Jacoby Brissett wants to be a starter

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Colts General Manager Chris Ballard said recently that to trade backup quarterback Jacoby Brissett, “It would take somebody doing something that would blow me away, and it has to be the right thing for the kid, too.” Brissett thinks the right thing for him is to start.

Brissett told FOX 59 in Indianapolis that he would rather be a starter than Andrew Luck‘s backup.

I want to be a starter in this league,’’ he said. “If that’s what you’re asking me, yeah, I want to be a starter in this league.’’

Brissett isn’t trying to make waves or force his way out of Indianapolis, but he’s being honest: He’s a competitor and he’d like to compete on Sundays, not hold a clipboard.

Realistically, however, there’s little reason for the Colts to trade Brissett to another team. He’s a good backup on a cheap contract, with a salary of just $890,000 for 2019. Colts owner Jim Irsay has said he wouldn’t want Ballard to trade Brissett even if another team offered a first-round draft pick.

So Brissett probably won’t be a starter until 2020, when he can shop himself to a team that is ready to play him — and pay him.

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  1. Buffalo, without a doubt, Allen is a massive bust, they actually traded up for a QB who can’t complete 53% of his passes. Brilliant personnel staff there

  2. He’s prob good enough. And Brady might just retire if he wins a 6th title and Pats may want to talk. Jacoby isn’t their type of QB (he was drafted because of Parcells’ in with BB) but he could cover a year or two with Hoyer backing/helping bring on Etling or another draftee. Otherwise Panthers may be in the market (with Cam’s injuries), and their offense would be a good fit.

  3. It is going to be interesting to see how the Patriots proceed in getting their next quarterback. If they do not use a high pick on a QB this year, then a reunion with Brissett could happen in 2020 depending on how long Brady intends to play.

  4. Brissett will probably get a chance to be a starter somewhere when his rookie contract is up after next season and the Colts may not be able to hang on to him. I don’t expect anyone is going to offer much in trade value for Brissett right now, as the jury is still out.

  5. If memory serves me correctly, he was starting about 3 weeks after he got traded and didn’t have the luxury of having a camp or preseason with the Colts. Considering he would have been still learning the playbook on the fly (and the fact that he was still inexperienced), he did pretty well.

  6. I want to be a starter.
    I’ll gladly accept the veterans minimum, I won’t use social media, and I won’t break the law.
    And if you bench me I won’t make a peep.
    The only words I’ll say while cashing my $50,000 game day checks are “Thank you sir, may I have another”

  7. Every backup QB wants to be a starter. Every backup QB, including Brissett has a lot of film out there from college and pro. Go look at Brissett’s film. Maybe he’s done something good that didn’t get put on film because there’s nothing out there that suggests this kid can play QB. Once teams figure out you can’t play, they don’t even want you as a backup. Backup QB’s make good money. Sometimes it’s better to keep them guessing.

  8. ON MADDEN I put him on the Giants and he’s a stud…. 40 tds his first year and 39 his 2nd so far… it’s a game but it’s worth a shot…. lol

  9. If you look at Brissett’s numbers thus far in his career, they don’t exactly scream ‘blocked starting QB’. He may prove to be a solid starter if he gets the opportunity; then again, he may top out at ‘solid backup’?

  10. hey PorkChop-Express, get a grip! Josh Allen is far from a bust. The Bills have their man, just give them another year to solidy the OL. Bust, I think you are confusing him with the other Josh in Arizona. Josh Allen is our Franchise QB. On a more intelligent note, Frank Reich values a solid #2. Brissett will be there for awhile.

  11. In the games that Brissett played for Indy he had poor offensive line protection. Under those conditions he actually played well and I think that the Colts know that.

  12. That Pats got Phillip Dorsett for him, straight up. Nice to see Dorsett stepping up in the playoffs this year. Also, Brissett is better than people think. Not top-tier by any means, but fully serviceable in the Pro’s. If he stays healthy he’s the type of player who will step in and out of the lineup (starter-backup/spot starter-repeat) for a long time in the League on a number of rosters.

  13. carloswlassiter says:
    January 25, 2019 at 8:04 am
    If the Patriots thought he was any kind of long term answer, they’d have kept him. He was on a cheap deal and could have served as the backup.

    Patriots wanted Dorset, he is the sort of thing they needed, and they had other ways to get a backup. You have to remember the Patriots are an all or bust team. If they dont win the Lombardi its a failed season to them. (And to all the people that like to jeer at them as being losers if they dont win in the SB, even if they get there) So in their world its Brady or bust. Briset at the time if the trade was a promising QB but raw. If he had to take the lead role he would be good but not ‘lead them to the SB’ good. So his role on the team at that time could be filled by any warm body, and also at the time it was still hoped to be filled by Garrapolo (who they were still attempting to sign) Dorset on the other hand was a weapon that could help them to a SB, and he has. He needed a year or so to get aclimated enough, but since then he has stepped into every role they have asked if him (some big, some small) and drlivered what they needed.

    A couple years have gone by since then. Brisset has grown a lot. He did spend goid time starting and gaining experience. He has really good physical skills and presence. It’s not out of the question NE could be interested in taking him back but Indy will want more now than they paid to get him (which is fair) but in such case the Pats would just consider the difference in price to be what they paid for Dorset after everything shook out.

    Given the shortage of QBs though, and the fact that Brisset is a lot better than a lot of people realize (NFL scouts realize) I would think the Pats would get outbid for him. Also if he wants to start Im not sure the Pats would be pleasing to him because I’ve given up trying to predict Brady’s schedule. Actually if I saw the Pats getting aggressive going after him I would wonder if that was an indicator.

  14. Washington is gonna be in desperate need of a QB. Alex Smith is not going to be back anytime soon, if ever, so that might be a good place for Brissett to go. (Of course, with a racist owner like Snyder, maybe it’s not such a good place to go after all.)

  15. I think the kid has a lot of potential if he can get in a stable environment where the coach & OC CAN devise an offense that needs him to manage games & not have to try to win them all…..I’m sure he can be used to win the occasional game from time to time if need be , but I don’t think that type of system would play to his sting points….
    Wish the kid the best!!!!
    The trade for Dorsett was a surprise, but I believe it’s worked out well for both teams….. I actually hope the Pats can get him under contract for 3-4 more years at a reasonable price!!!

  16. What a fleecing by BB. Rope a dopes Ballard and gets Dorsett for an inaccurate lifetime back up.

    Dorsett will now probably sign for short money all giddy about playing for the GOAT GM and Coach.

  17. I think it would be foolish to not take a first for him if it was offered. Luck’s health or not if they could get a first for him they at least get their value back.

  18. tylawspick6 says:
    January 25, 2019 at 12:49 pm
    What a fleecing by BB. Rope a dopes Ballard and gets Dorsett for an inaccurate lifetime back up.

    Dorsett will now probably sign for short money all giddy about playing for the GOAT GM and Coach.

    I think you are selling Brisett short there. He was raw when they traded him but he has developed well. I dont think anyone fleeced anyone in that deal. Both teams were making a shrewed smart move for their own best interests given each teams situations. I think Belichick couldn’t be bothered to fleece the Colts except when they meet on the field.

  19. I thought he played very well considering the GM at the time did not know how to spell Offensive Line.

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