Tom Brady has played in more Super Bowls than the Rams’ whole roster

Getty Images

If Super Bowl experience matters, then the Patriots have an enormous advantage over the Rams.

In fact, Tom Brady alone has more Super Bowl experience than the Rams’ entire roster.

Brady has already played in eight Super Bowls, the most in NFL history. The Rams’ whole roster has just four players who have played in a total of five Super Bowls: C.J. Anderson has played in two with the Broncos, Aqib Talib has played in one with the Broncos, Brandin Cooks has played in one with the Patriots and Sam Shields has played in one with the Packers.

The Patriots, of course, have dozens of players who have played in the Super Bowl, including everyone who was on the active roster when they played in last year’s Super Bowl. Rarely has a Super Bowl had one team with a greater big-game experience advantage than this year’s Patriots have over the Rams.