NFL may say farewell to Orlando as Pro Bowl site

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The Pro Bowl, which currently is being played on a rainy day in Orlando, could be headed elsewhere for 2020.

Mike Bianchi of the Orlando Sentinel speculates, sort of, that the all-star game’s three-year run in Orlando will be ending, at least for a year.

“We haven’t made any decisions and won’t until after this game,” NFL Senior V.P. of Events Peter O’Reilly told Bianchi. “Making sure that Camping World [Stadium] is full and vibrant on game day will tell us Orlando has not only been a great destination for these three years, but where it [the Pro Bowl] should continue to be.”

Based on the TV images emerging from the site, Camping World Stadium is far from full or vibrant.

Bianchi suggests that the next two Pro Bowls could be played at the sites of the next two Super Bowls: Miami and Tampa. If that’s the trend, it makes sense for the league to also play the Pro Bowl in L.A., three years from now.

The league has on multiple occasions played the Pro Bowl at the site of the Super Bowl, in Miami and in Arizona. On both occasions, the game had a vibe and an energy that, in Orlando, it doesn’t.

91 responses to “NFL may say farewell to Orlando as Pro Bowl site

  1. Sae this coming. With the weather and amazing product on field, no doubt Orlando may have seen the end

  2. Cut them all the same checks and eliminate blitzing. I desperately wanted to tune in but theat joke of a first quarter where AFC was trying twice as hard made it just pathetic.

  3. Im old enough to remember when the Pro Bowl was worth watching. The Hawaii theme was always cool and players liked the free vacation with their families and they wanted the extra money so they tried to win. Now everyone makes so much money that they don’t care, and neither do we.

  4. Just checked in on this “football game” for about 5 mins , just in time to see 20 laterals off an interception. Looks like touch football to me. I don’t care where this game is played. GET RID OF IT!! Unwatchable!! immediately changed it to Cops.

  5. Make it an awards show and a skills contest like a combine for pros–with some real consequence for winners. and make it happen the week AFTER the Super Bowl.

    No more cartoon games…

  6. The NFL just needs to say good-by to the Pro Bowl all together! I remember in the 70’s when it was fun and an event, AFTER the Super Bowl.
    I used to love to watch the QB challenge, the strongest player and fastest man competitions, they even had an NFC/AFC Tug of War. ou could see the players enjoying themselves, pulling pranks, it was So much fun. Now 1/2 the team was still ready to play the Superbowl!
    Plus it was an actual Vacation for the pros. That was before free agency and the cry baby players. It is humiliating now. JUST STOP!

  7. Play the Pro Bowl at the site of the Super Bowl? Couldn’t that potentially damage the field? Oh yeah, that would mean players were actually running, cutting and tackling on the field. No worries there!!!

  8. Are Trubisky and Prescott really stars people want to watch? Watching check down 5 yard outs from the least accurate starting QBs is like watching an NBA all star game with nothing but the best bench players.

  9. I have no idea why the game was moved from Hawaii but I’m sure it had to do with more money going to the NFL. Anyway, I love football but haven’t watched the Probowl in prolly 25 years.

  10. I hate the Pro Bowl in general, but I attended the Pro Bowl in Phoenix when the Super Bowl was here with my then 14 year old son, and it was a blast. Sunny 70 degree weather, Barrett-Jackson auto auction and Western Open golf tourney, Fiesta Bowl, associated Super Bowl events, autographs. That was an awesome January.

  11. The Pro Bowl draws 9-10 MILLION tv viewers every year. It a FUN, non-serious game.

    No one is forcing you to watch it – but it’s stupid to say to them to cancel it JUST BECAUSE YOU DON’T LIKE IT. You can turn off your tv, while the rest of us watch.

  12. The NFLPA and De Smith will fight tooth and nail to keep the Pro Bowl.
    Simple, the players get paid and the NFLPA gets a cut of their game checks for union dues.

  13. The pro bowl in Miami was great. It gave the NFL dade & broward for two weeks. It was a celebration of the season that just took place with the SB capping it off.

    The Pro Bowl should always be played the weekend prior to SB on the same field.

  14. dryzzt23 says:
    January 27, 2019 at 6:07 pm
    The NFLPA and De Smith will fight tooth and nail to keep the Pro Bowl.
    Simple, the players get paid and the NFLPA gets a cut of their game checks for union dues.

    Wrong, only regular season game checks have union dues deductions since all teams play 16 regular games.
    In addition how much in union dues do you think the NFLPA would collect anyway from this game alone?
    Not much.

  15. You can still have the selection of Probowl players, it is an honor, just dump the game. That won’t happen though because the Probowl is a money maker for the NFL.

  16. This may or may not have much to do with why the game was moved from Hawaii, but I have read that Aloha Stadium has fallen into disrepair to the point where there could be safety issues for fans.

  17. To the “Truthful” Fins fan: he’s (mostly) right. The Pro Bowl had 10.1 million viewers in 2018, the highest since 2015 with 8.8 million.
    Google’s a wonderful thing.

  18. “boisestatewhodat says: January 27, 2019 at 7:11 pm: Saints got robbed.”

    Still whining, I see. Saints won coin flip for OT. They didn’t take care of business. Maybe you should wear an arm band with tears embroidered on it.

  19. they weren’t half-assing it out there, they were quarter-assing it on the field today. can’t blame them, but why even play? it was a glorified scrimmage. if i’m a GM or coach on another team and the cowboys and 49ers were letting my players in the Pro Bowl play other positions on the other side of the ball or special teams … aka Saquan, Zeke, etc. … i wouldn’t be happy. even though they were quarter-assing it, why take the risk? it wasn’t even fun watching it because it was a joke. i never watch the Pro Bowl cuz it’s an absolute joke, the only reason I did today was because of my QB Mahomes and other Chiefs hoping they didn’t get hurt … I’m done with this game again from now on because of the absolute-jokeness it is.

  20. The Pro Bowl is on hospice care. Let it die.
    (But Goodell won’t because he needs more money from the “will.”

  21. “Based on the TV images emerging from the site, Camping World Stadium is far from full or vibrant.”

    Maybe that has more to do with facts its a pathetic shame of a “football game” as opposed to where it is located or what the weather is

  22. It seems that a lot of the players selected begged off playing in this game, and there were fewer fans in the stands than at a Chargers home game. Football just doesn’t lend itself to the All Star experience like MLB, the NHL, or NBA can offer. And frankly I think most of America would have liked to have seen a game between the Kansas City Chiefs and New Orleans Saints rather than the mess that was put on display today.

    Come to think of it, the NFL did used to have a game between the two teams that didn’t make the Championship game, called the Playoff Bowl (Vince Lombardi did call it the “Loser’s Bowl” but his Packers wound up playing twice in it.)

    That would be a better game, a better experience for the fans, and might just actually make some money.

  23. I haven’t watched a Pro Bowl game since the late 90s. The PB title for players has itself become a watered down award.

  24. Put it back in HI and leave it there.

    HI is a huge football area and they support the ProBowl. I went when I lived there and it was pretty well full.

  25. Cancel the game, top players don’t even play anymore. Jarvis Landry 4x Pro Bowler 0x All Pro. It’s been watered down and average players are getting a PB notch.

  26. Move it back to HI. I’m sorry but as little as 20 yrs ago they were popping each other @ the probowl and the players put on a show. Today’s generation of player is part of the reason people don’t like the NFL as much as they used to. Not the product. Also when are players going to realize the fans root for the team, not the player. Bell & Bryant are leaving the Steelers so the fans are too? Heck no. That’s why you can’t leverage an NFL team or MLB. The fan base is too abundant. The players have 0 leverage and they can’t use the fans because the average fan can barely afford to live in today’s world and these millionaire crybaby’s are complaining because they don’t feel respected?

  27. I forgot it was on. Turned it on late. Wow. Just wow. Even for a “fun” game, that was so embarrassing. Why even bother? And, this is actually the first time I’ve said that.

  28. pfjg1 says:
    January 27, 2019 at 7:17 pm
    To the “Truthful” Fins fan: he’s (mostly) right. The Pro Bowl had 10.1 million viewers in 2018, the highest since 2015 with 8.8 million.

    I was about to say the same thing. Preliminary 2019 numbers are 8.6 million and that doesn’t count people who streamed or watched it on some strange DXD channel (I am not even sure what that is). The game generally brings in 9-10 million viewers.

    Guess we shouldn’t laugh at a poster just because we feel something is the truth, rather than it being the truth.

    Wait…where am I again?

  29. No reason to play this game. Just stop it! It’s not watchable at all. The players don’t want to be there either.

  30. If you are going to continue this pointless game, the only thing that makes sense is to have it at the Super Bowl site. As part of a bigger celebration/pre-game build up, it almost makes sense. Otherwise, it’s a complete and utter waste of time.

  31. “Orlando is the worst place I’ve ever been.”

    Wow you haven’t been to many places I would guess. I’ve been to all 48 lower states and over 50 other countries, and been to many places far worse than Orlando.

  32. After seeing it was two hand touch, they should just end it and replace it with a pro bowl selection honor and maybe a skills competition.

  33. The problem isnt the location, its the product on the field. It was glorified 2 hand touch with everyone jogging. If you dont want to play real football to prevent injury, thats fine. Then double the prize pool and make it schoolyard flag football. Eliminate the tackling, but keep it full speed with all the juking, diving and exciting moments.

  34. I clicked over to the game for a minute to see if it was as bad as i was expecting just in time for the interception/20 lateral play. When it was over my wife, who hates football said…”That was so good!”….I’m considering getting a divorce.

  35. It’s hard to believe that a league full of millionaires, run by billionaires, chooses to hold it’s biggest annual awards ceremony in Orlando, FL to save money.

  36. Encorporate the selected players into a Madden Game and hold a tournament! It actually would be more realistic than the game I watched last weekend. Have each NFC player compete against his AFC counterpart. Winners advance in brackets. Overall winner can be crowned MVP of the Pro Bowl.(plus he gets a brand new Play Station). No one gets injured or embarrassed. Think about it!

  37. Just hold a big party in NYC or LA and televise highlights for each player. It would be better than praying that your team’s franchise player doesn’t get hurt in a meaningless game or some dumb skills competition.

  38. Maybe the stadium was 1/2 empty due to the weather being in the low 40’s and a Miserable, soaking rain. Or maybe it has to do with Joe Fan being Disgusted with the state of the league and just doesn’t care anymore

  39. This is definitely the game to put on the road overseas. I would also move the date after the draft. That way you get more players from the SB teams, fewer alternates, and the fans will be wanting some football. The skills stuff was fun to watch this year, but I kept wondering how Mitchell Trubisky made the pro-bowl. I mean Cam had the same stats and missed two games and played hurt 2 others. I’m not saying Cam should have made the game so much as how did Trubisky?

  40. I fully agree with the PFT notion that the Pro Bowl should be scrapped. However, the ratings show that the views of PFT do not reflect the views of NFL fans across the nation.

  41. Get rid of it entirely. You can still have all NFC and all AFC teams. Then replace the game with a skills competition two weeks after the Super Bowl (which even extends the season a bit). Have it in a different location every year; Hawaii, Puerto Vallarta, St Croix, Nassau. You won’t need a big stadium. The big draw is the TV rights. I’d probably watch that. Especially on a cold day in February coping with football withdrawal.

  42. How about playing it the week after the Super Bowl in, oh I don’t know, how about Hawaii? That way the pro bowl players on the Super Bowl teams could play if they choose. Crazy stuff, I know.

  43. Do it somewhere exotic the players will want to go and then scrap the actual game and have it just be a game-length skills competition. It’s WAY more fun watching Adam Thielen outperform Andrew Luck at throwing footballs at targets than it is watching players lollipop around the field.

  44. Move it back to Hawaii and after the Super Bowl. It gives the Super Bowl teams that are playing a vacation after the big game. Putting it before the Super Bowl was stupid.

  45. You can argue that poor attendance was because of many of the personal opinions above,
    but the one thing you can’t argue with is the radar.

    The NFL had good attendance at the Pro Bowl Experience all week,
    but canceled a lot of the pre-game interactive fanfare, because of the bad weather.

    The Forecast was 22 hours of rain, 51 degrees, 20 mph winds, gusts up too 35mph.
    According to the NWS, it rained about 3” in Orlando just during the Pro Bowl.

    In fact, the IMSA Rolex 24 hour endurance road race had to be stopped twice due to weather.
    The race was called with only 11 minutes to go at 1:49 pm
    The Pro Bowl, just down the road, started at 3 pm.

    Not enticing weather to go to an outdoor event.

  46. “Move it back to Hawaii and after the Super Bowl. It gives the Super Bowl teams that are playing a vacation after the big game. Putting it before the Super Bowl was stupid.”


    This is literally all they have to do to save the Pro Bowl. It will never be interesting to watch, they may as well motivate the players to actually want to come.

  47. Let fans and players continue to vote for Pro Bowl rosters, but get rid of the game all together. Keep the skills competition though, that’s fun to watch.

  48. All Pro selections have more prestige that a Pro Bowl vote and there are always nonparticipants in it. So I say make it a 100% fan vote like the NBA all star game and have it travel around to different communities where it can generate publicity and revenue. The NBA all star game is a joke too, it’s all about entertainment for kids, not gruff old dudes who bitch about no defense or effort. It’s a show. Accept it.

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