Buccaneers lower ticket prices for season pass holders

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The Buccaneers have seen fewer and fewer people in the stands for their games at Raymond James Stadium and there’s little doubt that the team’s long playoff drought has something to do with that.

They hope that hiring Bruce Arians as head coach and making other moves will push the team in the right direction, but they are also making other moves that could spur more people to come out to games while they see if that works out. Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times reports that the team sent renewal offers to season pass holders with 2019 ticket prices that are lower than they were last year.

Prices have dropped for all seats in the upper deck of the stadium and for 11 percent of the seats in the lower bowl. The rest of the prices will remain flat.

“We recognize and appreciate the passion and loyalty of our season pass members who have supported the Buccaneers throughout the years,’’ Bucs COO Brian Ford said to pass holders. “For the second year in a row, there will be no price increase for our season pass members ensuring that we remain one of the most affordably priced tickets in the NFL. We look forward continuing to provide the best in class customer service and overall game experience that our season pass members have come to expect.”

The Buccaneers saw their attendance drop for the third straight year and hit the lowest level since 2010 during the 2018 season.

11 responses to “Buccaneers lower ticket prices for season pass holders

  1. How nice of them to lower season ticket prices after a season where they couldn’t even give tickets away

  2. As a season ticket holder since Ray Jay opened in 98, I can say we have learned to not expect much in regard to the on field product as well as the customer service. The food is WAY overpriced and is of terrible quality. We may be dropping the tickets or at least getting a lesser quantity.

  3. Actually what they are doing is just lowering the cost of season tickets for only the sections of the stadium where they don’t currently have many season ticket holders (i.e. the upper levels and a very small portion of the lower bowl)

    Thus, while they claim they are doing this as a reward for the “loyal season pass members who have supported the Buccaneers throughout the years”, the vast majority of these loyal fans get 0% discount on their tickets. I have 6 tickets in different sections of the lower bowl and club level and I am paying the same as last year for each ticket. So it is purely a way to sell new season tickets packages to people that haven’t been loyal fans.

  4. All NFL prices are excessive. I was out priced many years ago. We were a family of 5. Our kids are grown. Every once in a while, I can might be able to afford to buy a ticket for my wife and I. There are a lot of fans that can afford to buy season tickets. For those people, playing competitive football is a must. Fans are drawn to winners. The Bucs haven’t been competitive in years. Giving away tickets to already season tickets is mostly a stupid idea.

    If I was serious about trying to regain fans to come back to the stadium, I would try something like the Rays and Magic do buy offering a deep discount to buy a package of 2-4 games. I might try putting tickets on sale on a Friday afternoon if I wasn’t selling out that game. It’s not that the Bucs don’t have fans. The question is how to get Buc fans to buy a ticket and have fans show up at at the stadium. It will take something more to get away from my TV and travel to the stadium. I’ll be I’m not the only fan who feels this way.

  5. Wait, they are lowering the total price by 11% from last year however, they just announced that one home game will be in London next season. So it’s one less game. If it’s 11% per game I get it but if it’s 11% off the total package from last year then how’s that a good deal considering it’s one less ticket?

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