Derek Carr wants to fight the “clowns” on TV who think he’s not a good QB

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Raiders quarterback Derek Carr has heard plenty of criticism after leading his team to 4-12 and 6-10 records over the last two years, and he’s getting sick of it.

Told that the hosts of First Take had criticized him, Carr wrote on Twitter that anyone listening to that criticism should consider the source.

“It’s because I blocked them both for talking trash about our team. Those 2 clowns don’t know anything about this game. Would love to actually sit and break down film with these two on tv just to show their viewers how incompetent (lacking qualification) they are about our game,” Carr wrote.

Carr then directed a tweet to UFC President Dana White, saying he’d like to step into the Octagon with said “clowns.”

“Hey how do I challenge a couple of these clowns on tv to a fight? I think we should start a business together. Where pro athletes can challenge some of these people to an octagon fight until they give us an answer,” Carr wrote.

It’s easy to see why Carr doesn’t like the criticism he’s taking, but his comments come across as overly defensive. Carr should be thinking about proving his critics wrong on the football field, not in the Octagon.

42 responses to “Derek Carr wants to fight the “clowns” on TV who think he’s not a good QB

  1. Part of being a professional is being able to ignore the noise. Sure you can use it as motivation, but you can’t get so caught up in every criticism like this. Everyone knows the people on these sports shows are just spitting hot takes for attention. If you disagree, shut them up.

  2. Carr is even a bigger mess than I would have guessed.

    So Carr what are you gonna do when say a Jon “Bones” Jones criticizes you? I’ll tell you what you will do, you’ll tuck it back and stop flapping your gums. It’s a whole different ball game calling out and bullying reporters who have little to no athletic skills Carr. Remember this.

    Here is some good advice for you, Carr. It is better to remain silent and be thought of as a fool, than to open ones mouth and remove all doubts.

  3. Meanwhile those very same clowns will argue that Carr is making it up and no one has ever doubted him in any way…

  4. I’d like to see poise and professionalism out of a QB, but I’d also like to see these talking heads try to physically defend themselves.

  5. Carr shouldn’t be debating this on Twitter but he’s right about the current state of sports journalism. Stephen A. Smith is a gas bag who likely got bullied by athletes because he sucked at sports.

  6. Liberalsruineverything says:
    January 23, 2019 at 6:39 pm

    Steven A. Smith and Max Kellerman being called clowns is an insult to clowns everywhere.
    Thanks for the laugh!! Too funny

  7. Carr is making a mistake not staying above the noise but not as big a one as those talking heads would be making if they accepted his challenge. The challenge to break down film that is, our dog knows more about football than either of those twits. I would flat out pay money to see Kellerman and Smith try to break down film with him.

  8. Max Kellerman and Steven A Smith shouldn’t be taken seriously regardless but they aren’t entirely off base here. Carr went from a great prospect with some arm strength and good character to being an emotional wreck who hasn’t gotten over his injuries hope he gets back to his old self.

  9. Yeah, because a professional athlete beating out of shape guys who are totally unathletic would be so entertaining.

  10. Stephen A. Smith and Kellerman are both gasbags that just run their mouths. Probably got chased home by the other kids after school everyday. Carr will be back in a big way if the O-line protects him next season and the Raiders can add a decent wide out. He will have a big year, only the second time in his career that he will be under the same OC, last time was in 2015/2016 and he had a MVP caliber year in 2016.

  11. Carr’s an OK QB, but obviously one with very thin skin. Challenging non-athletes to a fight comes across as very immature.

  12. Lets see. He’s not very good on the field, he wears makeup and he cries on the field. I’ll take that fight all day.

  13. The reality about Derek Carr is that he’s never been extraordinary but is a system QB who is as good or as bad as the coaching he receives. When he had a good OC in Bill Musgrave – who utilized Carr’s skills of quick release, good arm strength and didn’t try to alter Carr’s personality – Carr excelled and was in fact mentioned in the 2016 MVP conversation. Under poor coaching under the inept Downing (Carr’s buddy) and last season Gruden Carr played poorly.

    I’m predicting that Gruden will get rid of Carr and that the next Raiders starting QB will also languish under the “coaching genius”. Meantime, if Carr goes to a team with good offensive coaching and a functional o-line then he will probably prosper and reach the level of play he displayed in 2015/2016.

  14. Carr went on to say that Kellerman and co-host Stephen A Smith are just mad because he blocked them on twitter “for talking trash about our team,” adding that he “Would love to actually sit and break down film with these two on tv just to show their viewers how incompetent (lacking qualification) they are about our game.”


  15. Win and criticisms stop. Lose and it continues. The QB and coaches take the blame and/or glory whether deserved or not. That is the NFL reality. Suck it up, stop reading or watching these shows and stop responding to them.

  16. Has yet, if ever, to mature into a winning QB… this proves it. Also agree that this QB is only as good as his coaching & OL. He has not shown the ability to keep plays alive by improvising, also has not shown the ability to elevate players & coaches around him either. His 1 good year out of 5, Carr had the best OL in football, & had decent Coaching.

  17. Haters are funny….The guy has thrown for almost 20,000 yards in his first 5 years….completes almost the same percentage of passes as the GOAT Tom Brady has for a career, and was almost at 70% completion rate this year. Bottom line the Raiders had rookies as bookends this year, and over 1/3 of his sacks happened this year opposed to the other 4…..Hate on- Raiders have over 70 million in cap space, and can easily get another 20 million with little to no money going to dead space. With 4 of the first 35 picks and 10 over all in this years draft….I can’t wait to see what the Raiders do this offseason.

    Go Raiders!

  18. I agree with him on the first part about breaking down film. That would be hilarious and he would own them. On the second part he just regresses into sounding like just another dumb jock. “Wanna fight? huh huh huh”

  19. Those 2 clowns don’t know anything about this game. Would love to actually sit and break down film with these two on tv just to show their viewers how incompetent (lacking qualification) they are about our game,” Carr wrote.

    so true. oh so very true. i’m so sick of those 2 sitting up there pretending they know anything about football. I sure don’t but i don’t have a national stage to spew nonsense. These are the two idiots who also set the narratives for ‘who is the best QB ever?’ and all that garbage talk. Derek Carr has a new fan…me.

  20. Finally! Some friggin fire out of this kid. Too bad it’s too late though, as i’m done with the nfl.

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