Brian Flores won’t talk about Miami job


Brian Flores is this year’s guy who can’t talk about his next job.

He’s not rude about it, but the Patriots de facto defensive coordinator wasn’t going to spend much time addressing his pending job as the head coach of the Miami Dolphins, even though that’s the thing most of the reporters wanted to talk to him about.

“My focus is squarely on the Rams,” Flores said. “To think about anything else would be a disservice to all the people here.”

Of course, that’s the only answer he could give, and it’s the only answer guys such as Josh McDaniels, Matt Patricia, Kyle Shanahan, and others have given before him when they’ve had jobs on their plate during the week of lead-up to the Super Bowl.

The 37-year-old also declined to answer a question from a Spanish-language broadcaster in their own language (he’s of Honduran descent), and was generally buttoned-up about his current situation.

“Right now my vision is on Sunday’s game,” he said.

Even if everyone knows he’s looking south shortly thereafter.

5 responses to “Brian Flores won’t talk about Miami job

  1. Please please keep Ryan Tannehill. Given some good play calling and line play he can be the man.

  2. I thought hiring from a play-off bound team is against the NFL rules. Why should Flores even worry about the Pats defense and why should be even care how the defense plays in the SB? His next job is secure; it’s the Patriots defense that is now in doubt.

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