Tony Romo has had offers to come back

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This is what happens, apparently, when Matt Hasselbeck says no.

CBS broadcaster/seer of the future Tony Romo clearly still has the ability to diagnose plays at the line of scrimmage, and somebody apparently wanted him to get back to doing it with a helmet on.

In his interview with Richard Deitsch of The Athletic, Romo said he’s had offers to come back to the field.

“There are legitimate contract offers and there are, ‘Hey, what are you thinking?'” he said with a laugh.

Then asked to describe the difference between a serious offer and a less-than serious offer, he offered a bit of info.

“There was something earlier this season and definitely two times this offseason,” he said. “Usually, it is a coach that reaches out.”

Romo’s still just 38, and was good enough at his job previously to make you think he could play. And given the desperation some teams showed while looking for quarterbacks this year, he’d clearly be an upgrade over some of the guys who got calls — and even some of them who answered the calls and got jobs.

39 responses to “Tony Romo has had offers to come back

  1. He’d be foolish to make a comeback.Romo does a really good job at CBS as a commentator.With all of his past injuries,he would be one hit away from serious health issues for life.

  2. Romo is a great analyst and would be a fool to go back to playing. He’s going to have enough problems physically as he gets older and going back he could be putting his quality of life at risk.

  3. Hopefully as a coach. Preferably with the Dallas Cowboys to replace jason garrett aka coach process in futility

  4. Forget playing…I want the Redskins to look into Romo as an offensive coordinator…or possibly defensive coordinator…since he studies so much he knows what plays the opposing offense is gonna run!!!

  5. He’d be a better coordinator or quarterback coach, but I think he’s got the ultimate job right where he’s at.

  6. Romo’s the best and most entertaining analyst in the business, easily the best to come along in years (probably since Aikman, who’s also very good. What about Cowboys QB’s make them so good in the booth?). It all comes so naturally to him, and how he was predicting those plays to Gronk on Sunday was entertaining.

  7. If it weren’t for the back injuries no doubt he would still be playing. It definitely wasn’t a decline in ability, just availability. Man I loved watching him play though. Underrated and dang sure under appreciated. As cowboy fans we will soon look back at the Romo era and wish we could go back to it. Mark my words.

  8. Nope. He’s the NFL’s best color commentator by miles. He’s found his forever home.

  9. Now everybody loves Tony. He is the one in demand if one would like to have a game called entertaining. He wasn’t that much loved when in uniform. I don’t think that he would like to go back to a point where he has to explain himself in case of an L. The money shouldn’t be a factor at this point in his career. Plus add that he got away healthy and the transition from one career to other was the smoothest possible. But then again, I’ve seen stranger things happen.

  10. We invite you to come play for the Jaguars and the day you decide to hang it up, we promise you can be our HC. Where else will you get that kind of guarantee?

  11. Romo could definitely still be a back-up in this league (if not a starter). But he’s got a pretty sweet gig. There’s no reason to give that up.

  12. I honestly believe he would have led the Cowboys to the Super Bowl this year. Whether Dallas’s problem is Prescott’s limitations or Linehan’s garbage play-calling, Romo fixes both. I also think he would have made Michael Gallup a ROY candidate.

  13. Why would he give up a cushy gig with Nance to subject his fragile back to more hits from guys like Darnold and Suh? IF he ever returns to the game it will probably be as an Offensive Coordinator or to replace carrot top in Dallas.

  14. It’s true Romo can predict the plays before they happen. He did it several times on Sunday.
    However, I don’t want to know what’s going to happen beforehand. I know I can turn the volume down but I like to hear the sounds of the game. I like Romo but sometimes I just want him to be quiet and let me watch.

  15. Don’t let Tony’s play calls take away from the fact that Mr. Bundy is credited with scoring four touchdowns in a single game while playing for the Polk High School Panthers in the 1966 city championship game versus Andrew Johnson High School, including the game-winning touchdown in the final seconds against his old nemesis, “Spare Tire” Dixon.

  16. Tony would be wise to stay away from playing again. With his injury history towards the end of his career, just walk away while you can still walk away…

  17. Stay in the booth, Tony. You’re good at what you do. Fox should trade Captain Obvious Aikman for Romo. Romo and Buck – not bad. Smarmy Nantz and Aikman would be good cheesy fun. It’s a good trade for both teams.

  18. Airman is horrible! He and buck are discustingly constant homers for dallas. Makes me puke.

    Currently there are NO broadcast duos anywhere near what there was with the AFC on NBC in the 70s and 80s

  19. If it were an offer from a team that had a real shot at a SB I would tell him to do it….he deserves a ring….. Never going to get one with the cowboys……..that organization is a train wreck barely on the tracks.

  20. Working 5:00am to midnight 7 days a week all year round as a coach is so much better than golfing, visiting with teams all week, and only working on Sunday.

    Tony has made, and he knows it.

  21. As spot on as he is with offensive play calling, Tony Romo should be a defensive coordinator. He seems to really be prepared for the offensive play that is coming.

  22. TruthfulDolphinsFanNotWearingBlinders says:
    January 22, 2019 at 8:12 am
    At least as a broadcaster Tony finally made it to a championship game and is going to a Super Bowl.


    no different than dan, except when dan actually made the bowl, he played awful. tony could have done that too. squish the fish bro!

  23. There are plenty of good QBs to be had:

    Ryan Tannehill
    Joe Flacco
    Blake Bortles
    Andy Dalton
    Teddy Bridgewater
    Case Keenum

    Just put 10 HOFer around them and they could be great.

  24. as an eagles fan glad hes not back but would of been something to see if he got to play with Elliot

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