Keenan Allen leaves Pro Bowl with knee contusion


First, it was JuJu Smith-Schuster. Now, it’s Keenan Allen.

Both receivers have left the Pro Bowl with knee contusions, Michael DiRocco of ESPN reports.

Pittsburgh receiver Smith-Schuster injured his in the first half and Chargers receiver Allen in the second half.

Both are listed as questionable to return, but that seems unlikely given the slippery field conditions and the fact that it’s an all-star game.

The AFC leads 20-0 early in the fourth quarter, with Allen catching four passes for 95 yards.

The Pro Bowl has never had a shutout.

4 responses to “Keenan Allen leaves Pro Bowl with knee contusion

  1. Can we please just ditch the Pro Bowl and make it a week full of intense skill competitions for charities? The players clearly don’t want to risk an injury playing a meaningless game and it’s pathetic as is watching guys give 0 effort in a football game. At least if you incentivize them you’ll get some decent entertainment.

  2. If I were an NFL player, I’d never risk my health to play in a meaningless exhibition game. Ever since Pats RB Robert Edwards tore up his knee during the skills competition (and it effectively ended his career), I want just a televised party that shows highlights from each player who made it. More elite players would participate if there was no injury risk involved.

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