Saints’ P.J. Williams arrested for drunk driving again

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Saints cornerback P.J. Williams was arrested early this morning in New Orleans on a driving while intoxicated charge, another in a growing list of driving offenses for Williams.

Williams booked for drunk driving and careless driving at about 1:10 a.m. and bonded out of custody three hours later, the New Orleans Advocate reports.

In 2014 Williams, then a starting cornerback at Florida State, drove his car into the path of an oncoming vehicle, totaling both cars, and fled the scene. He was driving with a suspended license at the time but was given only two traffic tickets by the Tallahassee Police, rather than a more serious criminal charge, leading to accusations that the local police were favoring football stars. In 2015 Williams, then a draft prospect, was arrested for driving under the influence in Tallahassee. Local authorities later dropped that charge, even though Williams admitted he “had a few drinks.”

The 25-year-old Williams was the Saints’ third-round draft pick in 2015 and has just completed his rookie contract, meaning he is set to become a free agent in March.

Williams started seven games in the regular season and both playoff games.

38 responses to “Saints’ P.J. Williams arrested for drunk driving again

  1. He just came out yesterday and was talking about how he just had his best season and that he created a good market for himself. So much for that…

  2. Positive story one hour, negative the next. This would be a pretty good comedy set-up elsewhere, but this is no laughing matter. Hopefully he learns from this.

  3. Cut him. Incredibly irresponsible and dangerous behavior that he clearly isn’t addressing after multiple failures in the past. If Kareem is cut for kicking a person on video, Williams should be cut for putting innocent lives in danger on multiple occasions. Absolutely no time or sympathy for this man with these reckless and selfish decisions.

  4. Feel sorry for the kid I hope he gets his act together. With that being said, check out that picture. Was that face mask called? Start the game from there. Lol

  5. why, oh why do these young fools think they are God’s gift if not God, themselves, when it God bestowed upon them their athletic gift He can just as easily take away?

    yes, alcoholism is a disease but the bottom line is nobody else put the bottle in his hands and only he can put the bottle down;

    sure am tired of alcohol being blamed for a lot of things it didn’t do;

  6. I don’t understand why these guys like/prefer to drive drunk. I have a much more limited budget but I would much rather pay to uber/lyft when going out. Easier than worrying about parking, it’s much safer, and you avoid a DUI.

    They must like showing off their cars?

  7. kenmasters34 says:
    January 23, 2019 at 9:13 am

    Take his license. He can afford to UBER around.


    Not having a little card in his pocket won’t prevent him from driving. He was already ticketed before for driving with a suspended licence.

  8. I can not understand, and have no sympathy for anyone who is caught multiple times. You do it once, maybe you had a lapse in judgement. Doing it repeatedly is a pattern and shows you have no regard for others safety. When you make 100k +, you can afford the ubers, taxis or I believe the ride service the team or league supplies for free. ( I may be wrong about that)

    Guy is going to kill someone sooner than later.

  9. I remember reading a long time ago that the NFL will gladly provide security and transportation for anyone involved in tbe league. This was around the plaxico incident.

    Nobody takes advantage of this and I cant figure out why. Its free and could save you from this situation or worse.

  10. See what happens when college football players get coddled by their communities…he obviously didn’t learn the first 2 times.

  11. I was a drunk once. Until you break out of that alcohol culture, you will keep making bad decisions. I hope he can make it out.

  12. Afford and Uber or cab? The NFL will provide security and transportation? Hell he can afford to have a shofer at his call 24 hours a day. Zero excuse for his stupidity.

  13. Treat DUI like attempted manslaughter (which it is) with the prison time to go with. See it change…

  14. Next time he will kill somebody, and then his days will be numbered. Ridiculous
    to keep letting him go without penalty. If it was a normal person, they would be
    in jail in Florida, and not for 3 hours, a lot longer.

  15. “crik911 says:
    January 23, 2019 at 10:07 am

    I remember reading a long time ago that the NFL will gladly provide security and transportation for anyone involved in tbe league. This was around the plaxico incident.

    Nobody takes advantage of this and I cant figure out why. Its free and could save you from this situation or worse.”


    Probably because no player trusts that the information will stay “confidential”. they have lots of history to support that suspicion.

  16. In this day and age there is NO reason for people to get in a car and drive AFTER they’ve been drinking. NONE! I don’t care how you think your driving abilties are with a few in you…your body has alchol in it. Yes I get pissed when I see this happening in 2019 with the availablity of UBER, and some many other transportation services.

  17. Admittedly this is a serious matter that is very preventable, and the guy needs help, but I can understand why every Saints player would be drinking after 2 devastating playoff losses in consecutive seasons.

  18. I can understand his drinking after his Saints got jobbed Sunday. But my gosh hire a driver. That’s just not a good decision.

  19. Note to PJ — stop doing this before you kill someone. And if that doesn’t motive you sufficiently consider this — you ain’t in Tallahassee anymore so cops/prosecutors aren’t gonna be so inclined to sweep your crimes under the rug.

  20. He needs to be literally locked up for a little while. A few tickets, and even a fine, are not going to change his behavior at all. But, 60 days locked up might grab his attention. I have zero care about how this affects his future salary. People that continually drive under the influence are putting lives at danger every single time (unfortunately, not just their own).

  21. danbo3330 you are probably right. If its all legal then it shouldnt matter tho. Obviously people and players make terrible choices all the time like dui.

  22. The money he earns – and he can’t take a cab once he’s a bit sozzled? He needs to grow up – before he kills someone.
    Another coddled football player with nothing between his ears.

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