and to show that he isn’t doing anything. Yes, many teams have been wronged by the refs. This incidence is a tipping point to put changes in motion. It was bound to happen to some team at some time but it happened to The Saints. No need to express hate towards the Saints. Turn the hate towards the NFL and hope they correct there fallacies. To not understand why Saints fans are mad, put your favorite team in the same situation and think how you would react. Would you just write it off?

  18. This is awesome, I love how the Saints fans suddenly want integrity in the game. Just remember Saints fans there will be no asterisk next too the Rams win!!!!!!

  19. Who decides which non call penalties should be reviewed? What about offensive\defensive holding? There are 22 men on the field and maybe a quarter of them are committing some sort of penalty on any given play.

  20. Edwards wrote, via the Associated Press. “By missing the obvious, blatant and intentional penalty..”

    Crickets on bounty gate though.

  21. Rams had 7 penalties called on them for 64 yards in the game. Saints were flagged just 3 times for 20 yards. A few key missed penalties on both teams that would have affected the outcome, but the no-calls evened out.
    Rams were the better team in the end. Kudos to Zuerlein for kicking a 48-yarder to tie it with the season on the line and a 57-yarder to win it in OT. That type of gutsy, poised performance is what we should be focused on. Not whining because the refs failed to bail out a team.

  22. All NFL fans should want the exact same thing, a fairly refereed game.
    I saw funny calls for sure in the 90s, but after watching the 78 NFCCG, super bowl 8, and many other games, I can assure you the league was making funny calls under Tagliabue and Rozelle too.

    The game is now almost a farce, because it’s an open secret the refs sway to stars and big markets, but it still is entertaining for many of us even though we know the owners are corrupt.

    Howard Cosell lost his MNF gig exposing the corruption in the 80s, and I never even noticed.

    Football is amazing and entertaining; the NFL owners are a corrupt, gangster-like, criminal, money grubbing low element of society.


    A huge fan since 1972

  23. While the NFL is not as scripted as pro wrestling, Perhaps the NFL has indulges now and then in intentional manipulation and has officials “nudge” things one way or another in an attempt to produce desired outcomes and storylines.

    Giving Head Coaches the ability to use any challenge they have to challenge that either

    1) a penalty should have been called that was not
    2) a penalty that was called was wrong and should be voided

    Giving coaches the ability to use challenges for the 2 scenarios above would not add any addl time to the game as they are only using challenges that they have left and would help give fans a sense that there is a check and balance mechanism to counteract any “nudging” by officials for the “preferred storyline outcome”

  24. The governor should spend more time on balancing their budget and more important things then a pass interference that wasn’t called in a game the Saints had multiple opportunities to win. What a bunch of cry babies.

  25. Los Angeles mayor and the California governor has asked the NFL to keep doing what they’re doing and continue it through the SB. Thank you for your excellence in making things right.

  26. Never before seen so much post-game overreaction to both overtime and replay. The Saints have a legit gripe, but going radical and wanting to challenge every penalty call is too much.

  27. What a bunch of crybabies. They totally ignore that the would have lost in regulation had the blatant grabbing of Goff’s face mask been called. Trailing by 17-20 in the 4th quarter, it would have given the Ram’s a first down at the 1 yd line. The next run by CJ would have scored a TD instead of settling for the tying FG. They also conveniently forget that the Saints had two red zone possessions in the first quarter and only got 6 points. Had they scored even 1 TD they would have won in regulation. So you could say they lost the game in the first quarter. Also may I remind NO that their vaunted offense got shut down after the first quarter. They also got the ball first in overtime and turned it over.

    Bottom line the Saints killed themselves as much as the Rams kicked their butts. They had multiple opportunities to win the game before and after the missed PI call. Get over it NOLA, you lost and all the crying isn’t going to change a thing. The Saints got away with not one but two blatant face mask penalties but the Rams aren’t crying.

    Every year multiple games are won and lost by blown calls it’s part of the game.

  28. In other news, Louisiana governor ridiculed for wasting time talking about games rather than focusing on the business of running a state.

  29. Politicians should stay out of this. If they are going to comment on this, then they should comment on casting in movies, the beverage menu of restaurants, the Oscar award, and whats going on in European soccer.
    It doesn’t concern them, they have no influence over it, thay should spend their time solving problems that they were elected to solve.

  30. If folks ever thought maybe some games were rigged, or fixed, how could you argue with them? They have an opinion and the NFL does nothing to dispel the notion. This no call, at that point in the game, helped to solidify there position. I think there should be change going forward to utilize technology in order to prevent it from happening again. I am no Saints fan, but they should be in the Superbowl.

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