Gerald McCoy embraces change, which may mean a change of scenery

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The Gerald McCoy era may be nearing an end in Tampa Bay.

McCoy, the Buccaneers’ six-time Pro Bowl defensive tackle, has had a few things to say on Twitter recently that may be cryptic allusions to the possibility that he’ll need to move on from the team that selected him with the third overall pick in the 2010 NFL draft.

“Embrace change, even when the change slaps you in the face,” McCoy tweeted yesterday.

It’s easy to envision the Buccaneers deciding to make a change, as McCoy will turn 31 next month and is due a base salary of $13 million in 2019. The Buccaneers’ defense was the worst in the NFL last season, and there’s a new coaching staff, so it should go without saying that there will be changes on defense. Often when a team is looking to make changes, expensive players on the wrong side of 30 are the first to go.

If he becomes a free agent this offseason, McCoy would surely have plenty of suitors. But probably not any willing to pay him $13 million this year.

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  1. I think that answer come down to whether Bowles start with the 4-3 defense, or immediately goes to the 3-4. McCoy would have a much harder time fitting in with the 3-4.

  2. Just like any quarterback that followed Dan Marino or Roger Stabauch was going to rough go of it, any three technique defensive tackle that was going to follow Warren Sapp was going to have it rough.

    Gerald McCoy is a six time Pro Bowler for a reason. He’s an outstanding defensive tackle who’s the quickest off the snap that I’ve ever seen. He pushes the pocket back and plays the run very well. He’s mostly played with mediocre talent around him, allowing him to be double and triple teamed nearly his whole career.

    But he’s not Warren Sapp, so a lot of Bucs fans don’t appreciate him. It’s ridiculous and grossly unfair. Sapp was a once-in-a-generation type of DT. Aaron Donald is the first one I’ve seen that would compare favorably to him, and Sapp left the Bucs (and his prime) in 2003.

    I hope McCoy stays, but if he doesn’t, he’ll always have my appreciation for what he’s done for the franchise.

  3. As a Bucs fan my issue with McCoy isn’t because he’s not Warren Sapp. It’s because he plays soft, he’s often injured and takes plays off. I prefer my D lineman to be mean and play with an edge, not be apologizing to opposing players for hitting them, etc. He also wasn’t voted the Defensive Captain for a reason. Ian Beckles has spoken about this often, how offensive players don’t fear him, etc. Beckles also made a good point about how often do you see McCoy make a game changing play late in a game when it really matters? He couldn’t think of one and I couldn’t either.

    I appreciate McCoy as a human being, he’s a good person and someone I would love to have as a neighbor. He also grew up a Bucs fan and it’s nice that he got to play for his favorite team. However, this defense needs less nice guys and more nastiness.

  4. @slowjoe You must be slow if you think McCoy is a great player!!! You’re one those typical McCoy apologists who makes excuses for why McCoy wasn’t a better player…Try watching some ALL-22 film of any Bucs game sometime!! Let me tell what you will see….McCoy “exploding” off the line straight into the back field and the QB calmly stepping up into the pocket to avoid him while which ever scrub OL pancakes McCoy to the ground. The other things you’ll see is McCoy in the backfield falling UNTOUCHED flat on his face while the RB run past him.

    Some other McCoy “highlights” you will see include him making NO effort whatsoever to reach out and actually try to make a tackle. Then of course there is the always entertaining celebration he does when he accidentally gets a half sack through pure luck and someone else that is actually making a play.

    McCoy is a overpaid tool that makes exactly 1 1/2 plays a game! If you believe that averaging 20 tackles and 6 sacks a season over a 9 year career makes you a great player worth what he is being paid….then you really are a typical Bucs fan.

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