Todd Gurley: If my knee was hurt, I would be on injury report

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After Todd Gurley had a career-low five touches in the NFC Championship Game, some pointed to the star running back’s knee as the reason. Gurley insisted again Friday that it was just a substandard performance on his part.

“I’m good. If there was an issue on my knee, it would be on the injury report,” Gurley told reporters. “Come on now. I’m at practice. I’m playing.”

Gurley missed the final two regular-season games with left knee inflammation. He came off the team’s injury report last week after gaining 118 yards from scrimmage in the divisional-round victory over the Cowboys.

Gurley played 32 offensive snaps in the NFC Championship Game against the Saints but gained a career-low 13 yards. Coach Sean McVay promised earlier this week that Gurley would get more opportunities in the Super Bowl.

Gurley said he doesn’t care how much he plays, how many carries he gets or what anyone thinks.

“I don’t ask no questions. I just do my job,” Gurley said. “We got the win. That’s all that matters. I can not play one snap. I don’t care if [long snapper] Jake McQuaide is the Super Bowl MVP. I’ve got one more game left. I don’t care what nobody’s talking about. Y’all can call me hurt. Y’all can call me whatever, but we’re going to the Super Bowl.

“What do y’all not understand? It’s not about me. This sport has never been about me. It’s never been about one player. Todd’s only going to be with the Rams so much longer. It’s going to be another dude that comes in just like me. This whole game is bigger than me. It’s not just about me. Why is Todd not getting the ball? Why is that? Because there’s only one football, and there’s 11 guys. Only one guy can touch the ball each time. It’s way bigger than me.”

21 responses to “Todd Gurley: If my knee was hurt, I would be on injury report

  1. Todd Gurley has always been the man..I’m expecting a monster game from him back home in Georgia. Luckily the Pats got their own dawg and we ‘ ll be running as soon as we get off the bus.

  2. And to think L Bell reneged on his promise to teammates that he’d return week 1 after Gurley’s new deal. The guy can’t even get his position back. The number one story off-season for the Scene Steelers is not AB, which the treat controls, but Bell who on paper can go anywhere he wants. Let’s see if he ever gets that 15M back.

  3. I wonder if this one of those old-shool “are you hurt or injured” things (though if I’m honest, I never understood which was worse as neither of those choices seemed acceptable.

  4. Rams held him back in the NFL Championship because they knew the refs knew the outcome of that game before it was played. National Fraud League.

  5. And, if the NFL didn’t fix games, Todd and his teammates would be sitting at home booking tee times.

  6. Complete non-answer with misdirection. Gurley is an elite NFL RB who you have to assume the Rams, possible NFL champions, built their offense around. One week he’s a production stud & MVP candidate. Then an injury. Then CJ Anderson starts to smash. This all DOES NOT ADD UP. Just explain it for what it is. Gurley’s knee is not right yet, at least to Gurley, most likely mentally more than anything.

    Yes I am aware of Gurley’s prior injuries. But for whatever reason this one is getting to him & affecting his psyche & performance.

    But hell, this could also be an UNBELIEVABLE chess play by McVay. Ride a fully capable RB knowing the offense could support simply any dependable, reliable & talented enough RB, much like Pittsburgh does. Stay confident that your team will make it to the SuperBowl & UNLEASH a totally healthy & more importantly an EXTREMELY FRESH Todd Gurley.

  7. Rams fans know how great a team player Gurley is. on multiple occasions throughout his pro career with us he has stopped himself from scoring a TD to instead chew the clock to make sure of the win.from his rookie year to this.the NFC game was possibly the worst game of his playing career at any level,outside of when he hurt his knee in didn`t look health related to me tho. two easy dropped passes aren`t usually knee related haha

  8. You’re hurt, we all know it. I get it that he wants to defend himself and keep up the cover but at the end of the day he plays a rough sport and has a flesh body, nothing wrong with being hurt. With the knee it can be anything, even inflammation, that can slow you down.

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