Patrick Chung promises butt kicking, Rams respond before leaving for Atlanta

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The Patriots and Rams each held rallies on Sunday before making their way to Atlanta for the final stretch leading up to Super Bowl LIII and it gave a former member of the Patriots a chance to hit back at an old teammate.

Patriots safety Patrick Chung used his turn at the microphone in New England to share his prediction for how things are going to go down next Sunday.

“We love you. I appreciate the support,” Chung said, via “We’re going to go [down] there and kick their ass, baby.”

Rams wide receiver Brandin Cooks, who spent last season with the Patriots, caught wind of Chung’s take on the game.

“Hey Chung, we heard you talking that talk back there in Foxboro … let’s get straight,” Cooks said, via Joe Curley of the Ventura County Star.

Running back Todd Gurley made his own prediction of a win and both sides will have several other chances to go public with any other feelings this week. The first of them comes on Monday night when both teams will meet the media from Atlanta.

11 responses to “Patrick Chung promises butt kicking, Rams respond before leaving for Atlanta

  1. Letsss get ready rumble- so much silliness, but i guess a bunch of people eat this stuff up – hyperbole- Flava Flav “don’t believe the hype”

  2. This is what a pep rally is for.

    “We’re going to bring one back for you!”

    Talk about reading too much into it.

    Looks like NE is already in their heads, especially Cooks’s. When he gets bracketed or they take him off his game, he may not be be running his mouth anymore.

  3. Yea…….after one year Cooks got shipped out quick. Soft as a marshamallow……not tough at all!! I’ll take Sony with that pick thanks.

  4. I was surprised how much the Pats were bragging after the win against the Chiefs. Dee Ford handed them a chance the Pats didn’t deserve or they were done. Instead of acting like they dodged a bullet. The Pats were carrying on like they blew the Chiefs out. Not a good look.

  5. Patrick … the coach would like to speak to you privately for a minute. This way please. Bring your playbook.

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