Jamal Adams says his playful hit sent mascot to hospital

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Jets safety Jamal Adams wants to deliver big hits to Patriots.

But he said his attempt to add some levity to the Pro Bowl skills challenge went awry, which his tackle on the Patriots mascot sent the person inside the suit to the hospital.

“He [the mascot] was running around and everybody was booing him, so I said, ‘You know what? Let me go tackle him,’ Adams said, via Michael DiRocco of ESPN.com. “I didn’t hit him that hard, man. All jokes aside, I didn’t hit him that hard. I don’t know what’s really going on, but they did tell me he’s in the hospital. My intention was never to hurt him. it was all about just a joke but I definitely want to check on him and make sure everything is good. At the end of the day we were out here just having fun and it wasn’t nothing intentionally to try to hurt the guy.”

He tweeted out the footage yesterday, and it was a solid shot that appeared to take the poor mascot by surprise.

Adams said the league wasn’t happy with him, but there hasn’t been any official word from the league about that person’s condition.

82 responses to “Jamal Adams says his playful hit sent mascot to hospital

  1. wow, i completely assumed it was all a set up. I didn’t think anyone would be this dumb to actually blindside a mascot…well, it is a Jets player so…..

  2. Ok, made a mistake- opportunity to do the right thing, use your vast resources and make sure to go above and beyond taking care of this guy.

  3. Omg he flattened the poor kid! That would draw a roughing the passer flag! And now the nitwit has it on video to prove his guilt too. Admit this is funny but get ready for the lawsuit!

  4. Mascot was fine until he realized it was an NFL player with deep pockets…then the mascot was not fine.

  5. The only post season tackle he will ever experience…if the mascot tackled him he would have flown off the handle..do to others as you do to yourself…bad move

  6. He must be a genius.

    First of all, I have no idea who is in that Patriots suit. Could be a woman. Could be a guy recovering from some kind of injury.

    So Adams assaults the guy, on video after announcing his intent to “knock this guy out”.

    I’m guessing a $450K settlement is in the offing.

  7. I don’t even know who this guy is, but the fact he showed up at the Pro Bowl while apparently being a Jets player of some sort means mistakes were already made much farther upstream.

  8. Jamal Adams weights 213 pounds and landed full on the guy. That certainly could break some ribs.

    I understand the playfulness and that he didn’t intend to hurt anyone, so I won’t roast the guy’s character. That said: that is the type of behavior I’d expect to see a 14-year-old make in gym class. He probably should plan to be sued and get ready to settle.

    “Big mistake.”

  9. He came down hard with his full weight on top of the guy, and some of the posters here think its a joke? Probably broken or bruised ribs, what an IDIOT!

  10. While done “not hard” the tackle still looked hard. Especially for someone not accustomed to taking hits as well as not expecting a hit. Hope the person is ok.

  11. Good for you Jamal now only if someone were able too touch Brady would their be actual justice. Brady gets sneezed on and they throw a flag. But every pats fan mainly tylaw will say the jets and every other team and person are the real cheaters.

  12. It would only be funny if the mascot was expecting to get hit like that.
    He wasn’t. Mr Adams at the very least will be paying medical bills.

  13. Doesn’t seem like that bad a hit, honestly, but if the guy really did need to go to the hospital then Adams sure should follow up and take care of the bill. I’m glad that he went to check on him but that’s only one step in righting the wrong.

  14. This is a complete money grab. He barely hit the mascot. What a complete joke this country has turned into. Toughen up people..toughen up!!!!

  15. All the commenters here clearly didn’t watch the video of the mascot getting Adams back and taking him to the ground. It was all in fun and a mistake was made it’s that simple and I’m sure with Adams money he doesn’t mind paying any medical bills. To one of the commenters above who said Jamal shouldn’t be in the pro bowl..seriously? you should think again, he’s a great safety and was probably more deserving of 1st team all pro than Desmond King considering he basically put the entire Jets D on his back.

  16. Nothing funny about that unless seeing people get hurt is your thing. It could have been a teenage girl or boy in the suit. I don’t know to many people who would be okay after having a 200 man put all his weight and slamming you to the ground. What a jerk.

  17. fireroger says:
    January 24, 2019 at 2:38 pm
    That’s the only Patriot Adams has ever beat 🙂

    13 1 Rate This


    so true. another overrated, press clipping reading and mouthy jet.

    the media will continue to promote him, his head will get bigger, he will get worse and the jets will be forced to overpay him due to constant bad drafts

    rinse and repeat

    calvin pryor part 2

  18. “My intention was never to hurt him. it was all about just a joke but I definitely want to check on him and make sure everything is good”


    “My intention was never to get sued. it was all about just a joke so I wasn’t trying to get sued but I definitely want to check on him and make sure everything is good and he’s not going to sue me”

  19. I don’t care if the dude is wearing a mascot costume or not. Bad things can happen when a human head bounces off the ground. He is just lucky that it was on grass and not on cement.

    When I was in high school someone threw a punch I wasn’t expecting and if I hadn’t pulled back, I would probably not be here typing this today. My head would have slammed into the cement floor.

  20. I thought it was all scripted…..HUGE PATS FAN HERE…. even I had to laugh as I watched it…..
    I sure hope the kid inside is ok….. I don’t believe it was anything more than pandering to the crowd, definitely nothing intend to hurt the person inside…..just horse play that may have gone a bit too far….

  21. If you want to see a true tackle go google the Pro-Am golf event in Lake Tahoe were a fan asked AJ Hawk to tackle him. That didn’t end well for that idiot.

  22. If u look at the hit the mascot was not expecting it and it lifted him or her off their feet. I highly doubt it was scripted.

  23. too many moronic Patriot fans on here acting like this was something that its not. Was just a small tackle and a joke. And dude is trying to do a money grab, but he cant because of his waiver.

  24. Adams could start by volunteering to pay the guy’s hospital bill (whatever his insurance doesn’t cover).

  25. It’s an NFL sanctioned event, I would say worker’s comp and a suit for assualt. I’d have no problem with that if the mascot was truly injured.

  26. Hardest Jet hit on a Patriot since Mo Lewis almost killed Bledsoe.. Question is will the replacement mascot become the GOAT?

  27. @tylawspick6

    You know I’m starting to think you don’t even watch Patriots games lol. As much as die hard pats fans despise the Jets, every interaction I have had with Pats fans they praise Adams. To compare him to Calvin Pryor and just ignore the fact that he’s the only DB in the NFL who can shut down or limit Gronk is ignorant, and I know for a fact Pats fans will back me up on that because you dont represent them well at all. Just because he plays up at the line like Pryor did doesn’t make him Pryor because if you actually paid attention Adams is just as good in coverage and was targeted only 13 times after the bye week.

  28. WOW what a jerk…. I guess the JETS just won their Superbowl. Have fun playing for nothing this year Jamal…. the settlement will probably cost you your years salary, and it should.

  29. Too bad……….if Adams could tackle like that on Sunday’s, the NY(NOT YETS) might still be playing next week. Hahahahahahahhahhahahahah

  30. Don’t worry about the league over reacting. They’ll just ignore it and hope it goes away like everything else.

  31. Are you kidding me!….You can’t just blindside tackle the mascot like that! No wonder the person inside got hurt. He took him right off his feet and planted him in the ground. Hey Jamal!….Yo!! Knucklehead !!….The person inside the mascot costume is not a football player! What a dope! Makes sense that he’s a Jet.

  32. Adams said:

    “They’re not happy with me right now. The NFL is calling my phone, blowing me up. Saying that I put him in the hospital, so I gotta go check on him. Make sure he’s OK. But do I regret it? NOOOOO.”

  33. Not smart! Hope the guy is OK. Jets player so probably the highlight tackle of his season…

  34. He is a hitter. I’m glad that the Patriots’ players are safe, since they always get to pass on the Pro Bowl. Another great Jets/Pats story. I hope Adams gets sued and gets slapped by the league.

  35. This should at least cost the Patriots a 1st and 3rd round draft pick and Goodell wants to inspect Brady”s cell phone.

  36. Lack of support from Kraft and the Patriots is pretty dissappointing. If he tackled Jonathan Kraft I bet they would have had a lot to say. This guy probably gets paid ten dollars an hour so being hospitalized is no big deal.

  37. That looked REAL BAD. You cant behave that way with cameras there. Textbook tackle though.

  38. wow. thought it was rehearsed but if it wasn’t, it was a dumb move. full body weight hitting the ground, would hurt anyone, especially a non football player. The guy or gal in the mascot could have been a senior citizen for all we know.

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