Bo Jackson’s only advice to Kyler Murray is to “follow his heart”

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Bo Jackson was the No. 1 overall pick of the Buccaneers in the 1986 NFL Draft. He was a fourth-round pick, 105th overall, of the Royals in the 1986 amateur draft.

Jackson, upset with the Bucs for causing him to lose his college baseball eligibility at Auburn, turned down a more lucrative NFL offer to sign with the Royals. The Raiders made Jackson a seventh-round pick in 1987, and he ended up playing both sports.

Oklahoma quarterback/center fielder Kyler Murray now faces a similar decision.

“I would not give him advice,” Jackson said, via video from Rustin Dodd of The Athletic. “I followed my heart and my mind, and he has to do the same thing.”

Murray, the Heisman Trophy winner, declared for the NFL Draft earlier this month. The A’s used the ninth overall pick on him last June and paid him a $4.66 million signing bonus.

The Oklahoma quarterback has yet to announce his plans.

Jackson said it is “100 percent” more difficult to do both sports now than it was in his day.

“The athletic pool is so rich and deep with talent til it’s not funny. It’s ridiculous how talented the kids are,” Jackson said. “If you tried to be great at both sports, you’ll end up being mediocre at both and probably end up second string in both. I’m not saying that I was better than somebody else, but at the time I came up, the baseball team didn’t look like a team going to the Super Bowl. All the baseball players now are anywhere from 6-3 to 6-8, 260 pounds. They all look like linebackers. The talent pool is rich and deep. So like I said, the young man from Oklahoma needs to follow his heart. Follow his heart.”

32 responses to “Bo Jackson’s only advice to Kyler Murray is to “follow his heart”

  1. The world will never see another athlete as talented as the great Bo Jackson.

    He truly is a living legend.

  2. The difference is Bo Jackson could have been HOF in both sports. Murray could be really good at baseball. He’s way to small to be a quality QB in the NFL. You’ll never see another Bo Jackson. He was a different animal.

  3. My advice to Kyler Murray would be to make up his mind. Who in their right mind would draft him early, knowing that he will take off for baseball the instant he encounters any sort of adversity?

  4. Bo knows what it takes. Also Bo wasn’t trying to be a QB. He just had to be a RB so what level of knowledge he needed was best summarized by, run this way being bigger stronger faster than anyone else. WR may be the only other position that needs to know so little to play at an exceptional level.

    At the end of the day you gotta do what you enjoy when what you’re doing is going to take up as much time as professional sports takes up. Just hope he picks what he wants to do and doesn’t quibble about what could have been. Every athlete has to make the choice of when to specialize, he just got to pick later than most.

  5. Bo knows everything, except that baseball teams don’t go to the Super Bowl.

    Guy was a stud though.

  6. I spent 2 full days with Bo and funny enough he said if he could do it over he’d join the military

  7. Would’ve re-wrote the record books. Tremendous athlete! Such a shame about that injury

  8. Enough about how great Bo was. He was the Tyler Eifort of his day. Always hurt, never gained over 1000 yards in a season, played less than 5 seasons.

  9. Greatest athlete I ever seen and a guy at his size running a 4.2? Crazy. Then ironic thing is Bonwas great at both but all it took was a football injury to end both careers. He never got to see that huge money he could of made in baseball.
    Go play baseball Kyler, you are too small to play QB in the NFL and one bad injury could end both for you. Even if you are just an above average baseball player you will make Bank and you won’t be beat to hell doing it.

  10. It’s a metaphor folks. He isn’t saying baseball teams are trying to make the Super Bowl, rather today’s baseball prospects are enormous. You could even say they look like ‘linebackers’.

  11. Ugh Bo wasn’t confused. Read for context, I can’t believe I have to say that to adults. His point is that baseball players are bigger and stronger now; he even compares them to linebackers. He was saying they look like football players, who do go to Super Bowls.

    I loved watching Bo play both sports. Guy was unreal. HOFer George Brett said if he could have one wish, it would be to have Bo’s body for a day, just know what it’s like to have the ultimate athlete’s body. He talked about seeing him in the locker room, and Bo stood out in a room full of world-class atheletes. He said even his toes have muscle definition.

    Bo wasn’t the brightest bulb but he sounds pretty astute here. And he was being magnanimous, saying it was easier in his day. It wasn’t. What he did was amazing, and I don’t think we’ll ever see someone even play both sports again, much less star in both. Had his career not been cut short, he’d be at Jordan level in American Sports Royalty.

  12. The advice Bo should give him is make as much $ as you can now and get rid of the “ hangers on” from the get go

  13. My heart tells me to not go to work every day. Eat all the ice cream I want, and not to workout every day. I’d say it’s better to follow logic in this case. Pick which choice puts you in the best situation your life can be placed within. Take note that this does not mean which will will put you in the best financial standing, because money can’t buy happiness. Which of these two “jobs” will allow you the best harvest for your hard work?

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