Englishwoman named Dee Ford harassed by angry Chiefs fans on Twitter

Getty Images

Dee Ford is an Englishwoman who had nothing to do with the Chiefs’ loss to the Patriots. She was in Kent, England, asleep when Chiefs linebacker Dee Ford lined up offsides.

But when the Englishwoman woke up Monday morning, angry Chiefs fans had bombarded her Twitter account, @dee_ford. (The Chiefs linebacker does not have a Twitter account.)

“The phone was going off literally nonstop,” she said, via John Sleezer of the Kansas City Star. “Some of the things were quite vicious. The things they’re saying, he doesn’t deserve it.”

One wrote, “You ruined my whole year.”

“How the (bleep) do you sleep at night?” tweeted another.

The 47-year-old Ford became aware of Dee Ford the football player five years ago when someone in the Auburn Athletics Department accidentally tagged her in a congratulatory tweet to Dee Ford the football player.

That got her interested in football. She learned the game and has become a fan of Auburn and the Chiefs. The Englishwoman has spoken to the Chiefs’ Ford on the phone, and she attended an Auburn game last fall and a Chiefs game in London in 2015.