The Saints have had rough back-to-back ends to the season; who else has been through that?

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The Saints had a heartbreaking end to each of their last two postseason runs. Which spawned an idea for a PFT Live draft.

Which other teams have had devastating ends to their seasons in consecutive years?

Big Cat a/k/a Dan Katz, Chris Simms, and yours truly selected three rounds each of teams that have been through rough conclusions to playoff runs in back-to-back years. So come wallow in their misery and refresh your own memory about some of the very good teams that met very bad endings in two straight seasons.

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45 responses to “The Saints have had rough back-to-back ends to the season; who else has been through that?

  1. That for sure has to be a kick to the groin for that team and fanbase, especially considering both years they have been good enough to bring home the trophy

  2. The ironic thing is that 2017 ended with a DB pulling up to avoid PI & H2H which resulting in missing a tackle and allowing a TD. 2018 ended with an opposing DB committing PI & H2H to stop a TD. Conclusion: Marcus Williams should have blindsided and trucked Stefon Diggs, leading with the helmet on the defenseless receiver, and hoped for a no-call. Maybe the nearest ref would have lived near New Orleans. Worth a shot, as we have learned.

  3. Packers 2014 NFCCG OT loss and 2015 OT loss in AZ. Neither are related to bad officiating, but both are OT losses on the first possession.

  4. I remember feeling the same disgust in the 70’s for my Cowboy’s

    It’s still hard trying trying to fathom losing to the Steeler’s twice and not one flag against them either game..

    Tell me that happens today

  5. Yes they have….. but THEY lost BOTH OF THOSE GAMES when they had the ability to win them outright!!

  6. 1976-the Patriots lost to the Raiders in the playoffs because of an atrocious roughing the passer call on Ken Stabler courtesy of Referee Ben Dreith.

    1977-the Patriots, in order to make it to the playoffs needed the Baltimore Colts to defeat the Lions. On the other hand, it was beneficial to the Colts if they lost-I think they faced a weaker opponent in the playoffs or hosted a game-I don’t remember the reason. I do remember that the Colts lost the game because of a controversial fumble in the fourth quarter..and Colt players were jumping for joy on the sideline. I also remember that the Colts didn’t advance far in the post season and the NFL quietly changed the playoff formula so this situation could never happen again.

  7. The Falcons with the Super Bowl LI debacle and then the 5 plays goal to go where they couldn’t go to the eventual champs (Eagles).

  8. Rex Ryan with the NY Jets had back to back AFC championship games -and lost both. Sadly, his last shot at the playoffs it seems. And that last year, beat Brady AND Manning only to lose to the Steelers.

  9. Well, when your only SB is paved with blatant cheap shots after the whistle with the intent to injure and you get the benefit of a lot of non-calls and bad calls alike… the Karma mountain must be a steep one to climb.

  10. @hamlet423

    Yup, being on the cusp of a super bowl for the first time in 40 + years just to barely lose both AFCG’s was painful. I put Jim Kelly’s Bills and this years Saints team over the 2009-2011 Jets though just because of the way they lost.

  11. The only right answer is the Bills losing 4 Super Bowls in a row.

    The Browns with The Drive and The Fumble come close.

    The continued lack of championships for both teams since these occurrences only adds to their easily being 1st and 2nd on the list.

  12. The 1972-1975 Raiders. It started with the Immaculate Reception in the Division round and continued on to 1976 before the Raiders finally kicked the door in and won the AFC Championship in route to a Super Bowl blowout of the Vikings.

    Before ’76 there were 3 consecutive AFC Conference Championship game appearances where the Raiders either led going in to the 4th quarter or were behind by no more than 7 points. Losing all 3.

  13. Seahawks 2014 & 2015. Losing SB XLIX when we should have ran and then getting smacked by the Panthers in the divisional round. Back to back Super Bowls would have capped an amazing mini dynasty.

  14. 2006 Patriots blowing a 21-3 lead in the AFC Championship game to Indy and losing. They would have throttled the Bears in the SB.

    2007 Patriots missing a chance to go 19-0. Most devastating loss ever as a fan.

  15. After losing the perfect season due to the helmet catch, I don’t give a damn about the Saints and their problems. They would have been the greatest team of all time by a mile.

  16. Here’s how it works in the NFL, and all sports really. Win, or it means nothing. We can go on and on and on about every team being “good enough” to win, etc. That’s why champs get all the credit over everyone else. The teams that are truly “good enough” find a way to beat all obstacles, including the officials. Losers can point to excuses or they can just admit they weren’t “good enough” to win the game.

  17. Anyone else see the video showing the Side Judge #60 stopping the Down Judge from questioning the play?

  18. Cowboys 2014 & 2016. Dez’s catch that was called no catch. Aaron Rodgers freak throw to set up GWFG. I know it wasn’t back to back years, but two out of three years

  19. 2002 and 2003 Philadelphia Eagles. Andy Reid’s 2nd and 3rd lost championship game. Last game at the Vet and a Panthers win at the Linc. 2004 was no picnic either losing in Tom Brady’s 3rd Super Bowl.

  20. 1991 -1992 Houston Oilers

    1991 season they were the victims of The Drive Part 2 – Elway came from behind at Mile High in the Divisional Round despite the Oilers dominating that game.

    1992 season they lost at Buffalo in the Wildcard. It remains the biggest come from behind victory ever. Don Beebe ran out of bounds then came back in to catch a TD and start the comeback.

  21. 1st place, Bills for back to back to back to back superbowls.
    2nd place, Cleveland, but not kosar and byner team. 2016, 1-15, the season ends by keeping hue.2017 0-16 and hue is not fired immediately. All the other teams on the list were competitive. How devastating is it to know the worst 1 win coach in the history is coming back for another year, again.

  22. Why is The Drive so infamous? It seems every week there are comeback drives. This was just another one. Plus it only took the game to ot. It makes me wonder why teams play such soft D when they’re in front. It almost always ends in tears

  23. The 1973-1976 Vikings.

    1973: Lost Super Bowl VIII 24-7
    1974: Lost Super Bowl IX 16-6
    1975: Lost Divisional playoff game (Hail Mary/Pearson pushoff) to Dallas 17-14
    1976: Lost Super Bowl XI 32-14

    1987-1993 Houston Oilers.

    Seven consecutive seasons in the playoffs, and not even one appearance in the AFC championship game to show for it.

  24. Packers 2014 NFCCG OT loss and 2015 OT loss in AZ. Neither are related to bad officiating, but both are OT losses on the first possession.

    Doesn’t count when it is self-inflicted. The loss in AZ shouldn’t have even gone to OT except for a miracle hail mary. And man, as a Bears fan that loss to Seattle couldn’t have been any sweeter! How many ways did GB BLOW that game? Let’s count: 1) The most predictable, conservative play calling I’ve ever seen in my life just running up the middle three plays then punting MANY drives in a row to try to milk the clock and taking the ball out of a future HOF’s hands to win the game, 2) oh man, how about that INT when Matthews (or whoever) had a CONVOY of 5-6 players to the end zone but inexplicably went down to ‘preserve the victory’, 3) ah the 2 point conversion pass that was in the air for what seemed like 15 seconds without any player able to knock it down, 4) the selfish play on ST on the onside kick. If the guy just does his job and blocks the game is over, 5) giving up the long 50 yard pass in OT. WOW! I just got excited thinking about it again…has there EVER been a bigger implosion in a football game in the history of football? 🙂

  25. Except for the Bills 4 Super Bowl losses in a row the Vikings have had the worst luck and most gut wrenching losses in playoff history:
    1968 – lost divisional rd
    1969 – lost Super Bowl
    1970 – lost divisional
    1971 – lost divisional
    1973 – lost Super Bowl
    1974 – lost Super bowl
    1975 – lost divisional
    1976 – lost Super Bowl
    1977 – lost NFCCG
    1978 – lost divisional
    1980 – lost divisional
    1982 – lost divisional
    1987 – lost NFCCG
    1988 – lost divisional
    1989 – lost divisional
    1992-1994 – lost wild card
    1996 – lost wild card
    1997 – lost divisional
    1998 – lost NFCCG
    1999 – lost divisional
    2000 – lost NFCCG
    2004 – lost divisional
    2008 – lost wild card
    2009 – lost NFCCG
    2012 – lost wild card
    2015 – lost wildcard
    2017 – lost NFCCG

    29 seasons in the playoffs and zero Super Bowl wins

  26. The Saints have a bad offense for playoff football. They depend in a balanced running game and short passing game that keeps them in favorable down and distance. This works great early in the regular season when defenses are playing conservatively and simply. Later in the season, it works less well when defenses are more complicated and more aggressive. And it works poorly in the post season when you’re playing well coached and well prepared teams that attack the foundations of your offense.

    The Rams defense had the upper hand all game, and the Saints had exactly one quality TD drive. They were lucky to be in that game and owed that to Goff’s poor play.

  27. Scott West says:
    January 24, 2019 at 2:41 pm

    The Saints have a bad offense for playoff football.
    The Saints couldn’t run the ball. That helped the Rams hold Thomas to under 40 yards receiving. Give the Rams defense some credit there.

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