Stephen Jones expects Competition Committee to consider OT change

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The NFL’s Competition Committee will discuss two things from Sunday’s championship games: Whether to make pass interference reviewable after the missed call in the Saints-Rams game; and whether to change the overtime rule, guaranteeing both teams a possession after the Chiefs never saw the ball in the extra period.

Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones, a member of the Competition Committee, said the overtime rule has a better chance of getting tweaked than does making judgment calls subject to replay.

The overtime format last was changed for the 2011 postseason — and then for the 2012 regular season — allowing a game to end on the first possession only with a touchdown. But an opening-possession touchdown has decided five of the eight postseason overtime games since then, including the Patriots’ victory over the Chiefs in the AFC Championship Game.

“They’ll be looked at again this year after what we saw here,” Jones said from the Senior Bowl on Tuesday, via Drew Davison of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “We’ll give this, like we do everything, a very extensive going over. I know you all know this, but the competition probably meets more than any committee in the NFL in terms of work that goes into looking at the rules.”

Jones, like another Competition Committee member, John Elway, is skeptical of allowing review of penalties.

“Certainly you don’t want to officiate from replay,” Jones said. “I don’t think, at the end of the day, it’s good for the game. We [the competition committee] have got a lot of work to do here in offseason.”

25 responses to “Stephen Jones expects Competition Committee to consider OT change

  1. The Chiefs saw the ball in overtime. They watched Tom Brady march it into the end zone.

  2. In the playoffs they have to make every call right. None of the nonsense we saw yesterday. Fix it. Put the Saints in the SB.

  3. This sounds a lot like lip service. I’m sure the committee will go through the motion of discussing change, I just don’t glean much (if anything) will change from those statements.

  4. The outcome of the Saints game was certainly a debacle. However, if they actually made judgement calls reviewable can you imagine the length of a game? As it is, the flag fest at times can make watching nearly unbearable. And when they do “let them play” and do so equally on both sides of the ball, the game, IMHO is more enjoyable. We are already crabbing about too many flags, too many rules. I am willing to bet, that if you review any play, 99% of the time there will be a potential penalty happening somewhere on the field. Holding? Illegal hands to the face? Unnecessary roughness? PI? Unsportsmanlike? All of these are subject to the judgement of the Zebras, and on any given play there could very well be questions about some real or perceived infraction.

  5. Hire better referees and pay them a full time annual salary with the ability to fine them if they screw up. Tell them it’s okay to look at the stadium video board to see if the play needs to be reviewed. Do not turn overtime into the way the NCAA does it. It takes away the strategy of gaining good field position. They already have good field position. Play complete 10 minute OT quarters and repeat if still tied. And resume the Saints playoff game from where the faux interference was made. NFL is losing my faith in the game.

  6. “Certainly you don’t want to officiate from replay,” Jones said. “

    If not that then what is replay? You are changing, or not changing officials calls on replay. They are all judgement calls. Why is it any different changing the judgement that it was a catch or not a catch, or was a fumble or not a fumble than of it was interference or it wasn’t interference? And I thought Steven was the smart Jones…

  7. arrowhead816 says:
    January 22, 2019 at 7:07 pm

    Just make the overtime an extra 15 mins. Not that hard

    >>>WOW that’s easy to say when you’re not one of the guys thats already been out there running around for over 3hrs!!! You realize that those 15 extra minutes would take about 45min more to play don’t you?

    Didn’t think so!

  8. The Packer fans want to know why there wasn’t more uproar after it happened to them in the NFC Championship game 2015. Rodgers never got the ball in OT either.

  9. There would not be a mention of the OT rules if the Chiefs had won in OT. But because it’s the Patriots there will be a change and an asterisk will be put next to their win.

  10. Way back in the day, when OT was a true sudden-death single 15-minute period (during the regular season), the team that won the coin toss won the game … 52% of the time.

    I said then no rules changes were needed. So, of course, the NFL changed them.

    Please, stop the madness. The Chiefs lost because they couldn’t stop the Patriots on 3rd & 10 one of three times. And Andy Reid was too unaware of what was happening to burn any timeouts to give his defense a rest.

    So, naturally, there will be more changes to OT. Because logic.

  11. The only impetus for any rule change, be it OT, defining a catch or anything else, seems to be based on someone losing to NE.

    The ironic thing is that the catch rule redefinition prompted by the Steelers last year actually worked in NE’s favor on the Hogan catch Sunday, So please – change all the rules you want and see what happens.

  12. I never liked the overtime rule from the beginning. If the team that gets the opening kickoff scores a TD the game is over. At least give the other team a possession.

  13. The NFL wants games to be like NBA games, no defense just up and down scoring. They want every QB to throw for 50 TD’s a season. You lose the coin flip, then the defense has to stop them. But that’s not what they want, they just want offense. So, I assume this rule will be changed.

  14. If current members of the Competition Committee aren’t willing to address the appalling officiating in the NFL and expand replay, maybe the best place to start would be by replacing the current members of the Competition Committee.

  15. Deb says:
    January 22, 2019 at 8:57 pm
    If current members of the Competition Committee aren’t willing to address the appalling officiating in the NFL and expand replay, maybe the best place to start would be by replacing the current members of the Competition Committee.

    The best place to start would be with Goodell….

  16. Was this not thought through when they voted to put it in place? Was the rule not in place before the game started? Was it not explained to both teams before the overtime began? No your offense didn’t get on the field but maybe you should blame your defense instead f the rules.

  17. I believe you need a replay official somewhere up in a both. That official can buzz don’t to the referee on the field whenever he sees a huge mistake by any referee and stop play. I’m sure New York won’t like that idea because they want to decide everything for their office. But it would stop the injustice of the NFC Championship game. You don’t need another rule change, you don’t need more challenges. You just need an official up in a booth who can stop play when he sees something like what happened in the NFC Championship game. That’s a mistake the NFL can’t afford to keep making. I think especially applies to any playoff game when the stakes can be higher.

  18. They shoud concentrate on the PI rules because that directly affects the integrity of the game. But no… it should be the OT rule simply because the Patriots won. Didn’t hear people say OT rule is bad when the Rams won. What changed? The Patriots won on OT.

  19. My suggestion is not to have a point after kick in overtime. They must run a two-point play. Also, if the first team to get the ball goes for a touchdown, the other team gets a chance to possess the ball. If they don’t score a touchdown and extra points to match the other team, they lose. Following that, they go sudden death. So, you can win or lose because of a two-point play.

  20. Interesting that Park Ave has refused to even address how the Saints were jobbed by officials NOT enforcing the rules on the books, but the Patriots win following the rules Park Ave’s red herring response is through intermediaries is- “Why… we MUST change the rules”

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