Wade Phillips pays tribute to his dad


Four decades after the Houston Oilers had unsuccessful consecutive cracks at the Steelers in the AFC title game, legendary Oilers coach O.A. “Bum” Phillips has made it to the Super Bowl.

Bum’s son, Wade, emerged from the flight that brought the Rams to Atlanta wearing Bum’s coat to honor him, via Ed Werder. Wade also donned a cowboy hat, like the one his dad always wore.

Wade Phillips served as the defensive coordinator for a Broncos team that won Super Bowl 50. Now that Wade is back for another try in his second season with the Rams, maybe he’ll wear the cowboy hat on the sideline during Super Bowl LIII.

Bum Phillips took the Oilers to within a game of the Super Bowl in 1978 and 1979, losing the AFC Championship game each year in Pittsburgh.

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  1. Wade won’t wear the hat if Atlanta’s stadium roof is closed. Bum never wore his hat in an indoor stadium. He said his mama taught him better. 🙂 That was a great rivalry between the Steelers and Oilers. Miss watching our guys play the “blue.”

  2. Wade won’t wear the cowboy hat to the Super Bowl because it is inside a domed stadium and Bum said his mother told him to never wear a hat inside.

  3. Love the look, Wade!!! What a great way to honor your father!!! They broke the mold when they made Bum Phillips. He and Earl Campbell were probably the most memorable icons from the old Houston Oilers. Sorry to disappoint you though, Florio…if Wade truly wants to honor his father, he will NOT wear the cowboy hat at the Super Bowl, since the game will be played indoors. Bum never wore his cowboy hat during home games at the Astrodome or the Superdome, any other domed stadium, since he was trying to observe rules of civility, which mandates that a gentleman always takes off his hat when indoors. Your look made my day, Wade!!!

  4. Is that cool or what? Wade bring a touch of the old man with him. The old luv ya blue Oilers. Followed by the Saints. Bum was as loyal as they come to his players. Remember Bum bringing the Tyler Rose and the Snake both to New Orleans.

    I have an old copy of the Bum Phillips offensive playbook. It consists of 3 plays. Earl Campbell left, Earl Campbell right, Earl Campbell up the middle.

  5. although always a Rams fan.i had a lot of admiration for the way the Oilers played the game,the way the city got behind them etc…kinda miss them and now with the Texans there and the Ravens in Baltimore.still feels like those two cities should be where the Oilers and Colts belong.

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