Mike Mayock: Derek Carr is the least of our problems

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Derek Carr was an MVP candidate in 2016, finishing third behind Matt Ryan and Tom Brady after leading the Raiders to a 12-3 record with 28 touchdowns and six interceptions. He was a Pro Bowler last year when he threw 22 touchdowns and 13 interceptions.

Now, after a 4-12 record, 19 touchdowns and 10 interceptions, Carr is taking criticism. (Though he’s not taking it sitting down, challenging the First Take hosts — or “clowns” — to a UFC fight.)

General Manager Mike Mayock first defended Carr for his Twitter comments. Then, Thursday night, Mayock insisted the Raiders have their franchise quarterback in Carr.

“When you look at 32 teams in this league, and there aren’t 32 starting quarterbacks, yet we have one of them,” Mayock said, via Michael Gehlken of the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “He’s a starting quarterback in the NFL. He can make every throw. We’ve got to do a better job of protecting him and giving him weapons. He played with two rookie tackles last year. We need to get more speed on offense. We need to be more dynamic.

“Derek Carr, at this point, is kind of the least of our problems.”

24 responses to “Mike Mayock: Derek Carr is the least of our problems

  1. Gruden = Raiders biggest problem.

    Won with Dungy’s team. Not a top half coach in NFL. Offense is Vanilla.

  2. Mayock will be good for the Raiders, if he can survive Gruden’s massive ego.

    Derek Carr, not so much – the longer time goes on, the less this guy looks like a real franchise quarterback.

  3. When your GM says your QB is the least of your problems you should start to worry …

    I like Mayock and want him to succeed, but he’s raw and it may take him a few years to get up to speed. He’ll make some mistakes along the way, and learn from them.
    Just don’t expect a polished GM from the start.

  4. Don’t like the Raiders per se but I think Mayock is going to be brilliant in this role. Also I don’t think he’ll roll around for Gruden. I think the two of them will work really well together. Great hire.

  5. Right Mike, except he wants to fight people in a cage match and is, and more than likley could’nt fight his way out of a paper bag. Nothing but a 25 million per year bust, softer, bigger bust than his brother was.

  6. Can’t wait for Chucky to pull a Jerruh on Mayock and start telling him he doesn’t speak for the team.

  7. mike mayock is a great talent evaluator. he understands the game and played it as well. he should be able to find the right pieces for the raiders, especially with the raiders having so much upcoming draft capital. i think mayock was a good hire by the raiders. him and gruden want to build a program, similar to how the pats have. you know, a team that is a threat every year, not just occasionally.

  8. Tom Cable absolutely destroyed the Seahawks offensive line and with that destroyed their offense as well. He is on path to do the same with the Raiders.

  9. Niner empire fell on their collective faces and is the #2 team picking in the draft.

    Lets see if your limpy Franchise QB can come back from his balky knee injury.

    All these other morons who criticize Carr this last year has no idea what players where lining up at the OT positions, 4th string LG, 3 undersize complimentary RBs who put the ball on the floor way too much and a WR corps that lost their #1 WR without a replacemwnt.

    Maybe put talent around Carr so he has something to work with. That would be a good idea.

  10. So we aren’t in the market for a starting QB. I hope the media was paying attention and will stop with that sorry storyline…but they will stay with it because they love beating up on Tha Nation!!!

  11. The Raiders biggest problem starts with ownership. The firing of Del Rio in favor of Gruden (who no other team wanted at the time) and granting of GM powers to Gruden is just the latest symptom. Son-of-Al by his own admission has never worked in his life, has no business acumen, and has treated the team he INHERITED as a toy with an eye towards nonsensical publicity stunts.

    Son-of-Al is worse than Jimmy Haslam in Cleveland which makes him the worst owner in the league (if not all pro sports). Realistically, the Raiders can’t even begin to think about long-term success until there’s a change in ownership.

  12. League has solved him. So he is your biggest problem at his cap number. Hit him in the mouth a couple of times, and he folds mentally like a cheap suit. He reminds me of Jim Everett back in the day. Great on fourth quarter drives though.

  13. We do have a lot of issues at this point. To believe Carr is the QB to take us back to the top is a mistake though. He hasn’t been the same since his leg injury. I don’t believe he’ll return back to 2016 form. He hasn’t consistently been on that level since. A 25 million dollar QB that hasn’t played like one in two seasons…Going into year 6 and never sniffed a win at arrowhead…If he’s with us next year I hope he proves me wrong, I just don’t see it anymore. Go Raiders

  14. Finally someone talking sense. Carr didnt have his best year but it wasnt like it was a total disaster. Two rookie tackles (both having some very poor games at times) , a weak rushing attack, injuries at WR and a defense who couldnt stop anyone. It was on Carrs shoulders

    This isnt Madden ’19 where you switch your starter ever few plays. See what Carr can do next year on a stronger team and i hope a better oline.

    In the old days many many QB’s had off years but werent benched instantly. Now in the free agency era everyone wants to swap their QB the second they have a slightly off year.

    With so many other holes to fill a new QB is not a need at all

  15. Mike Mayock is already paying off. Now Gruden can concentrate on football and let someone else do the talking. Both Gruden and Mayock were very successful talking heads on TV because they’re intelligent and know the sport better than we do. While some football people dread their interaction with the media, Gruden and Mayock are able to manipulate the media to their advantage.

  16. He is spot on. If not for being hosed by the refs (all to familiar to any Raider fan) the super bowl would be between Brees and Brady who are both 40+…. Everybody wants to pass the torch to some of these younger players aka one hit wonders….but in the nfl it takes 4 years to know what you have in a QB. Fact is the 35+ crowd of Brady , Brees, Big Ben, Rivers, Eli, Rogers, and even Fitzpatrick still led the league in several stats. I am glad Carr has made it the 4 years, and we learned this year that he really is not that good laying on his back, or running for his life after he says “hike”.

    Go Raiders!

  17. Two side of a coin. So pick and flip.

    Either they are buttering him up to the media to trade him or they are serious in what is being said about keeping him.

    To me, choosing a qb is a 35% bet that most loose at.

    Better to work with a sure thing. And a top 10 qb is about as sure as it gets.

  18. Mayock is correct, Carr isn’t the Raiders issue. Guess the draftniks will need a new team to try and bully into drafting the 5’9″, 170lb bust in waiting Kyler Murphy.

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