Nickell Robey-Coleman now claims pass was tipped

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On Sunday night, Rams defensive back Nickell Robey-Coleman made no bones about the fact that he deliberately and intentionally wiped out Saints receiver Tommylee Lewis in order to prevent Lewis from scoring an easy touchdown. Robey-Coleman is now trying to argue that there was no pass interference.

Via Vincent Bonsignore of, Robey-Coleman is “adamant” that someone told him the fateful pass had been tipped.

One specific video of the play seems to support the argument, with the flight of the ball changing slightly after passing the left hand of Rams defensive lineman Michael Brockers. Another angle, however, shows there was no tip.

Regardless, even though a tipped pass would make pass interference inapplicable, the missed call included a failure to flag Robey-Coleman for delivering an illegal hit to the head or neck area of a defenseless receiver. The fact that the league fined Robey-Coleman for the hit means he should have been flagged for the hit, tipped pass or not.

Rams coach Sean McVay has vowed that the critical non-call won’t be a distraction for the team. The more his players talk about it — and the more they throw out misleading and inaccurate arguments to justify it — the greater the chance it will indeed become a distraction.

54 responses to “Nickell Robey-Coleman now claims pass was tipped

  1. Everyone knows this is the NFLs biggest joke of a super bowl ever. Nothing this player says will change the national perception. It’s a fake super bowl. Atlantic City refunded bets. That’s not good. Cheers.

  2. Aaaaaand! There was a hands to the face along with holding that was also missed on that play, thus offsetting penalties is what should’ve been called, if you want penalties to be reviewed you can’t ignore all the ones missed on that play alone! Get over it

  3. Worst DB I’ve ever seen. Brady needs to just keep throwing at whoever this clown is covering.

  4. Tommy Brady said the same things after the Snow Bowl/Tuck game only to retract because he never realized at the time that it would make him look foolish.

  5. Again, Get over it, It happened like several other missed calls that game. For both teams, these things even themselves out. This bad call happened at the end of the game so it was made a big deal of. Move on people.

  6. That video is awesome. Shows the Saints with a CLEAR holding penalty on Brockers and hands to the Face on Donald. The ball wasn’t tipped at all, but if there is review, review the whole play and now the Saints have 0 reason to cry other than Sean Payton not running it 3 times from the 13. Blame the coach and call Goodell and apologize.

  7. If I were a Rams fan, I would not be proud of my team making it to The Super Bowl because of this rotten play. I’m sure there are Rams fans who are in denial and believe it was their fate to be in The Super Bowl. As a human, I feel bad for Saints fans and have lost my faith in the game. Goodell has not been public as he is shopping an interview for the best payout. I really doubt I will be watching the Super Bowl unless Goodell personally refunds the tickets for those who had paid big money to see this in person.

  8. More lies from the Rams and their supporters. There was not a hand within 2 feet of the ball at any point in its flight.

    They protest so much because they know deep down that everyone else is right. They don’t deserve to be in the Super Bowl.

  9. There’s no way in getting around it, it was an awful non call that stopped a team from going to the Super Bowl. What happened after that missed call doesn’t matter because had it been called correctly then none of those things would have happened. There will forever be an asterisks next to Rams in most peoples minds. The fact that the leave fined Robey is all you need to know. As a fan of the game (not of the Saints) I find it disillusioning and for the first time in maybe 30 years I won’t be watching the game.

  10. Keep back pedaling brother! First you brag about the hit immediately post game. Then you state you made “a football play.” Now, you state the ball was tipped. The truth is what everyone observed; you ran full speed from ten yards away and took a guys head off. No football play, no knowledge of a tip, just a flagrant illegal play . Man it and move on. No further explanation is needed.

  11. He should have stuck to his “football play” defense; that was more credible.

    Still wrong because of the helmet-to-helmet hit that he got fined for, but more credible nonetheless.

  12. someone told him after the game that the ball was tipped so he…. went back in time and told his past self to crush the guy before the ball got there?

  13. I hope the Saints and their fans realize, that play is not the reason they lost the game, and even after that play, they had plenty of opportunities to win the game.

  14. Tom Brady alwahs targets the weakest link. Look at what happened when Lane got injured in SB 49. Well, that’s Robey-Coleman this year. The Rams were lucky to play a New Orleans team that was clearly struggling for the better part of the last two months, but now run into a hot team.

  15. Is he trying to say that he knew the ball was tipped when the play happened live? Because there was no way he knew that.

  16. Sorry Saint video emerges that shows on the “excuse” play in question Saints left guard with egregious hands to the face on Donald that wasn’t called plus ball being slightly tipped by Rams Brockers. Ouch….this must really hurt now.

  17. Actually, multiple sports sites reported right after the game that quotes him saying that the Side Judge Cavaletto told him the ball was tipped at the line.

    It’s not like he’s changing the story now and anyways, why would he care? The non-call is not his problem.

  18. Still crying over so something that’s not going to change…Time to move on people it’s over.

  19. Vinovich heckled in UTAH, people. Outrage goes well beyond the Who Dat Nation.


  20. Saints would have had a much better chance against the Patriots than the Rams do. First Super Bowl I can remember that’s not worth watching.

  21. boisestatewhodat says:
    January 26, 2019 at 11:59 pm
    Everyone knows this is the NFLs biggest joke of a super bowl ever. Nothing this player says will change the national perception. It’s a fake super bowl. Atlantic City refunded bets. That’s not good. Cheers.
    So happy to hear you’ll be giving back the Saints’ Lombardi trophy from 2009 after the non-called Roughing the Passer penalties in the NFC Championship game.

  22. Anyone know how many super bowl refs are from LA? Just wondering because in the nfccg there were 3. Seems above board, right?

  23. The league fined him because it is trying to cover it’s own butt. Not because it deserved a flag.

    And I’m still trying to make out the second video that show it wasn’t tipped? I don’t think it shows it wasn’t tipped. The first video shows that a tip was very close if it didn’t happen. At the time of the play I thought that must have been the call because it was really close. But no ref made the tip motion.

    Move on. Lots of bad calls in a game and lots that are as obvious.

  24. boisestatewhodat says:
    January 26, 2019 at 11:59 pm
    Everyone knows this is the NFLs biggest joke of a super bowl ever. Nothing this player says will change the national perception. It’s a fake super bowl. Atlantic City refunded bets. That’s not good. Cheers.


    13-0 lead at home. passed the ball on two of prior 3 plays instead of running. ball may be tipped. atlantic city credited some bettors for future bets, no actual refunds. las vegas credited nobody. get over it. there was a lot of missed calls last weekend on both sides of the ball in both games. refs were obviously told to let the players play. pats overcame numerous non called PI. your team was emotionally weak at the most important time. too busy crying to actually play, even though they had the lead. pathetic comes to mind.

  25. Saints fans are delusional. There was offensive holding by their interior linemen on the “no call” play. If the play was subject to review, third down and ten would have to be replayed.

    The Saints took a 3 point lead on the next play and had to only hold the Rams defensively for under two minutes to win the game. They lost this game because they weren’t the better team. Even with a huge home field advantage, the Rams beat them on the field.

    Get over it already Saints fans, you’re embarrassing your entire franchise and its fanbase!

  26. Wasn’t tipped. And the Rams players have nothing to gain by revisiting it. They should’ve been told not to comment any further.

    McVay’s inexperience shining through here.

  27. The NFL and the Rams have been consistent in leaking just a twist of news little by little to negate the fact that the NFL and officials fixed the Saints -Rams playoff games. Robey-Coleman flat out leveled the receiver. He admitted so after the game. Then he said he made a football play. Now the ball was tipped. Crazy that each statement happens every few days, after the Rams and league can prepare him. Yet, Goodell remains under a turtle shell saying nothing. Film shows the official who didn’t throw a flag waiving off others who were going to do so. The whole situation gets worst and worst for the NFL. Saying nothing after a week is an admission of guilt.

  28. The Saints and their fans didn’t seem to have a problem when they went High/Low on Favre with the intent to injure him. (And to collect the bounty!) Nor did they have a problem when a phantom PI was called on Ben Leber in OT against the Vikings that sailed over the head of the WR. That kept their game winning drive alive on 3rd down.

    Apparently it’s all good when they benefit from the bad/missed calls…..but the game needs to be changed when it doesn’t go their way.

  29. This nonsense about the ball being tipped is LA’s attempt to re-legitimize(?) their win. Tipped ball>no pass interference>no noise about how they won.

  30. I doubt the New England Patriots are talking about this. The Rams are still living in last week. The Saints didn’t play well enough to win. But the Rams are still talking about this. Wonder who will be more prepared on Sunday.

  31. Saint fans and Ram haters just can’t address the EGREGIOUS hands to the face/facemask on Donald during the play. They can’t. Blows up their weak and babyish narrative. Out played for three quarters and OT. I understand your hurt at missing this opportunity since your QB is approaching MediCare.

  32. While the Patriots are laser focused on the SB, the Rams are still talking about the NFCCG.

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